Home Roulette Quantum roulette wheel – A quick way to earn money

Quantum roulette wheel – A quick way to earn money

Quantum roulette wheel – A quick way to earn money

Quantum roulette simply means bigger payouts. The rules of playing Quantum Roulette are similar to European Roulette. You can place the same bets and the roulette wheel numbers and table won’t look any different. Learn how to play roulette online and win casino roulette game on INDIBET.

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What is Quantum roulette?

The biggest difference between European and Quantum roulette is payouts. Here you play with the random multipliers which could increase your payout by up to x500. In quantum roulette, the game host plays a very active role. He interacts with players and walks around with a microphone. Even in online quantum roulette, you will get a real life casino experience with real life like game hosts. Although this host does not spin the wheel. The play is automatic. This game is a big opportunity if you want to invest less and earn more. Let us tell you more about Quantum roulette wheel.

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How does the wheel work in this variation?

Quantum roulette wheel has 37 pockets and only one zero. Instead of your odds of winning being 35/1 as one would usually assume, the additional zero reduces those odds to 36/1, giving the casino what is known as a ‘house edge.’

Most online casinos will allow you to play roulette along with some other games for free at least once. You can also choose to use the bonus provided by INDIBET if you don’t want to invest a lot of money. Although Indibet is a totally safe platform, if you are scared of risks, you can play a game with the welcome bonus of Indibet.

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Difference between Quantum roulette and other roulette

Quantum roulette provides the best experience and make your journey comfortable in the field of gambling. Take a look at the main differences between quantum and other roulette.

  • Quantum roulette has bigger payouts. 
  • You can play with random multipliers.
  • The game host plays a very active role in quantum roulette.
  • The play is totally automatic.
  • The host interacts with the players. 
  • The wheel is different from American roulette.

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