Football Accumulator Bets – Best Football Accumulator Betting Tips and calculations


If you have a love for betting, there is nothing like an accumulator, especially when it comes to sports such as football. Football accumulators are considered to be one of the most popular forms of betting for the sport as it can be challenging but highly rewarding. Also known as ‘acca’, football accumulators are a single bet but at the same time, made up of multiple betting selections which translates to a requirement of accuracy in order to win. 

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How To Win best Football Accumulators?

Football accumulators are the preferred football betting choice for punters primarily because while the odds may be low, the returns can be very high. Winnings are calculated on the basis of multiplying the stake by odds, and then multiplying the total returns by the second set of odds. The process can go on, meaning that a punter can continue to increase his/her winnings provided the predictions for each bet are accurate.

One of the primary reasons why accumulators are popular with football enthusiasts looking to place bets is because of the short odds selections in a single bet that can bring in huge winnings.

What are the advantages Of Football Accumulators bet?

Two main advantages that com with football accumulators are that they can be highly engaging and of course, the returns can be lucrative. Hitting an acca is a double whammy and is bound to leave you feeling elated for the rest of your day!

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How do I place an best football Accumulator Bet?

The first thing you would want to look at is if any bookmakers are offering free bets or any special offers. Once you have determined the perks, you will want to look into the type of bets that you want to place. A little piece of advice; try opting for bets that have short odds as they will increase your chances of winning. However, do keep in mind that the lengthier odds are what will bring you much bigger returns albeit with higher risks!

How are accumulator odds calculated?

So, there is a certain method of calculation with football accumulator odds. While it may sounds confusing initially, after a little getting used to, you should find your way around it quite comfortably. Your winnings through an accumulator are calculated by multiplying the stake by the odds, and then multiplying the total winnings by the second set of odds. The process then continues. A common formula for the calculation is as follows:

1 X (2/1 +1) X (3/1 +1) X (5/1+1) X (8/1 +1) = Total Odds

If the process sounds too complicated, there’s also the option of using various bet calculators to determine your total winnings. With a little research and some understanding of how betting odds and acca’s work, you’ll realise the process is much simpler than it sounds or looks!

Are The Winnings Big On Football Accumulators?

That would depend entirely on the type of odds you want to place your bets on. However, one important factor to keep in mind is that in order to increase your winnings chances, you need to stay well-informed on football. Keep track of the player transfers and various activities taking place ahead of the football season so that you are aware of which teams and players are more likely to perform well. 

Placing bets on bigger odds while increasing your stake will bring in larger winnings but it is important to remember that there are no guarantees in betting. 

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What are the different types of accumulator bets?

Accumulator bets comprise of of four or more bet selections. Following is a list of acca types:

Number of selectionsType of accumulator (acca)
4Four-fold accumulator
5Five-fold accumulator
6Six-fold accumulator
7Seven-fold accumulator
8Eight-fold accumulator

While the idea of bundling games together for a potentially huge payout sounds lucrative, also remember that such bets create lottery-like chances of winning, which means the chances of low. Punters can select up to 20 selections per accumulator.

  1. FAQs

Q. Are football accumulators profitable?

Ans. Football accas in the higher range are definitely very lucrative if you get your selections accurate.

Q. Are accas risky?

Ans. The higher the accumulator, the riskier the bet becomes. Because then, the odds are also higher.

Q. Where can I place football bets online?

Ans. There are numerous bookmakers with a while variety of markets available online. For a seamless football betting experience, you can visit