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Shivam Dube’s transformation is partially due to MS Dhoni.

Shivam Dube’s transformation is partially due to MS Dhoni.

Ruturaj Gaikwad, captain of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), acknowledged Shivam Dube for his improved handling of short balls and credited him to Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s one-on-one coaching.

Gaikwad praised Dube’s important role in CSK’s Tuesday IPL after victory over Gujarat Titans, which was won by a margin of 63 runs. Dube, who had previously had trouble with short deliveries, showed off an incredible turnaround with his aggressive batting, hitting five sixes in a rapid 51 off just 23 balls.

“Just confidence. He had been directly worked with by Mahi bhai and the management when he first came here. He is aware of his role and which bowler to replace. A big plus for us,” Gaikwad extolled his powerful game-changer.

Dube also spoke about the autonomy that the CSK leadership had given him, emphasizing his commitment to being prepared for brief deliveries—particularly with the addition of a few bouncers per over.

“This franchise (CSK) is something different from all others. They are giving me the freedom. They want me to do better and I also want to win some matches,” Dube said after winning the ‘Player of the Match’ award.

Though the results have been uneven, Dube has not only focused on surviving short balls in these two games but has also adopted an aggressive strategy against them.

“That is how I have worked. It is beneficial to me. I am prepared for the fact that they will probably bowl me some short balls.”

Additionally, he stressed that the team management has always recommended him to take the same approach in every game, which is to take on the bowlers head-on.

“They want me to carry out my actions from today. They want me to strike out more often, so that’s what I’m doing.

His skipper claimed that his team’s win on Tuesday came from an almost perfect effort.

“Today’s game was a near-perfect game, in the sense of batting-bowling-fielding, in all three departments. Against a team like Gujarat, we had to produce this kind of performance, ” Gaikwad said.

Shivam Dube discloses his own initiative

Ruturaj Gaikwad gives the CSK management credit, but Shivam Dube has a slightly different take on the matter. While appreciating the team’s assistance, he highlights his own individual efforts:

Shivam Dube emphasizes how the CSK management has given him the flexibility to concentrate on overcoming the short ball obstacle, particularly since the new rule allows for two bouncers each over.

Shared Credit for Success

It may be disputed about the extent MS Dhoni’s coaching and Dube’s own effort contributed to Dube’s transformation, but one thing is certain: both have been crucial. Shivam Dube has been energized as a result of this combo, and he is already showing his value to the Chennai Super Kings.