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How to bet on Hockey Online – Best Tips, Odds and Variations

How to bet on Hockey Online – Best Tips, Odds and Variations

Hockey, A game India is known for. Hockey is one of the major sports in India. India has dominated hockey for a long time. And this is the reason that gambling in hockey attracts the attention of many people. When 11 players of a team come on the field with a hockey stick in hand, along with the players, their fans also start biting their nails. It’s a game that once you start watching it’s hard to stop. If you too have ever seen a hockey match or have ever thought of earning money from sports too, then you are at the right place. On INDIBET, you can bet on many sports like hockey and win a huge amount. If you want to learn to bet in hockey, then we will tell you everything related to it in this article.

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Sports betting has been around since the time sports started. Earlier its method was different. There was a different atmosphere and the tools were of old times. But now the world is moving online and betting has also made its place on the internet. Along with this, there are many platforms where online betting is completely legal. Although this too is not new. Many ways have already been invented for betting on the internet but now a revolution is coming in this field. Now the methods used for gambling are modern and pay well from which people are taking huge profits. The number of people in today’s world who want to bet on their favourite sports online and get big prizes has started increasing. Now it’s getting fun and at Indibet we give you the chance to bet on every favourite sport you love.

You can bet on a wide variety of sports online on IndiBet. Be it cricket, baseball, football or casino games, IndiBet gives you a golden opportunity to fill your purse with all kinds of sports. The best part is that betting on it is very easy. Hockey betting is as easy as making instant noodles in two minutes. All you have to do is sign in to IndiBet, create your account and that’s it, you are ready to bet. And one special thing, IndiBet also gives you many offers and discounts, so before gambling, you must take a look at these. And if it is a matter of how to bet and what are the best hockey bets, then we are there for that, aren’t we? We will give you every information about betting related to hockey. We will tell you about NHL predictions, ice hockey predictions and more.

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What is Hockey Betting?

Hockey is a game of eleven players i.e. 22 players including both the teams in a match. This game is played on a pitch of 100 by 60 yards. It’s circumference is 23 centimetres. In this, each player has a stick in his hand whose head is bent forward in a circular shape. Both teams have a goal post each and the player tries to put the ball on the opposing team’s goal post with the help of his hockey stick. The team that scores more goals wins.

The game of hockey has been a favourite of bookies due to its fun format. From amateur leagues to the Olympics, betting on hockey matches gives huge chances to win more and more money. the 2019 Stanley Cup, 2020 NHL, 2020 Stanley Cup, 2021 NHL, and 2021 NHL Stanley Cup were the major leagues through which bettors took home their filled purses. On Indibet, we will tell you about ice exchange betting, hockey betting odds, best hockey bets, best NHL bets and many more. Indibet is one of the best hockey betting sites available in the market.

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How to Bet on Hockey Games Online

Signing up for Indibet to start betting during the NHL season is a simple process. Just like kicking a penalty is a matter of minutes, it only takes you a few minutes to create your account. Our site is completely secure and easy to use and we cover all hockey games. You just have to fill in some details and your account will be opened. You are eligible to bet on hockey in different ways. 

  1. 3-way money line betting: 

Like any other sport, money line betting in hockey is simply choosing a winner straight up. For example, if there is a match between two teams – Team A and Team B, then all you have to do is a bet on the one team you think can win. And then if the same team wins you can earn good money. In 3 way Moneyline betting, you can also bet on a match being drawn.

  1. Betting on Totals: 

In this, You bet on the combined score. This is also known as over/under betting. All you have to do is decide whether the total number of goals scored in the game is higher or lower than the odds. For example, a match is between two teams and the odds for a game are set at 5.5. Now it doesn’t matter if anyone wins the match. If you are betting on the total score being 5 goals or less, you are betting ‘Under’. Conversely, if you assume that the combined goals scored by both teams will be 6 or more, then you bet on the ‘Over’.

  1. 3-way puck Line betting: 

Like baseball, Puck line betting also happens in hockey. It has favourites and underdogs. The underdog team gets a gain of 1.5 goals and the favourite gets a loss of 1.5 goals. This means that the Underdogs have to lose by no more than one goal and the Fav has to win by more than two goals. In 3-way puck line betting, you can bet on a draw which means the win has to be exactly by 2 goals.

