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What are Football Cards

What are Football Cards

About Football Cards

Revered the world over as the most popular sport in the world, football (or soccer) has for decades created a frenzy among lovers of the sport, creating cults followings in almost every nook and corner of the globe. The rules are simple and the excitement is infinite until the final whistle is blown. 

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The popularity of the sport has also led to a lot of buzz among bookmakers and betting enthusiasts. In translation, online football betting has picked up pace over the years with the advent of the digital age. However, for individuals looking to place bets on football matches or developments within a match, understanding the basic rules is important. Although we don’t plan to delve into the nitty gritty details of the sport in this article, we will provide some information on football cards meaning for those still wondering how and why players are booked during a game.

Types of Football Cards

In football, there are two types of cards that are shown to a player for causing certain offences during a game that might go against some of the rules. A yellow card in football is shown by a referee to a player of a team as a warning for a first offence that might not be considered too serious while a red card means that the player is being sent off the field by the referee, which in turn will reduce the number of on-field players for that concerned team.

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Yellow Card

A player is shown a yellow card by the centre referee for committing any one of the offences:

(a) Found to be guilty of unsporting behaviour

(b) Expresses dissent verbally or through physical action

(c) Repeatedly infringes the various laws of the sport

(d) Unnecessarily delays or slows down the restart of play when the match is in progress

(e) Does not restart play from the right distance/area with corner-kicks, free-kicks, or throw-ins

(f) Enters or re-enters the field of play without receiving permission from the referee

(g) Leaves the field of play without getting permission from the referee

Red Card

A player is shown a red card by the centre referee for committing any one of the offences:

(a) Is found to be guilty of foul play deemed serious by the centre referee

(b) Is guilty of violent conduct during the course of the match

(c) Spits on opposition player(s), officials or any other individual(s)

(d) Prevents the opposing team from scoring a goal by deliberately handling the ball

(e) Denies an opposition player(s) an obvious goal-scoring chance by committing an offence deemed punishable by a free kick or penalty kick

(f) Is found guilty of using offensive, insulting or abusive language. The player could also be given a red card for using offensive gestures

(g) Receives his/her second yellow card of the match

When a player receives a yellow card, he/she will be permitted to continue playing provided the player does not receive a second yellow during the match. However, when the referee pulls out a red card, the player is immediately dismissed from the field of play and will not be allowed to carry on playing the game.

A red card usually means that the player will be suspended for one to three matches. Players can also be suspended for receiving too many yellow cards throughout the course of a league or tournament. 


Q. Do yellow or red cards impact the outcome of a football match?

Ans. Yes. When a player gets a yellow card, he/she will need to be careful not to be shown a second yellow as that will lead to immediate suspension while a red card means the player is sent off. This reduces the number of on-field players and can cripple the team.

Q. Is it common for players to get yellow or red cards?

Ans. As football is a high-energy contact sport, it is common for at least one or more players to receive at least a yellow or red card during the course of the match.

Q. Where can I bet online with football?

Ans. There are many online bookmakers available in the digital space. However, it is important to register with a trusted bookie if you are looking to bet online with football. For some exciting markets involving football and other sports, you can visit www.indibet.com.