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What is roulette rake and how does it work

What is roulette rake and how does it work

If you have ever been to a casino and thought that you also want to earn money, then roulette is for you. You can play live roulette at any time on Indibet because all you need is the internet. Indibet is definitely one of the best online roulette sites. Betting is completely legal to bet on Indibet. You just need to Sign up/Log In to your account and you can play Online roulette without any worries. So don’t waste your time in thinking and start playing roulette on Indibet. In this article we will tell you about the roulette rake but to understand this, you need to know about roulette tables, wheels and chips.

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What are roulette table wheels and chips?

  • Roulette table 

A roulette table consists of a roulette wheel, a ball, a dealer and players across the table. A roulette wheel has a spinning disk and a ball rotates around until the wheel stops spinning. 

  • Roulette wheel

A roulette wheel has a spinning disk and a ball. This wheel has divisions. The divisions around the wheel are numbered from 1 to 36 in a random pattern and it is coloured alternatively. Apart from this there is a green division which is zero. In American roulette, there are two green divisions. The second one is known as 00.

  • Roulette chips

Roulette chips are small round disks. They works as a currency in roulette tables. You can buy chips in exchange for real money and play.

Now you know about the basic setup of a roulette game. Dealer uses the roulette rake. Let us tell you more about roulette rake.

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Roulette rake

Roulette chip rake is a fashionable stick-like structure. It scoops up the losing chips on the table. In European casinos, roulette rakes are more in trend whereas in American casinos dealers mostly prefer to scoop the chips by hand. These rakes are generally are of aluminium or metal and they extend up to 27 inches. Mostly it is gold or black in colour.  Its structure is similar to a rod with a glass scoop attached at one end to collect the chips. 

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