Introduction of Martingale System

The Martingale system has been considered one of the most popular choice of betting in football. Believed to have originated all the way back in the 18th century, this system of betting has been subject to a lot of praise by punters while also drawing criticism from others. Gamblers have been drawn to the Martingale system of betting in football owing to its perception of being a sure-shot winner. However, at the end of the day, it must kept in mind that this still is gambling, and there never really can be 100% certainty of the outcome.

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How is Martingale System Applied in Football?

The Martingale system has been described as one of the simplest forms of betting as it does not require the punter to make any complicated or complex calculations. But a big drawback is that it follows a negative progression, which means that the punter becomes bound to increase his/her wager when losing while also reducing them when on a winning streak. 

If you’re wondering what the big deal is with increasing your wager when losing, then also keep note that any gambler is eventually bound to win. So, in translation, a punter goes on betting and increasing his/her wager when losing, but that streak will end and out of a hundred bets, you should at least win one.

The Martingale betting system can be risky because it forces a player to spend more than he/she could possibly win at a given time.

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Martingale System Calculation

With the Martingale system of football betting, bets will have to be placed on events that have odds greater than 2.0 and the amount of your bet is doubled for every loss. 

Here’s a look at a basic example:

Deposit – Rs 10,000. First Bet – Rs 100. Odds – 2.


As is evident from the table, after placing a total of six bets (five losses and one win), the only profit that is made is a total of Rs 100. In such a case, managing your bankroll is the most crucial factor. Despite such a marginal profit following high stakes, any punter would still want to walk away feeling like he/she eventually won something. 

If the example still doesn’t clear your doubts about the possible profits and losses, there are numerous Martingale system calculators available online that will help you determine the exact figures. 

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Advantages of Martingale System

It’s difficult to point out too many advantages of the Martingale system although there are some pros that come with it. Firstly, you don’t need to be a pro at gambling in order to try your hand in this form of betting. The process is as simple as it gets. 

Another advantage that would work in the punter’s favour having a limitless bankroll to go with a bookmaker that doesn’t hold wager limits. This can translate to some fairly profitable bets although it would still be difficult to determine when the bets will actually come to an end. The entire betting process can go on until some amount of profit is earned.

Disadvantages of Martingale System

Unfortunately for most gamblers who try to justify the Martingale system as being a lucrative option, this isn’t the case on most occasions.

Having an infinite bankroll cannot be possible with every gambler and even if one has a large fortune to spare, he/she would not simply squander it on a few bets. Once the losses start climbing into the high thousands or lakhs, most punters would prefer to call it quits rather than risk losing everything. The profits are not excellent either, which is another negative point.

Most online casinos and bookmakers will also have wager limits to create a sense of fairness to the bets. Thus, even if one has an extremely high bankroll, he/she would not be able to make use of all that cash. 

Also, the possibility of facing a losing streak of five or six can be high at times. After all, betting has no guarantees as we mentioned before. 

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Is it Legal to Use the Martingale System in Football?

Yes, the Martingale System is legal in football but that’s a risk that you should be willing to take. In fact, most online casinos or bookmakers encourage the Martingale System especially for sports such as football as they can maximise their profits while you maximise your losses.


Q. What is the Mini Martingale System?

Ans. The Mini Martingale system limits the amount of double-down bets to prevent incurring massive losses. This way, you don’t lose your entire bankroll in one go and it helps spread out the process. However, the profits are smaller.

Q. What is Reverse Martingale System?

Ans. With the Reverse Martingale System, you double down your wins rather than doubling up after losses. This system helps in preventing massive losses although it is important to carry out a thorough calculation before calling it a day.

Q. What is Grand Martingale System?

Ans. In the Grand Martingale system of betting, an additional bet unit is added after every loss. While it is very similar to the conventional Martingale strategy, you stand to earn higher profits if you’ve suffered four losses but win the fifth.