Home Casino Games Teen Patti Online – How to Play Teen Patti or 3 patti Game Online?

Teen Patti Online – How to Play Teen Patti or 3 patti Game Online?

Teen Patti Online – How to Play Teen Patti or 3 patti Game Online?

Introduction about Teen Patti Game / 3 Patti Game

With its roots originating in the Indian subcontinent, Teen Patti has established itself as one of the most popular card games in India. A crowd favourite during Hindu celebrations and festivals such as Diwali, Teen Patti is a three card game that carries simplified influences from poker. Some other names that the game has been given are flush or flash and is the perfect game when you have crowd raring to go!

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About Teen Patti Online / 3 patti Online

While the tradition deck of cards is still preferred by many, playing Teen Patti online allows you to compete with others anytime you want. In an online Teen Patti game, three to six players compete with the entire deck of 52 cards excluding the Jokers. The pot (total amount of money) is determined and collected from all participating players prior to the cards being dealt. There are numerous platforms that offer some of the best online Teen Patti gaming experience in India.

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Teen Patti Betting Process

If you’re wondering how to play Teen Patti online, the first thing step to follow is to choose an online casino that offers Teen Patti as a game. Place your bet and after your cards have been revealed, it is up to you to decide whether you would like to ‘Play’ or ‘Fold.’ The online dealer then reveals the cards and if your cards are better than what is shown, you end up winning the game.

How to Play Teen Patti Online?

Teen Patti or 3 patti is now available to play on INDIBET, on of India’s biggest online casinos. If you’re looking to have some fun and make some money, you can sign up with INDIBET and start playing your web browser or mobile device. You simply need to register with INDIBET and start competing against others. The best part about playing on INDIBET is you bet on Teen Patti with real money and also win real cash.

Teen Patti Variations

There are several variations of Teen Patti or 3 patti. Some of these include Joker, Lowest Card Joker, Muflis, AK47, 10X Boot, and Maatha besides a few other variants.

Different moves in Teen Patti or 3 patti

The first thing to keep in mind when playing Teen Patti gold or any other variation of the game is learning the different moves. These moves are Playing Blind, Playing Seen, Sideshow Move, Tie, and Show.

Playing Blind

When playing blind, a player is required to place a bet directly and will not be able to see the cards dealt to them. Playing blind is more a game of chance or risk.

Playing Seen

Also known as Chaal, when playing seen, players will first check the cards dealt to them and then place their bets based on the strength of their card combination or fold and give up if they have no confidence in their cards.

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Sideshow Move

A sideshow move is also known as a Back show. In this format, players are required to first see the cards dealt to them and accordingly place their bets. The sideshow is asked to the last player to place a bet on their cards following which players can decide if the sideshow move requested by other players is accepted or not.


A tie is called for when the last two players refuse to either Show or Fold. The total pot winnings is then equally divided between the two players or returned.


This applies when there are two players remaining in the game and one asks the other player to Show. However, certain rules apply including:

(i) If a Seen player decides to ask a Blind player to reveal the cards, the former will need to place a bet four times the amount of the current stake

(ii) If the last two players are Seen, one of the two player will be asked to double the stake value

(iii) The Blind player is unable to Show move.

Teen Patti Strategies to Win

When gambling, it’s always a good idea to come in with a set of strategies and plans. The same applies when playing online Teen Patti.

The basic strategy is to begin small and to avoid going in all guns blazing. Place small bets in the initial stages and slowly increase your bet amounts. This strategy will help you stretch your bankroll.

Practice the game properly with friends and family before deciding to place your bets online. As we said before, the game requires some amount of skill and having clear knowledge and understanding of the game will further increase your chances of winning real money in Teen Patti.

Avoid being predictable in your moves. If you’re taking on seasoned opponents, it won’t be long before they start picking up your patterns in terms of the moves you make. Being unpredictable will create an element of doubt in their minds and force them into playing a more cautious game with you.

Try to play blind as much as possible. Attempt to place as many blind bets and raise the stakes for your opponents, leaving them more exposed and vulnerable.

Avoid getting emotional as this will expose you to your opponents and also force you to make rash decisions. Be it in Teen Patti or any other gambling game, keep your emotions in check.

Keep close watch on the game even after you fold. This will benefit you as you will get a clearer picture of your opponents’ style of play.

What are Hand Rankings in Teen Patti and how do they work?

Hand rankings determine the strength of each hand a player is dealt during the game. Understanding hand rankings is crucial if you are to win against more experienced opponents. These include:

(i) Trio or Trail: A trio or trail is formed with three cards of the same kind irrespective of the suit or colour. Forming three aces of different colours forms the highest possible trail in Teen Patti. The strength of cards in Teen Patti range from the Aces as the highest all the way down to 2, being the lowest.

(ii) Straight Run: A straight run refers to the formation of three consecutive cards belonging to the same suit. For example, an Ace, 2, 3 or an Ace, King Queen form a straight run.

(iii) Normal Run: A normal run is somewhat similar to a straight run but the difference being that rather than the sequence of cards belong to different suits. The Ace, 2, 3 sequence is considered to be the highest ranked hand.

(iv) Flush: A colour or flush refers to a hand of three cards belonging to the same suit but not forming a sequence. Any three cards of either hearts, spades, clubs, or diamonds arranged in a set of three form a colour or flush.

(v) Pair: A pair is formed when two cards of the same value or rank are arranged irrespective of colour or suit.

(vi) High Card: A high card is somewhat similar to a flush except that the cards do not belong to the same suit or colour. The combination of Ace, King, Jack forms the highest-ranked hand in a high card while 5, 3, 2 is the lowest combination.

Teen Patti Game FAQs

(i) How to play Teen Patti online?

Ans. Find the highest rated app or website for online Teen Patti. INDIBET is one of the most popular platforms for betting on Teen Patti online. Also, INDIBET accepts all payment options including Bitcoin and credit card payments. 

(ii) Which colour is highest in 3 Patti?

Ans. The highest is AKQ while the lowest would be 4-3-2.

(iii) Is it safe to play Teen Patti online?

Ans. Teen Patti is one of the fastest growing card games online in India and is available to play across a variety of platforms. There are no laws that prohibit a person from playing Teen Patti online, making it a safe option to play.

(iv) Can I win real money playing Teen Patti game online?

Ans. Yes. Almost all bookies that require you to make payments with real money in order to compete, hand out winnings in the form of real cash.