Jl Is A Passionate Guy, Particularly When It Comes To This Team And Australian Cricket, Reckons Tim Paine


Tim Paine has stated that Justin Langer is pretty intense and passionate when it comes to this Australian team and he feels, the day that wears off, you would be worried. Further, Michael Clarke has also thrown his weight behind the Australian coach after the recent stories came to limelight.

Justin Langer has presided over one of the toughest periods in their history of cricket and the way he brought about a cultural transformation and backed that with results on the field, has made him an iconic figure in Australian cricket. One man who has been on his side ever since he has taken over the mantle is Tim Paine, whose performance came under the scanner in the recently-concluded Border-Gavaskar Trophy.

With the recent stories about Langer’s coaching philosophy putting him on the hot seat, Paine was measured with his words but revealed his admiration for the Aussie’s coaching style.

“JL is a passionate guy, particularly when it comes to this team and Australian cricket. He’s also the guy who kicks the bin over and then puts the rubbish back in. He wears his heart on his sleeve, is tough, fair and at times emotional, just as he was as a player and now as a coach. You would be worried if that wasn’t the case,” Paine said to News Corp.

Meanwhile, Michael Clarke, who played with Justin Langer, was not one bit impressed with the way things have come to the public and felt Langer should find out which player, if any, spoke to the media and should confront the player. The former Australian skipper commented that by making the news public, players are not doing anything good for the team and that might cause chaos in the dressing room later.

“I hope that it hasn’t been the case, I hope it’s just a story creating a headline and a player hasn’t gone behind Lang’s back. I think it’s weak you don’t put the players name to it. I hope JL does find out who the player is and confronts him,” Clarke added.

“If players feel this way, this is not the right way to go about it, this is going to cause chaos. Go and speak to JL and speak to the senior players. A lot of the time it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. I still think you can find a way to have that conversation… without getting a black mark and saying you’re not getting picked again,” he added.

“Langer is tough as well, his character is hard. He will want these guys to know that if you are going to be successful at the highest level, every part of what we do is we challenge ourselves and we look to get better,” Clarke said.

“What comes with that is some people don’t like that because he is very much on that disciplined side of a head coach or as a player. For some players that don’t want to go to training and train for four hours, or some people that don’t want to turn up to a team meeting and go through every single player.”