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Top Most 6s in CPL History

Top Most 6s in CPL History

One of the most joyous events in a limited overs cricket match for any fan, is watching your favourite batters pummel the ball out of the ground for a maximum. The concept of awarding a batter six runs for clearing the boundary is perhaps one of the best things to be introduced in cricket and now with the T20 scene in full momentum, getting a six almost always ends up becoming a match-winning event.

An interesting fact for those who don’t know, though, is that before the year 1910 a batter was awarded a six only if the ball was hit out of the ground. In the event of the batter’s shot simply clearing the boundary ropes, five runs were awarded instead of six.

PlayersMost 6s in CPLSpan
LMP Simmons1332013-2021
CH Gayle1722013-2021
ADS Fletcher1082013-2021
J Charles982013-2021
KA Pollard1472013-2021
E Lewis1672014-2021
C Munro952016-2021
CAK Walton852013-2021
DM Bravo1172013-2021
Shoaib Malik522013-2021
DR Smith752013-2019
GD Phillips862017-2021
D Ramdin592013-2021
N Pooran1162013-2021
AD Russell1192013-2021
MJ Guptill532013-2018
SO Hetmyer502016-2021
DC Thomas482013-2021
DJ Bravo682013-2021
BA King632017-2021
R Powell692016-2021
MN Samuels432013-2017
DJG Sammy562013-2020
LRPL Taylor292013-2020
CA Lynn522015-2020
JN Mohammed332014-2021
RRS Cornwall612013-2021
BB McCullum532016-2018
CR Brathwaite522013-2021
JL Carter342013-2021
JO Holder482013-2021
SP Narine452013-2021
Mohammad Hafeez222013-2021
KC Sangakkara212013-2017
C Hemraj422018-2021
RL Chase312018-2021
SD Hope242015-2021
SE Rutherford372018-2021
KR Mayers322013-2021
CD Barnwell292013-2019
Sohail Tanvir292014-2020
SSJ Brooks182016-2021
HM Amla122016-2018
FA Allen312017-2021
K Lewis312014-2021
F du Plessis162016-2021
AR Nurse242013-2021
SR Watson282016-2017
RA Reifer192013-2021
L Ronchi182017-2018

Highest Number of Sixes in the CPL

Following the introduction of the Twenty20 format in the early 2000s, cricket has witnessed an evolution in terms of gameplay. Now, the distance of sixes is also calculated across most commercial T20 cricket leagues and players receive rewards for breaking the maximum distance record. 

The Caribbean Premier League (CPL), one of the most sought-after T20 cricket leagues in the world features some of those batters that have been rewarded for literally hitting a ‘maximum.’ 

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One such figure is the ‘Universe Boss’ Chris Gayle, who has the distinction of hitting the highest number of sixes in the CPL. In 85 matches and 83 innings, Gayle has a record of smashing 172 sixes during his time in the Caribbean league and is famous for always attempting to go the distance rather then getting boundaries.

Following very closely behind is the explosive left-handed Evin Lewis with 167 sixes from 79 innings in the CPL. Lewis is known for timing the hooks and pulls to perfection and is capable of demolishing any bowling attack on his day. These traits make him one of the most dangerous and sought-after players in the Caribbean Premier League. 

At number three is the big, burly Kieron Pollard who has recorded 147 hits over the boundary from 84 innings. In his close to nine-year long career at the CPL, Pollard has been considered a threatening batter and he has a strike rate better than Gayle and Lewis at 153.58. 

Another batter that has been around as long as the others is Lendl Simmons. Simmons, during his time at the CPL until date, has a total of 133 sixes to his name. The 37-year-old right handed batter has played more matches than the three players mentioned above with 93 caps to his name. Simmons has been considered as one of the most seasoned CPL players. 

Most 6s in CPL FAQs

Q. Who has the maximum number of sixes in CPL history?

Ans. Chris Gayle has hit the most number of sixes (172) in CPL history.

Q. Who has hit the most number of sixes in a single CPL match?

Ans. Andre Russell hit 13 sixes for Jamaica Tallawahs against Trainbago Knight Riders on August 10, 2018.

Q. Who has scored the fastest fifty in the Caribbean Premier League?

Ans. Andre Russell smashed the fastest fifty in CPL history, getting to the mark in only 14 balls when playing for Jamaica Tallawahs against St. Lucia Kings in 2021.

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