Boxing betting – A complete guide to bet on boxing online


    Boxing is a sport that has been played for a long time and is considered to be one of the oldest sports. A game in which the heartbeat of both players and fans goes on a rollercoaster ride. A game that turns tables in seconds. A game that tests and challenges a player both mentally and physically. If you are also a fan of boxing and want to make money from this game, then Indibet is the right place for you. Indibet is a platform where you can double your money without wasting any time by investing money in your players.

    Boxing and betting are associated with each other, perhaps a little too closely at times. In today’s world, betting on boxing – especially over the Internet – is a vast business. In boxing, betting can be placed on different aspects. Betting in boxing matches has been a tradition for decades now. If you are interested in placing bets on a match and ready to take a big amount of money back to your home, Read this article carefully.

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    If you get to know a little bit about this betting, you can take home a big purse and increase your income without any extra effort. Also if you don’t, we are here for help as we want you to win. Join Indibet to see how your favourite sport can make you rich. Indibet is the number 1 online casino catering to Indian players all over the nation. We offer our players the opportunity to bet on all of the classic casino games, offering you bigger wins than the live casinos.

    At Indibet we offer you a range of local and international sports betting options on which you can place your bets. Not only Boxing but we offer to place bets on a variety of sports such as cricket, Football, Casino games etc. INDIBET is surely a perfect platform for you because we offer a Sign-up bonus with No deposit required, Speedy deposits and withdrawals, a great user experience and 24/7 excellent customer service.

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    What is Online Boxing Betting?

    As we mentioned earlier, boxing is a sport that has been played in India for centuries.1867 is the year that is known to revolutionize the boxing world as it changed the entire scenario of traditional boxing. New rules and regulations were made and boxing started to be considered a modern sport. But it is not hidden from anyone that there was betting in boxing even when it was played barefoot. In the early 1970s, betting on boxing was more popular than betting on any other sport, but allegations of fixing fights and horrendous judge decisions turned many people away from the betting aspect of the sport. However, Boxing made its way into the hearts of fans again. And for betting- Online Boxing betting is a saviour. Betting has also become modern now and online betting is a safe and legal way to play. Through online boxing betting, you can bet on your favourite sports and players. Once you start playing, you will also understand why betting on boxing on the Internet is a huge business at the moment.

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    What are the Boxing Game Rules?

    When you understand the rules of the game, It will also help you bet better and win more often. A boxing match consists of rounds of three minutes each and a total of 9-12 rounds are played. After the end of one round, there is a gap of one minute. During this, there is a referee who works inside the ring. There are usually three judges at ringside to score the bout. Boxers are scored based on punches, elbows, defence, knockdowns, hugging and others. Their win and loss are determined by the above points. A fighter can also score an instant win with a knockout (KO) or a technical knockout (TKO), which is when the referee stops the fight In boxing, the categories of players are divided according to the weight. The weight of these players is taken a day before the match. In a professional boxing match, fighters are usually judged on a 10-point scale. In most rounds, the dominant boxer will end with 10-9 (not definite). If the round is considered even or draw, both fighters get 10. When a fighter is knocked down, he loses points. If both boxers get knocked down, they cancel each other out and the points are redone accordingly. Whenever you bet, keep these rules of competition in mind.

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     How to Bet on a Boxing Game Online?

    If you are a Boxing fan and want to place a bet on boxing, don’t worry. You are in the right spot. Indibet offers you to place a bet on your favourite boxing game online. It is easy, safe and secure. All you have to do is sign up to Indibet and get started. We offer the best Boxing odds and we accept a range of different payment methods including credit cards and bitcoin. It is very easy to create an account and you can enjoy playing any of our online games on any smart device. To bet on a boxing match in Indibet you just need to follow these quick and easy steps

    1. Sign up: When you open our site, there is an option for signup. You just need to fill 4-5 boxes and you will be signed up in no time.
    2. Deposit Money: Once you sign up, you can decide on your deposit method as we accept a range of payment methods. After depositing you will be able to start gambling easily.
    3. Start Betting: When your sign up is complete then you can easily start betting. Pick your favourite match, choose your player and just start winning.

    Currently, various boxing organizations conduct effective boxing leagues. While there are many such leagues worldwide, on the major professional boxing circuit, there are only four that count and matter the most.

    • WBA – World Boxing Association (1921)
    • WBC – World Boxing Council (1963)
    • IBF – International Boxing Federation (1983)
    • WBO – World Boxing Organization (1988)

    Each organization has its fighter rankings and fight rules. This means that a single boxer is a defending champion in his or her weight class for all the above organizations. Apart from that there are scheduled UFC events almost every week of the year where you can place your bets.

    • UFC Fight Nights
    • UFC 200 series
    • The Ultimate Fighter
    • Dana White’s Contender Series 

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    There are also many major events where you can bet on your favourite players. we’ll take you through the different types of bets you can place on indibet.

    Moneyline betting: Moneyline betting is the most popular and traditional type of betting where you can bet on a player predicting the winning of the boxer. Simply, It allows you to place a bet on which player will win the match. 

    Round Betting Over/Under: You also have the option of round betting for online betting in boxing. Here a line is set in which it is estimated for how many rounds the fight will be played. You only have to bet on a prediction that this line will be more or less. Along with this, you can also bet on which boxer will win in each round.

