Reports | IPL To Use VIVO Logo For Auction; VIVO Enters Sub-licensing Market


    The BCCI will use the VIVO logo for the upcoming IPL auction in Chennai, even though the Chinese mobile giant has already entered the sub-licensing market to find a suitable replacement for the partnership. VIVO has engaged its media and adverstisement agency Group M to work for the licensing.

    Last year, in the wake of the border tension between India and England at the LAC (Line of Actual Control), there was a negative sentiment for the Chinese products in India, thus the mobile giant decided to walk out of the deal for a year. Dream11 replaced the manufacturer with almost half the price that VIVO used to pay up and even showed interest in continuing for three years. However, the BCCI rejected that proposal and asked VIVO to pay up the amount promised.

    Even in the auction list sent on Thursday, the BCCI mentioned VIVO as the title sponsor and now Cricbuzz have reported that the auction will also see VIVO logo flashing everywhere. However, this is a temporary arrangement as VIVO is wrapping up its sports business in India and will look for a replacement who can match the 440 Cr promised by VIVO to the BCCI in its original agreement.

    “We have been told that it will be called Vivo IPL till the auction as per the original agreement. The previous agreement was paused only till December 31 last year. So the original agreement has kicked in on January 1. Till an alternative arrangement has been made, the brand name will remain,” said a franchise official.

    Another official added, “The BCCI is going by the book and is extending all the benefits to Vivo. It is now up to Vivo. Whether or not it is interested, it still will have to pay up.”

    With the BCCI insisting VIVO to honour the agreement, the mobile giant has entered the market looking for sub-licensing the sponsorship rights and has engaged its media agency, Group M, to find a suitable party. The arrangement would be such that the BCCI would have to be paid Rs 440 crore per season and if the new party fails to match that amount, VIVO would have to top it up to comply with the agreement.

    Further reports emerged that Dream11, who secured the title rights for the 2020 edition, is no more interested in buying back the rights once again.