Bet on Football: A Complete Guide for 2022 Football Betting


Introduction about Football Bets

It’s no secret that cricket is the most widely followed sport in India, with millions of cricket crazy fans going into a frenzy each time the season commences. However, it is almost safe to say that football is the world’s most popular sport with tens of millions of people from all corners of the globe closely following the various leagues every football season.

As a result, just like with cricket, a large number of punters see a clear-cut opportunity to earn big by placing football bets across various platforms. Football betting is not as complicated as betting on other sports but at the same time, can yield profitable results.

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About Football Betting

Football betting takes place in several countries around the world and especially in places where the sport has a larger fan following. After the 1960 Betting and Gambling Act in the football-crazy sovereign country United Kingdom, betting shops began coming out into the open and began openly allowing fans to legally bet on football.

While the governing body of football in England has banned all forms of betting, the internet has opened up new avenues for bookies and punters and now, one can place live football bets from any part of the world.

How to bet on football games at INDIBET?

INDIBET has established itself as being among the leading football sites in India. After carrying out some research to provide you 100% sure match prediction, you can head on over to INDIBET and start signing up.

INDIBET offers customers a wide range of local and international football betting options through some of the top leagues such as the English Premiere League, FIFA World Cup and other major European football leagues besides domestic matches. What’s even better is the registration process is straightforward and as a customer, you will be spoilt for choice when choosing your betting options.

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First-time INDIBET users are provided s deposit bonus after signing up and competing online. The site also offers free spins and other reward packages.

Coming to the question of of how to bet on football games at INDIBET, the easiest bet prediction obviously is a win, loss or draw. This method of betting is known as a 3-way moneyline bet.

Then there’s the 2-way moneyline bet in which the bet amount is forfeited if the game ends in a draw. The possible outcomes – win, lose or have your money refunded if the teams end the match in a draw.

Another betting option is betting on goal lines. With this, you will be required to predict by how many goals a team will either win or lose. In most cases, goal line bets are offered in 5 goal increments.

At INDIBET, payment methods are simple and also include payment using a credit card.

What does over under mean in betting football?

Over under in football betting indicates a bet placed on the total number of goals scored throughout a football match. A set number of goals or match goal average is offered by the bookmaker prior to the game after which one can place a bet bet predicting whether more or less goals are scored.

For eg., let’s assume the bookmaker offers a goal average of 3 per match, you can either choose to bet on a lower or higher number of goals that the 3 goals. If you bet more and 4 goals are scored, you win the over bet. Likewise, with an under bet, if you predict lesser goals being scored than the 3 goals offered by the bookmaker, the winnings are yours.

This is one of the simplest forms of football betting.

How do football betting odds work?

Football betting odds are set by a bookmaker. Once you have placed a bet, the odds are represented by the ratio between the stake and the winnings of the game outcome. The ratio is indicated by fractions of a number and at times, can be shown as decimals. The punter has the freedom to decide which he/she prefers to use.

Tips For Betting On Football

The most important factor is to understand the sport before looking for assistance from football betting sites in India. Understanding the team/players form and performance will help you with your bet prediction and in making the right betting choices. A football match prediction will also partially depend on the football betting tips that one can incorporate into the bet itself.

It is important to set an upper limit on your spending before placing a bet. One win is all it takes to get carried away and keep raising the stakes. This is one of the most common mistakes a beginner can make. Set a limit that will not hurt your wallet too much for each bet that you place.

Note down and log every bet placed. Your wins, losses, along with the dates and whom you betted on and why. Also, keep note of football transfer news to know which players are being transferred to which clubs. This will help you look back into the decisions that you made and will help you get better in gambling.

Research. One cannot emphasise enough on carrying out thorough research before betting. When betting on a team, study their recent history and understand how and why they have been winning or losing. Prepare a logbook of the team’s results as this will help you make better decision.

Explore your options with various bookie platforms. Look for bonuses and make sure to use them.

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Strategy for Winning Football Bets

Like with tips for betting on football, strategising is key to to improve your chances of winning. Avoid betting on teams simply because they are among your favourites sides. Sometimes, your least-favourite team could be in red-hot form. This is when you need to capitalise and place your bets on them. Plan everything thoroughly and accordingly if you are to increase your chances of winning.

Also, avoid chasing losses. Many times, a gambler will fee compelled to continue betting even after losing the first two or three times. This is a risky move that should be avoided.

Most popular types of bets on football

Some of the most popular types of best on football include:

(i) Match result: Completely reliant on luck, betting on a match result could swing either way, but it is also one of the most exciting forms of betting! Here, the outcome of the match follows a win-draw-win or home-draw-away result. One simply needs to predict which team will win.

(ii) Correct score: This form of football betting is pretty self-explanatory. You need to accurately predict the final score of the match. It’s challenging but fairly enjoyable.

(iii) Double chance: In this form of football betting, you can choose to bet on two match outcomes rather than one. This means that you can decide on whether the match will end in a win or loss, win or draw, and a loss or draw. With a double chance bet, the odds of winning are fairly high due to its 2:1 ratio.

