Home News Zomato Faces Backlash Over Suspension of Delivery Partner’s Account Ahead of Sister’s Wedding

Zomato Faces Backlash Over Suspension of Delivery Partner’s Account Ahead of Sister’s Wedding

Zomato Faces Backlash Over Suspension of Delivery Partner’s Account Ahead of Sister’s Wedding

Zomato, a well-known meal delivery service, has come under fire after suspending the account of a delivery partner in Mumbai, just days before the sister’s wedding. The incident has caused a great deal of criticism and cries for support for Ayush Saini, the impacted delivery agent. It was first made public via a post on X (previously Twitter) by user Soham Bhattacharya.


When Bhattacharya, a law student, saw Saini in Mumbai’s GTB Nagar, Saini was obviously upset and crying. Saini was left without a source of income at a crucial moment when Zomato banned his account. It was alleged that Saini was saving money for his sister’s impending wedding.

Even though at first there was doubt about Saini’s predicament being real, Bhattacharya highlighted Saini’s hardship, describing his financial difficulties and even including his UPI QR code in the message to solicit help. The post received a lot of attention right once, receiving over 2.9 million views on X.


Zomato responded to the public uproar by releasing a statement telling users that they take these kinds of issues seriously and will look into the matter right away. Nevertheless, the reassurance did little to calm the fire that the corporation was receiving for its conduct.


Bhattacharya persisted in her support of Saini, giving updates and asking people to join him. Given the urgency of the situation—his sister’s wedding was approaching—he also urged people to provide Saini with financial support.

Many others condemned Zomato’s behavior and expressed solidarity with Saini in response to the occurrence, which sparked an outpouring of support from a variety of sources. Social media users came together to make sure the setback wouldn’t interfere with Saini’s sister’s wedding plans.


The episode highlights the difficulties experienced by delivery partners and the substantial impact such measures can have on their lives, even in spite of Zomato’s vow to remedy the matter. It acts as a warning about the unstable nature of gig economy employment and the vulnerability of employees who depend on websites like Zomato for revenue.


The online community showed the value of working together to overcome social and economic challenges in the face of adversity. By means of their unity and assistance, they aimed to lessen the load on Saini and his family on what ought to have been a happy occasion.


As the narrative progresses, it becomes increasingly clear how crucial it is for businesses like Zomato to take accountability and responsibility for safeguarding the lives and general well-being of its employees, especially during difficult times.

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