  1. 60-minute line hockey bet: 

This is very similar to Moneyline betting. There is only one difference here. The team whose winning you are betting has to win the game within 60 minutes. If you are placing a 3-way 60-minute line hockey bet, you have the option of a third tie. That is, after 60 minutes, the points of both the teams are equal. Suppose two teams – Team A and Team B – are playing and you bet on Team A. If Team A wins within 60 minutes, you win the bet. And if you put money on the tie and the scores of both the teams are equal after 60 minutes then you deserve a good win.

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 Online Hockey Betting Tips

At Indibet we have tips for every sport. We come up with the odds after thorough analysis and data interpretation and also give you the best tips. Betting in hockey games and the NHL creates a lot of winning opportunities. Let us tell you some such tips, which will increase your chances of winning a lot.

  1. Following the best odds is very important for betting in hockey. You can always stay updated with the latest odds through Indibet
  2. Do a little research before you bet. Know about the past performance of the player and the team. This will surely increase your chances of winning even more.
  3. Sometimes the key players of the team get injured. This is often seen in ice hockey. Instead of blindly playing bets, you should try to know about such injuries in advance. With this, you will be able to estimate the performance of the team.
  4. Big hockey tournaments happens every year. You keep an eye on past tournaments. This way you can have a track of a team’s record and that will help you to plan your strategy.
  5. Ice exchange betting and NHL Stanley cup betting are more profitable so try to bet on those. Try and avoid chasing losses. Instead, Bet where the value is more.

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Major Hockey Events & Tournament Odds

To secure a good win, you must know how the odds work in hockey. We at Indibet compare different players in different aspects and offer great odds. If you want to know who will win and bet in big games like the 2022 NHL, 2022 Stanley cup, MVP, and Rookie of the Year then you are in the right place. But first, we tell you how to understand the odds.

NHL and Stanley Cup Betting Odds: The NHL season starts every year in October and lasts till April. Each team plays a total of 82 games in this entire tournament. The teams that qualify for the playoffs get a chance to win the Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup starts in April and runs till June. There are several ways you can bet on NHL and Stanley Cup games. We will tell you about such methods

  • Against the Spread Betting Lines – When betting against the spread, you bet on whether your bet will cover the spread. Think of it like this. Let’s say the favourite team is given a -2.5 spread line and the underdogs are given a +2.5. Now if you bet on Faves you will win when Faves wins by more than 2 goals. If you’re betting on the underdogs, you’ll win when they lose by more than 2 goals.
  • Money Line – Moneyline is the most preferred method of bettors. In this, the Favs are assigned a negative line, such as -130, and the Underdogs are assigned a positive line, such as +250. If you are betting on Favs you will need to invest $130 to win $100. However, to win a bet on Underdog, you only need to invest $100. You will then get a payout of $250.
  • Over/Under Odds: This is known as the NHL Total Market. In this betting, the total number of goals scored by combining the goals of two teams is placed. During this, a line is set which can generally be anywhere from over 4.5/less than 4.5 targets to over 8.5 targets. However, there are also cases where the line may fall outside of these parameters. If you bet on the 5.5 goal line, you must score 6 goals in total to win. If you bet on under, 5 or fewer goals in the match will win you big.

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 How to win a Hockey Bet online?

To win a hockey bet it is very important to keep a few things in mind. We tell about some similar things.

  • The site you are batting on must be completely secure. There you will find different odds and you should get all kinds of betting options. It is important that the site uses modern software and has easy deposit and withdrawal facilities. Also, the place where you are betting must be legal. Indibet meets all these parameters, so if you want your betting experience to be enjoyable, bet on Indibet only.
  • Follow all the tips we have told you above. Before betting in any match, do a little preparation and do a little research beforehand, this will increase your chances of winning a lot. It’s better to spend some time and make your winnings bigger than to bet blindly. Keep an eye on the players.
  • Bet as much as you can. The more bets you place, the more chances you have of winning. By being consistent, you can fill your purse. Try to bet on every important match. This will also give you experience and you will get better.

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Hockey Bet FAQ

How does the betting line work in hockey?

In the hockey betting line, a price is set already and you have to bet based on that line. Whichever team you bet on has to win outright. Faves are displayed with ‘-‘ and underdogs with ‘+’ sign.

How do you make money betting on hockey?

To make money betting on hockey, you have to bet on whether underdogs lose by no more than one goal or the Fav win by more than two goals.

How often do NHL favourites win?

In most sports, it is risky to bet on faves but in hockey, this risk is less. Favs win about 60% of the time in the NHL

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