Home News Rajat Dalal vs Rajveer Shishodia: Another controversy between YouTubers makes headlines; internet users take sides

Rajat Dalal vs Rajveer Shishodia: Another controversy between YouTubers makes headlines; internet users take sides

Rajat Dalal vs Rajveer Shishodia: Another controversy between YouTubers makes headlines; internet users take sides

Rajat Dalal vs. Rajveer Shishodia: It appears that the online debate that started a few days ago, when user Maxtern accused Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner Elvish Yadav of “assault,” has evolved into a whole new storyline: “Rajat Dalal vs. Rajveer Singh.” Bewildered? And we are, too. Nevertheless, let’s start by looking at the beginning because, despite all the chaos, we do know it.

YouTubers Maxtern and Elvish Yadav made headlines a few days ago when they got into a brawl that once made it to the judicial authorities. Yadav was reportedly called in for questioning by the Gurugram Police after Maxtern filed a FIR against him following his alleged beating.

But things ended when Yadav posted a photo of himself with Maxtern with the remark, “Bhaichara on top.” The YouTuber also uploaded a video shortly after the first one in which he was seen having fun with Maxtern’s parents.

Amidst all of that, there were a few claims on social media, leading many people to believe that Rajat Dalal, another YouTuber, was the one who had fixed the problem.

But it wasn’t until later that Rajat Dalal, a founder member of Team S.O.S India, managed to challenge Nitesh Singh. Subsequently, another video surfaced in which Singh was seen discussing the ‘rumored challenge,’ involving Rajveer Shishodia, another fitness YouTuber.

The ‘Rajat Dalal vs. Rajveer Shishodia’ began after recordings of the two confronting one another started to circulate on social media. People also took sides in the issue on social media.

“Gang-Bang Kinda Kalesh Controversy b/w Rajat Dalal and Rajveer Sisodia through insta story and Post,” a clip reads.

“Not a fan of random sena but the way rajat dalal is going all in against him is wrong on so many levels! Risking someone’s life is not the way to go,” said a person.

Though nothing is confirmed, Rajveer Singh, also known as Sisodiya, initially claimed on Instagram Live that Rajat Dalal had wrongfully defamed him in an oblique manner. But none of Rajat’s earlier live videos have featured anything like this. The situation worsened when Rajveer asked Rajat to have a face-to-face meeting.

Rajat dismissed all of the allegations in response and pressed Rajveer to produce even a single image as evidence of the abuse. A video of Rajat being abused while surrounded by a large group of people became popular on Instagram at this time. The incident led to numerous YouTubers, including Rajat Dalal Rajveer Singh in Faridabad, posting videos with captions.

Rajat discusses the situation involving Rajveer Singh and Rajat Dalal.

It’s interesting that Rajat Dalal addressed all of the issues with the scenario during his Instagram live. According to him, the two YouTubers were in on it and were battling it out for a little social media. Rajat stated that he truly was unaware of Rajveer’s seriousness regarding the matter and believed it to be a joke. He said he had come to Faridabad at Rajveer’s suggestion when discussing the situation there. They had been teasing each other to come here or there for around two hours after they had first uploaded stories.

Instead, Rajveer sent some of his friends to meet Rajat Dalal while he waited for him to arrive. One of Rajveer’s friends started abusing Rajat in the meeting footage that went viral, and the friend even attempted to create a fight with Rajat. Despite having a large group of supporters, Rajat chose not to respond or pose a threat to Rajveer’s friends. At the end of his live broadcast, Rajat Dalal said he was willing to give in to Rajveer’s desire for a fight. He declared that he was fully prepared for a bout and challenged Rajveer to travel to Faridabad.