Home News Rail Passenger’s Selfie Solves Mystery Death At Maharashtra Station

Rail Passenger’s Selfie Solves Mystery Death At Maharashtra Station

Rail Passenger’s Selfie Solves Mystery Death At Maharashtra Station

Thanks to the fast thinking of a train passenger who took a selfie video, the mystery surrounding the death of a man in Kalyan, Maharashtra has been solved. The event happened when a robber tried to take Zahid Zaidi’s phone while he was taking a selfie video on a moving train. The passenger’s video accidentally captured the thief’s face, who was later identified as Akash Jadhav, during his unsuccessful effort to take the phone. The case was solved in large part thanks to this film.

The passenger, Zaidi, quickly posted the footage to social media and asked for help from the police. After watching the viral video, the Kalyan Railway Police quickly arrested Jadhav, who had a history of similar violations recorded against him in Thane. Later, as Jadhav was being questioned, it was discovered that he had another stolen cell phone.

Investigators found that the seized cell phone belonged to Prabhas Bhange, a citizen of Pune who had sadly died on March 25 after falling from a train at Vitthalwadi railway station. Mr. Bhange, who works for a bank, was coming back to Pune after Holi. At first, the officials couldn’t figure out what had caused his collapse.

But when Jadhav was questioned, an astonishing admission came to light. Mr. Bhange had tried to recover his phone from the moving train after Jadhav had stolen it. Sadly, he fell off the train at Vitthalwadi station, killing himself in the process while attempting to retrieve his phone.

This revelation puts an end to what was at first an enigmatic case for law enforcement and clarifies the series of events leading up to Mr. Bhange’s tragic death. The tragic situation was further explained by Pandharinath Kande, a railway police officer participating in the investigation. He emphasised Mr. Bhange’s journey from Kalyan to Pune and the catastrophic implications of trying to regain his stolen phone.

Against the thief who stole the item that finally caused Mr. Bhange to die, Akash Jadhav, a complaint has been filed in light of these revelations. This example emphasises how important it is to remain vigilant and take swift action in order to resolve criminal situations and provide closure to the parties involved.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of safeguarding personal belongings and exercising caution, particularly in public spaces such as trains, to prevent such tragic outcomes.

The collaborative efforts of the railway police and the public, facilitated by social media, played a crucial role in apprehending the culprit and unravelling the mystery behind Mr. Bhange’s death. As investigations continue, authorities emphasise the need for heightened awareness and proactive measures to ensure the safety and security of commuters on India’s railway network.

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