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All you need to know about golden chip roulette

All you need to know about golden chip roulette

Have you ever wondered how to play roulette on INDIBET? The roulette game rules are the same as for normal roulette in a casino. A roulette wheel is placed in roulette table. The wheel has 37 pockets. These have numbers from 0 to 37. Players place bets before the game starts. After that, the game starts and the wheel starts playing. A ball spins in the wheel. As soon as the wheel stops, the ball also stops in a pocket. This decides the victory and defeat of the player. This simple game now has many variants. Golden chip roulette is one of them. It is an easy game with a lot of excitement and fun.

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What is golden chip roulette?

In golden chip roulette, Players usually play roulette bets by placing chips on the roulette table. When all the bets are placed, the ball is released in the route wheel after the spin. Players guess or predict  the number or pocket where the ball may land on. These bets are placed via inside, outside or called bets. This game is very similar to the live roulette game variant.

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How to play Golden chip roulette?

Golden chip roulette gives a chance to players to shift from the normal slot gaming and experience a variation of a table game. Here, You can predict big wins. You just have to follow some basic rules to play this game.

  • Set your prefered stake before playing this game.
  • Before the game starts, You will be provided with chips of different sizes which have a range of 0.10 to 1k.
  • Once the dealer spins the wheel and the ball starts rotating, Your main aim is to predict where the ball will land.
  • Pick the chip and place a wager over the predicted number you think the ball may land on.
  • If the ball stops at your desired number or the number you selected, You will win the game.
  • Claim the payouts and redeem section.

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How to bet on a golden chip variant?

Just like any other bet such as even/odd, red/black, particular number and more, you also have an option to bet on inside and outside. If you bet on number spots i.e. a particular pocket then it is known and inside bet. If you’re betting on even odd or red black then it is known as an outside bet. When you are playing an outside bet, You can not bet less than the minimum amount for that table.

For example, If the minimum amount of a particular table is $5 and you want to make an outside bet then you have to bet $5 or more. It offers a lower payout in comparison to inner bets but has a higher probability of winning. Inside bets are more risky as the chances of the ball landing on a particular pocket is low but the higher payouts lures the players who are comfortable in taking risks. 

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