Home Political PM Modi Criticizes Opposition at Dwarka Expressway Opening Ceremony

PM Modi Criticizes Opposition at Dwarka Expressway Opening Ceremony

PM Modi Criticizes Opposition at Dwarka Expressway Opening Ceremony

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently stirred up controversy during the inauguration of the Haryana leg of the Dwarka Expressway, taking a swipe at the opposition INDIA bloc, particularly the Congress-led alliance. His remarks centered on what he perceives as the opposition’s negative disposition towards development projects worth crores of rupees across India.

According to PM Modi, the Congress and its allies have demonstrated a steadfast reluctance to acknowledge the monumental strides India has taken in terms of development. Despite the undeniable progress witnessed over the past decade, Modi argued that the opposition continues to adopt a pessimistic and obstructive stance. He went as far as suggesting that the opposition’s inability to find peace stems from their dissatisfaction with the developmental advancements achieved under his leadership.

With the upcoming Lok Sabha elections looming on the horizon, scheduled for April-May, PM Modi has been actively involved in inaugurating a myriad of projects throughout the nation. Conversely, the INDIA coalition, comprising over two dozen opposition parties, including the Congress, has united with the primary objective of preventing the BJP-led government from securing a third consecutive term at the Centre.

The Dwarka Expressway’s Haryana segment, stretching across 19 kilometers, has been constructed at an estimated cost of approximately ₹4100 crore. This colossal infrastructural undertaking comprises two distinct sections: one that extends 19.2 kilometers from the Delhi-Haryana border to Basai Rail-Over-Bridge (ROB), and the other encompassing 8.7 kilometers from Basai ROB to Kheri Daula.

The primary objective behind the Dwarka Expressway is to establish seamless connectivity between Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) and the Gurugram Bypass. Furthermore, it aims to alleviate the chronic traffic congestion plaguing National Highway (NH)-48, thereby enhancing the overall transportation efficiency between these two bustling cities.

In essence, PM Modi’s scathing critique of the opposition’s approach underscores the ideological chasm that pervades Indian politics. While the government champions progress and development, the opposition appears skeptical and critical of the policies and initiatives set forth. Nonetheless, the completion of the Dwarka Expressway represents a significant milestone in India’s journey towards modernization and infrastructural advancement.

The project not only symbolizes the government’s unwavering commitment to bolstering the nation’s infrastructure but also underscores its resolve to address critical transportation challenges. By streamlining connectivity and mitigating traffic bottlenecks, the Dwarka Expressway is poised to catalyze urban development and foster economic growth across the region.

In conclusion, PM Modi’s remarks at the inauguration ceremony shed light on the intricate dynamics that underpin Indian politics, particularly concerning infrastructure development. Despite facing staunch opposition from the INDIA bloc, the government remains steadfast in its commitment to realizing its vision of a more connected and prosperous India through transformative projects like the Dwarka Expressway.


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