Home News Woman Allegedly Killed by Husband and In-Laws Over Dowry Demands in Greater Noida

Woman Allegedly Killed by Husband and In-Laws Over Dowry Demands in Greater Noida

Woman Allegedly Killed by Husband and In-Laws Over Dowry Demands in Greater Noida

According to the police, a woman was allegedly beaten to death in a troubling event in Greater Noida by her husband and his family for not paying their dowry demands, which included a Toyota Fortuner and ₹21 lakh in cash.

Karishma, who lived in Kheda Chauganpur village of Ecotech-3 in Greater Noida with Vikas and his family after they were married in December 2022, was the victim of this terrible incident. In a complaint, her brother Deepak said that Karishma had contacted her family on Friday to tell them of the physical violence she had received from her husband Vikas as well as from his parents and siblings. Her family found her deceased body shockingly when they hurried to help her.

According to Deepak, Vikas’s family had already received an SUV and gold valued at ₹11 lakh from Karishma’s family during her wedding. Karishma endured physical and psychological suffering over the years, nevertheless, as a result of Vikas’s family’s persistent demands for additional money.

After Karishma gave birth to a girl, things got worse. The abuse persisted without stopping in spite of multiple village gatherings that attempted to bring people together. Deepak stated that the abuse persisted even after his family gave Vikas’s family an extra ₹10 lakh.

There have been reports that Vikas’s family has increased their demands recently, putting more pressure on Karishma and her family by demanding a Toyota Fortuner and an extra ₹21 lakh.

A case of murder for dowry has been filed against Vikas, his mother Rakesh, father Sompal Bhati, sister Rinki, and brothers Sunil and Anil, in response to this unfortunate occurrence.

This upsetting occurrence highlights the ongoing problem of violence against women in Indian society that is tied to dowries. Cases like this highlight the critical need for stricter enforcement of the law and increased public awareness to stop such crimes, especially in the face of legal restrictions and societal efforts to end this practice.

Karishma’s violent murder serves as a stark reminder of the terrible effects of dowry-related conflicts and the pressing need for social change. It highlights how critical it is to uplift women, educate others about their rights, and hold violent offenders responsible.

This incident also emphasises how important it is for law enforcement to act quickly on dowry harassment charges in order to protect the victims’ rights and provide justice. It is essential that law enforcement take preventative action in order to stop these horrible crimes and help people who are in danger.

As the case progresses, society must consider the underlying problems that lead to violence against women in the dowry industry and seek to create a more just and equitable environment for them. We can only expect to eradicate this evil from our society and guarantee the safety and dignity of every individual by means of coordinated actions at the individual, communal, and institutional levels.

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