Home News Terrified Woman Records 3 Men Tailing Her Car In Bengaluru, Cops Respond with Swift Action

Terrified Woman Records 3 Men Tailing Her Car In Bengaluru, Cops Respond with Swift Action

Terrified Woman Records 3 Men Tailing Her Car In Bengaluru, Cops Respond with Swift Action

In a disturbing event that happened on the streets of Bengaluru, Priyam Singh, a woman, caught three males on a scooter following her car till she was in a terrifying scenario. In the terrifying video, the woman called a government helpline in a frantic attempt to get assistance, while the males were shown smashing on the car’s windows and trying to pry open its doors. After the video of the incident became viral on social media and the Bengaluru police acted quickly, it happened close to St. John’s Hospital, Gate No. 5.

In the heartbreaking video, the terrified woman can be heard recounting the terrifying experience as the men on the scooter chase after her car, yelling at it and trying to stop it. The pursuit continues despite her desperate calls for help, which makes the car’s occupants feel even more terrified and anxious.

Important information about the incident was included in the post that accompanied the video. It detailed the chase path from the Hosur Road – Koramangala right turn intersection to the Nagarjuna Restaurant in the KHB colony’s Fifth Block in Koramangala. It demonstrated the attackers’ arrogance as they openly harassed the car’s occupants, endangering their safety and wellbeing.

Nonetheless, after the video was shared on social media, the Bengaluru police moved quickly to intervene, which was encouraging. DCP CK Baba of South East Police reassured the public about the department’s dedication to traffic safety and handling road rage situations. He verified that a fast-moving police report (FIR) had been filed, which resulted in the three accused persons engaged in the threatening chase being apprehended.

In order to guarantee the safety and security of all road users, DCP Baba’s assurance highlights the seriousness with which law enforcement agencies handle instances of this kind. It also highlights the significance of citizen reporting and timely involvement. He also asked people to follow traffic laws and be alert in order to reduce the likelihood of these kinds of encounters.

This worrying event serves as a sobering reminder of the ubiquitous threat that road rage poses and the vital significance of fostering a culture of respect and accountability on the roadways. While investigators work to determine the circumstances behind this occurrence, the public has a responsibility to stay alert, report any suspicious activity as soon as possible, and actively support the development of safer public roads. We can only hope to live in a community where traffic safety is our top priority and tragedies like these are a thing of the past by working together.

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