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R Ashwin Makes a HUGE Remark: “Sometimes I Wonder If IPL Is Even Cricket”

R Ashwin Makes a HUGE Remark: “Sometimes I Wonder If IPL Is Even Cricket”

R Ashwin thinks the IPL has become really big. Sometimes, cricket isn’t the main focus because players have to balance training and doing advertisement shoots, which can be tough.

R Ashwin, a top spinner for India, believes the IPL has become massively big. He says that sometimes cricket isn’t the main focus during the IPL because players have to handle training and advertisement shoots. Ashwin talked about how the IPL has grown since it started in 2008 and how challenging it can be for players during the two-month competition. He mentioned that when he was a young player joining the IPL, he was focused on learning from the experienced players and didn’t think about how big the IPL would become in the future. But now, after being a part of it for many seasons, he sees how enormous it has become. He even wonders if the IPL is still just about cricket, as sometimes it feels like other things, like advertisement shoots, take over. Ashwin shared these thoughts on the Club Prairie Fire podcast, highlighting the significant impact and evolution of the IPL.

The 37-year-old, who recently reached the milestone of 500 Test wickets, began his IPL journey with the Chennai Super Kings. This opportunity eventually paved the way for him to represent India in various formats, earning the prestigious national cap.

In 2022, the IPL’s media rights were sold for a staggering Rs 48,390 crore for a five-year period. This made the IPL the second most valuable league in the world per match, trailing only behind the NFL. It surpassed other major leagues like the English Premier League, NBA, and Major League Baseball in terms of per-match value.

Ashwin reminisced about his early days in the IPL, acknowledging how the event surpassed all expectations. He mentioned that when he first entered the IPL, he was simply looking to learn from the seasoned players. However, as time passed, he witnessed the immense growth and popularity of the IPL, far beyond what he initially anticipated. This reflects the remarkable evolution and success of the IPL since its inception.

“No one could have predicted the IPL’s level of expansion. I can still clearly recall a chat I had at CSK with Scott Styris. He informed me that he did not expect the Indian Premier League would continue longer than two or three years when he was a player for the Deccan Chargers in the first few seasons of the league.

“In the beginning, there was a significant influx of money,” Ashwin remarked during the podcast hosted by former England captain Michael Vaughan and Australian legend Adam Gilchrist.

The profile of the IPL has been significantly elevated by players securing astronomical deals at the auction. In the latest auction, Australian fast bowler Mitchell Starc landed a record deal worth Rs 24.74 crore from the Kolkata Knight Riders, further boosting the league’s prestige and allure.

“Look, over time, it would seem that the Indian Premier League is a competition that is mostly won at auctions. Although I think the auctions are a crucial component of this competition, the IPL’s appeal lies in the way the franchises have improved their squads over time.

It is impossible to skin a cat in one way. The squad is greater than any one player. No slot is more important than any other. Ashwin, who has also played for the Delhi Capitals and Punjab Kings in the IPL, stated, “The teams make smart investments.”