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How to make decisions using Yes No roulette

How to make decisions using Yes No roulette

An old classic game and many players have been playing it for a long time. At Indibet, We have upgraded that old classic game and brought it to you with updated graphics and interface. In online casino , players can enjoy a wide range of equipment and have a world-class experience in the presence of the largest number of VIP tables. Learn more in this article.

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What is Yes or No roulette?

It is more of a fortune wheel. It can work as your decision maker. If you have trouble selecting a random choice then this wheel is for you. You can spin it to get a decision. You can make your own wheel of dinner, wheel of fortune,  wheel of whatever you want now.

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How does the wheel work for this variation?

This wheel has different pockets. All the pockets are labeled as yes or no alternatively. It is a decision wheel that focuses on yes or no answers. It also has a spin button so by just clicking that button, you will get a yes or no at the end of the spin. Roulette wheel yes or no will help you to make a decision quickly.

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How to play Yes No roulette?

To play this, You just need a working internet connection and you are good to go. Just follow some easy steps mentioned below.

  • Visit any online platform to play.  INDIBET is the best website to play any casino games.
  • Click on the play button. You will see a wheel with yes and no pockets.
  • Think of your question you want to get a decision on and press the ‘spin the wheel’ button. 
  • The wheel will start rotating and will stop at some point. Check the pocket where the arrow is pointing.
  • It will stop on either yes or no. Whatever it points you will have your decision made by the wheel.

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