Tennis Betting: A Complete Guide To Tennis Bets


Introduction about Tennis Bets

One of the most popular sports in the world featuring some of the greatest athletes known, tennis is a sport familiar to most regardless of whether one follows it closely or not. From the legendary Wimbledon to the French Open, the sport has witnessed a steady growth in popularity especially in the last two decades or so. This popularity has led to a lot of bookies offering punters the opportunity to make some money through tennis bets. Tennis odds are available for every international tennis tournament, giving you the opportunity to compete in various markets.

About Online Tennis Betting

Live tennis betting has become a common practice with tennis-loving punters. With live betting, you will be able to place your best on a tennis match as it is in progress. There are several ways to online tennis betting including betting on the moneyline, set spread, besides over/under betting.

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What are the different types of betting in tennis?

Some of the most popular types of betting in tennis include:

(i) Moneyline: With moneyline, punters bet on one particular player or doubles team to win the match. The calculations are made on basis of odds. If Player 1 carries a value of -120 against Player 2, your bet value would be INR 120 on Player 1 to win INR 100. If you’re betting +120 on Player 2 to win the match, your winnings will be INR 120 on a INR 100 bet value

(ii) Game Spread: The game or spread set helps in creating a balance when betting unlike with moneyline. The game spread bet is placed to determine which players wins more games during a tennis match

(iii) Set Spread: This form of betting is similar to a game spread except that instead of games, you are placing your bets on who wins a higher number of set

(iv) Over/Under: An over/under wage is usually placed on the basis of total games played throughout a match. If the over/under is set at 20.5 games, you place your bet on one of the two players and determine whether the match will feature at least 21 games or more, or whether it ends in 20 games or under

(v) Futures: In a futures bet, you will need to place a bet on a player to determine if he/she will make it to the quarterfinals or semifinals of a future tennis event

(vi) Live betting: Live betting is one of the most popular forms of betting in tennis. With odds changing every minute of a tennis match, punters have the choice of betting on each game or set of a match as it is in progress

(vii) Props: Certain books offer props which determine the accurate score of a match and whether or not there will be a tie-break. However, this is a high-risk form of betting that is available with certain bookies

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How to bet on Tennis games at INDIBET?

INDIBET prides itself as being the No 1 online casino in India, allowing punters to follow each live tennis tournament and match to help them decide on their wagers. Further, INDIBET makes gambling all the more fun as it offers a customer-friendly and seamless experience. If you’re looking to bet on tennis games at INDIBET, hit that ‘Sign Up’, enter all necessary details and begin your journey in the world of tennis betting. INDIBET offers its customers various odds for live tennis matches, making it simpler for you to place your bets.

How to predict tennis games?

While it may be a little easier to predict the outcome of a match in tennis, determining the winners for all games played during a tennis match can be a little tricky. Of course, it is nearly impossible to predict the result of every game. While we would not really use the term predict, it is important to follow the match very closely to decide when the next game will be won by the player you’re betting on.

Tips and strategies for Online Tennis Betting

If you are to taste success in online tennis betting, get ready to do your homework. Each player’s form changes with every season and at times, with each major tournament. Chalk out a list of players you’re betting for and against, and create an excel sheet with all important statistics such as their wins, losses, and margin results along with the names of their opponents.

There are also other major factors to take into consideration when betting such as the court surface. There are three surfaces used for all major championships including grass, hard-court and clay-court. It is important to note that each player tends to have a preferred type of surface where they can perform better in comparison to the other two types of courts.

Go through the past head-to-head results of the two players before a match. Going through the records of the two players against each other will make it easier for you to decide which player to place your bets on.

Most popular Tennis betting tournaments

There are four Grand Slam tennis events in a year including the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. As these are the biggest tennis tournaments for all tennis players, they also attract the largest viewership and on-site spectators. As a result, betting during any one of these major events will prove to be most lucrative if you play your cards right. Gathering tennis betting tips from various sites can be helpful.

There are also numerous other tennis events played throughout the tennis season including the men’s Masters series, WTA Championships, Davis Cup, Fed Cup besides Olympic tennis which is played once every four years.

Can tennis betting be profitable?

While it may be fairly new in India, tennis betting has started to pick up over the last decade or so. There are many online bookies that offer some exciting markets in tennis betting, making the experience thrilling. Before you spend any money, however, study the details of the sport and go through some online tennis betting tips and tricks to enhance your winning chances. Start small and avoid betting with large amounts during your early stages of betting.


Q. What is the best way to bet on tennis?

Ans. The most popular type of bet to place on tennis matches is the moneyline. It’s simple and gives punters a higher chance of winning.

Q. Is tennis betting profitable?

Ans. The tennis season is lucrative not just for players, but in the world of gambling as well. With thousands of fixtures each year, there are countless betting opportunities.

Q. Is it legal to bet online on tennis fixtures in India?

Ans. There are no regulations in place that restrict individuals from betting online through licensed bookmakers.