(iv) Anytime goalscorer: This is probably one of those bets where your favourite striker will have an important role to play. With anytime goalscorer, you place your bet on a specific player and if the said player scores a goal, the winnings are yours.

(v) Accumulator: The accumulator bet is perhaps on of the most challenging type of bets. In this, the punter will need to predict the outcome in several markets. If all the football betting predictions are accurate, he/she ends up winning all the money. But if even one prediction goes wrong, the punter will end up losing everything.

Asian handicap bet

Asian handicap betting is a football betting format wherein a team rated lower according to their recent form is handicapped against a stronger opposition that is expected to win by more goals. The stronger team is usually chosen by a punter betting on them to win the match. It is similar to spread betting. The handicaps in an Asian handicap bet can range from a-quarter goal to several goals, or in increments of half or quarter-goals.

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Half-time betting /full-time betting

Half time or full time betting is a betting method wherein the punter places a bet determining which team will be ahead during half time and also at the end of full time. The odds are great in comparison to many other markets and with proper knowledge about both competing teams, you should be able to play your cards right. This market generally has three outcomes – the home team could be leading, the away team may be taking the lead, or both teams could be drawn at level pegging.

Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Betting on Football

We’re not saying that a beginner should not venture into the world of betting or that you need to be a subject matter expert in order to increase your chances of winning, but there are certain common mistakes a lot of punter make before betting on live football matches or competitions. To avoid making these mistakes, we’ve listed a few pointers to further ease your experience in football betting.

(i) Do not bet without any knowledge of football. The sport may be easy to understand but it’s not simply the sport you need to know about, but the teams and players involved, too.

(ii) Understanding the market is crucial. Avoid betting in markets where the teams are not so well-known and study the market before exploring it.

(iii) Avoid placing too many wagers. Try focusing on one particular football league at a time rather than spending on multiple bets across different competitions.

(iv) Betting without a strategy is another common mistake many beginners make. To be fair, not every strategy or tip applied before betting can provide 100% assurance of a win. However, chalking up a list of effective strategies and following football betting tips from seasoned punters will definitely improve your winning chances. A live football match prediction may not always be completely accurate but having a strategy will improve those odds.

(v) Chasing a loss and not cashing out when you need to. This is the best example of ‘human wants being unlimited.’ Winning and losing will always be a part of gambling whether one likes it or not. On days when things don’t seem to be going right and you’ve incurred more losses than you can afford, give it up for the day. Regroup and come back another time. Also, cash out if you feel that the match doesn’t look like it’s heading in your favour.

Football Betting App

Now that you’ve gotten all of the nitty gritties of betting out of the way, the next step is to find a reliable football betting app to begin with. One way to get around finding a trustworthy football betting app is to go by other people’s online reviews. 

INDIBET is one of the leading sports betting websites available in India with a wide coverage of football betting events. From the English Premier League and La Liga to other leagues such as the Bundesliga, your betting options are limitless at INDIBET

Football Betting FAQs

It is expected for first time gamblers to have a million questions on the authenticity of online football betting. We’ve tried to list a few questions and answers to hopefully clarify some of those doubts. 

Q. Is it possible to earn real money through online football betting? 

Ans. Absolutely. Online betting has picked up pace all around the world and with its popularity, football is one of the primary sports that attracts seasoned and novice punters. 

Q. How do I get started? 

Ans. You can begin your journey by signing up with a trusted bookie site and then choosing your bets. 

Q. How much is a safe amount to bet with? 

Ans. That would depend on the type of bet you plan to take on. However, it is always advised not to begin with a large amount of cash until you begin building thorough knowledge of football betting. 

Q. Do I need to be a football expert to bet? 

Ans. Having deep knowledge about the sport, leagues, teams and players is extremely important before betting online. While you don’t need to be an expert, enhanced knowledge of football will make it easier for you to place your bets on certain teams of players and increase your winning chances. 

Q. How do I sharpen my football betting skills? 

Ans. As we pointed out before, study the sport, have a strategy before placing each bet and try to understand the market. 

Q. What does +1.5 mean in football betting?

There are numerous betting odds and lines which could overwhelm you if you’re a beginner in football betting. However, certain terms and definitions sound intimidating but are fairly simple to understand. Taking an example, two teams are pitted against each other with Team A carrying a +1.5 before the team name and Team B having a –1.5 placed before the name of the team. In football betting, a +1.5 means that the team with that number is considered an underdog and less likely to win the match. The team with a -1.5 are favourites to win.

Thus, it is up to you to decide whether to bet on the underdogs or against them. 

Q. How do you win a football jackpot?

It would be unfair to say that there is a definite way of winning a football jackpot as a lot of it depends on luck. However, there are certain steps you can follow to increase your chances of winning a football jackpot. 

Always look for jackpots where the odds are in your favour. The returns may not always be high but your chances of winning are increased. 

Try to pick out random numbers. In other words, try to avoid a sequence of numbers. 

If possible, join a syndicate to improve your chances of winning. Remember, jackpots can be quite random so being part of a syndicate improves your chances all that much more. 

Play as often as possible. The more you play, the better you will understand how jackpots work and increase your opportunity to win.