    Parlay Betting: If you want to make the biggest boxing odds then you can also do Parlay betting. You can bet low on it and still win big by choosing multiple fights to bet on. Although the chances of winning in this are slightly less, so choose those fighters who have the highest chances of winning. If you pick five boxers then you can get more advantages. You can place boxing parlay bets in any weight division and fight card, as well as in amateur fights and world title matches. The best part about this is that they don’t even need to feature on the same day. But the thing to remember is that if you lose only one section, you lose the entire parlay bet.

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    How to win a Boxing bet online?

    Before betting on any player, you should look at every competitor and understand what type of boxer they are. For example, what is their KO ratio? How will his skill match his opponent’s skill?

    When you have considered this, then take a look at the physique of the player as well. If the match is being played in the heavyweight division then the weight here matters a lot and the bigger fighter is more likely to win. Think of Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury. But in lighter divisions, anything happens. In such matches, you can go with players who are compact and fast and players who can punch with speed and defend themselves.

    And yes, you must stay updated before batting. Sometimes some players are not able to practice well before the match. The reason for this can be both personal and professional. If such an incident happens to a player before the fight, then it affects the mindset of that player and has a great impact on the match.

    Let us tell you the most important tip before betting. Before betting any, take a look at the past performance of that player. See how his last few matches have gone and whether he has been injured in the previous matches or if he has not been sitting idle for a long time. 

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    Online Boxing Betting Tips and Predictions

    Now that we have explained to you the plenty of ways you can place a bet, you may want to try and understand the best tips and tricks out there to make the best out of your money. If you are new to betting and not sure about how it works, how to place a bet and how to win, we are here to guide you in everything. We have collected some of the best betting tips. Also, we will tell you about the predictions and odds of the game so betting will be easier for you and your chances of win will surely increase

    • Decide your bet a bit early and plan well accordingly. Search about a player’s facts and statistics and place your bet in the most favourable condition.
    • Don’t bet on the outcome of what is happening. Instead, you can play a bet on an outcome of the event that is not happening. For example, instead of betting on a boxer to win his next fight, you can bet that he will NOT win his next fight.
    • We at Indibet provide new and existing customers fantastic bonuses, one of which is matched bets or deposits. In this way, It allows you the opportunity to place a bet using free credit offered to you by the site.

    The above-mentioned points tell you what to do. but you also need to know what you should not do while placing a bet. When looking for the best boxing betting odds, you mustn’t make a mistake, as your own money is on the line.

    • Do not Bet on the most famous boxer. Whenever one of the most hyped-up boxers steps foot in the ring, many think that they are immediately the favourite without checking statistics. Although more often than not, these famous favourites tend to win, it is still worth your time to research their opposition. 
    •  In online betting, you simply click a couple of buttons and your money is gone! it is always worth double-checking your selection to ensure you’ve placed the correct bet.
    • Don’t rush your decision. After logging in, take your time. If you’re watching a live boxing match and decide to place a quick bet before the odds change. Although speed is important, you mustn’t be too impulsive.

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    How do Boxing betting odds work?

    All boxing odds are made by bookmakers and they reflect the probability of any aspect of the sport that you’re betting on. In boxing, odds are offered on the probability of a win, a loss or a draw. Boxing betting odds are generally portrayed in one of three ways:

    Decimal: Odds are displayed as the amount you could win for every bet.

    Fractional: Odds are displayed as a ratio of the winning stake.

    American: Odds are displayed as a number next to a plus or minus, showing the favourites and how much you can bet to win a certain amount.

    These odds express the likelihood of an occurrence during a sporting or political event. For example, these odds help to predict the chances of winning of the player you are placing your bet on. Let us tell you the factors which bookmakers take into account when putting together the best boxing betting odds Form of the fighter

    • Fighting record: A player’s previous records are researched and their win and loss percentages are also monitored.
    • Any previous injuries: An injured player is not able to give his 100% on the field. So, any injury affects odds to a great extent.
    • History of drama between the fighters: when two fighters have a history, their fight is always interesting. Also, it helps in making the odds as they had previous proven records.

    Now you know everything about online boxing betting. Even if you are a beginner, the above-mentioned information and tips are enough for you to get started and win money. Indibet is available for you to play 24/7 from the comfort of your own home. All you are going to need is an internet connection because Indibet takes care of the rest. Log on now to start betting and open your account to enjoy some free playing credits just for choosing us. So what are you waiting for?

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    Boxing Bet FAQs

      Is a draw a loss in boxing?

    When you bet on a boxing match and it turns out to be the draw, your money is safe. Moneyline bet forfeits the bet amount if the result of the game is a draw. You either win or lose, or your money is returned to you if your player finishes the game in a draw. In this way, Indibet ensures that your betting experience will be hassle-free and secure. If a match is drawn, You won’t win any money but on the other hand, you won’t lose any money either.

       Can you bet during a fight?

    Live betting or betting during a fight is generally available for most sports at offshore sites, boxing included. Live boxing betting is a bit different from others. In live betting,  You can only place wagers between rounds when the in-game betting odds are updated. The benefits of live betting are that boxing odds can shift dramatically depending on the results from previous rounds. For example, If a boxer is staggered early, the winner’s odds change accordingly. This will help in a good bet and making a big win.

       Where can I find up-to-date boxing odds?

    To get the best out of your bet, you must find the best betting odds. Before placing a bet it is important to make sure that the platform has an outstanding reputation, It is trusted, offers the best boxing markets and its boxing odds are consistent. Indibet is a platform that fulfils all these requirements. So leave your worries aside and sign up on Indibet.