Home News Two of Reliance Power’s subsidiaries pay off a Rs. 1,023 crore debt.

Two of Reliance Power’s subsidiaries pay off a Rs. 1,023 crore debt.

Two of Reliance Power’s subsidiaries pay off a Rs. 1,023 crore debt.

Reliance Power has recently made significant strides in its efforts to alleviate debt burdens, marking a crucial turning point in its financial trajectory. Two of its subsidiaries, Kalai Power Pvt Ltd and Reliance Cleangen Ltd, in collaboration with Reliance Commercial Finance, a subsidiary of Authum Investment, successfully extinguished a substantial debt load amounting to Rs. 1,023 crore. This milestone, disclosed through a regulatory filing, underscores the efficacy of coordinated efforts between the involved entities in addressing financial challenges head-on.

The culmination of this debt settlement followed closely on the heels of Reliance Power’s strategic decision to divest its 45 MW wind power plant in Maharashtra to JSW Renewable Energy, fetching a commendable sum of Rs. 132 crore. This asset divestiture played a pivotal role in facilitating the debt settlement process, providing the necessary liquidity to tackle outstanding financial obligations. Additionally, Kalai Power Pvt Ltd bolstered these efforts by entering into a lucrative deal, selling the development rights of its 1,200-megawatt hydroelectric project in Arunachal Pradesh to THDC India Ltd for Rs. 128 crore in December 2023. The infusion of funds from these asset disposals served as a linchpin in the debt reduction strategy, effectively paving the way for a more sustainable financial future.

It is pertinent to note that Reliance Capital Ltd. had previously initiated a strategic restructuring move by divesting Reliance Commercial Finance and Reliance Home Finance to Authum Investment in 2022, as part of a resolution process overseen by banking institutions. This strategic realignment not only streamlined operations but also set the stage for subsequent debt alleviation initiatives spearheaded by Reliance Power.

In recent months, Reliance Power has been actively engaging in constructive dialogues with various banking entities, including DBS Bank, ICICI Bank, and Axis Bank, to explore viable debt settlement avenues. These collaborative endeavors underscore the company’s unwavering commitment to fiscal prudence and strategic financial management.

Looking ahead, Reliance Power has set an ambitious target to attain debt-free status by March 31, 2024, signaling a watershed moment in its corporate journey. As of the conclusion of the 2023 fiscal year, the company grappled with outstanding debt obligations nearing Rs. 700 crore. However, buoyed by the successful execution of debt reduction strategies and astute asset monetization endeavors, Reliance Power is steadily inching closer to realizing its debt-free aspirations.

In summary, Reliance Power’s recent triumphs in debt reduction exemplify its proactive approach toward fortifying its financial resilience and optimizing operational efficiencies. Through prudent asset management practices and concerted efforts to address financial liabilities, the company is poised to emerge as a robust player in the dynamic energy sector landscape, well-equipped to capitalize on emerging opportunities and weather economic uncertainties with resilience and agility.