Home News Rajasthan Police arrests Army uniform seller for spying for Pakistan:

Rajasthan Police arrests Army uniform seller for spying for Pakistan:

Rajasthan Police arrests Army uniform seller for spying for Pakistan:

A man from Sri Ganganagar district has been taken into custody by Rajasthan police on suspicion of spying for handlers in Pakistan. Anand Raj Singh, 22, is the man who has been identified as having given Pakistani agents access to Indian Army critical information and even demanding payment for it, according to the police.

Anand Raj Singh, 22, was detained on Thursday on suspicion of gathering Army intelligence that was strategically significant and sending it over social media to three female handlers of Pakistani intelligence services. Sanjay Agarwal, an additional director general of police (intelligence), stated.

The accused had sources inside the Army camp, the police stated, and he used to sell Army clothes outside the Suratgarh Army Cantonment in Sri Ganganagar. The accused used to provide the information to Pakistan’s spy agencies’ female handlers after obtaining it from his sources.Singh had a habit of getting Army secrets from his contacts and giving them to Pakistani operatives. According to the ADGP, the accused had also asked these agents for payment in exchange for transmitting such sensitive material.

According to Additional Director General of Police (Intelligence), Sanjay Agarwal, the accused communicated strategically using social media and had been in contact with handlers in Pakistan for a few months.

Anand Raj Singh started working in a factory after closing his store a while ago, but he kept in contact with the Pakistani intelligence community’s handlers. The investigators are looking into the information he shared and the connections he had with organizations in Pakistan.

The Rajasthan Police were keeping an eye on the espionage operations being conducted by the handlers located in Pakistan.

Pakistan intelligence agencies targeting Indian youth

It is well known that Pakistani intelligence services use young Indian people in key positions as targets for their espionage operations inside India. An Indian Embassy employee in Moscow was detained from his home in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, last month on suspicion of spying for Pakistan.

The UP ATS had been “receiving intelligence from various confidential sources that the handlers of the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, through some individuals, were luring the employees of the Ministry of External Affairs with money to obtain strategically important information related to the Indian Army which could threaten India’s internal and external security”.

Pakistani intelligence persistently targets both military personnel and civilian workers in the vicinity of the complex in an attempt to gain sensitive information about the Indian army. To do this, female managers utilize social media accounts with Indian cell phone numbers to eavesdrop on military officers and anyone with knowledge about the army.

Additional Director General Agarwal stated that technical intelligence was gathered through cooperative interrogation by all security services when Anand Raj’s actions raised suspicions. Raj was arrested under the Secrets Act at the Special Police Station in Jaipur after a case was filed against him based on information gleaned from his mobile phone and technological analysis conducted during questioning.