Home News Left Sweeps JNU Students’ Union Polls, Secures All 4 Posts

Left Sweeps JNU Students’ Union Polls, Secures All 4 Posts

Left Sweeps JNU Students’ Union Polls, Secures All 4 Posts

After a four-year break, the Left-backed organisations won the most recent Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union (JNUSU) elections, bringing about a dramatic paradigm shift. A turning point in JNU politics has been reached with the United Left panel’s resounding victory in winning all four central panel seats, which represents a return to progressive principles and student unity.

Amidst fervent shouts of “Lal Salaam” and “Jai Bhim,” Dhananjay—who represents the All India Students’ Association (AISA)—appears as the incoming president, garnering notice as the first Left-leaning Dalit president in almost thirty years. His overwhelming win over the ABVP candidate by a significant margin of 2,598 votes highlights his unwavering dedication to inclusive representation and his strong rejection of polarising politics.

This election victory is significant, evoking memories of Batti Lal Bairwa 1996–1997 presidency. Dhananjay’s commitment to giving top priority to urgent problems including funding cuts, women’s safety, and infrastructure difficulties is a strong fit with the goals of the student body and demonstrates a resolute commitment to protecting students’ rights and welfare.


Beyond winning the presidency, the United Left panel also triumphed comprehensively in other elections, with Left-backed candidates Avijit Ghosh winning vice president and Priyanshi Arya winning general secretary. Their accomplishments highlight the widespread acceptance of progressive ideas and the opposition to regressive forces.

Though the ABVP presented early obstacles, the Left prevailed in a hotly contested election battleground. The election of Muhammad Sajid as joint secretary confirms the Left’s hegemony within JNU’s political spectrum and its dedication to advancing the needs of the student body.

The astounding 73% voter turnout indicates a revived interest in democratic processes and demonstrates the passionate engagement and active participation of JNU’s student body. The Left’s resounding backing not only confirms JNU’s standing as a stronghold of progressive activism and thought, but it also highlights the democratic ethos’ ongoing significance.

The Left’s overwhelming win in the JNUSU elections represents a win for inclusive politics and a victory of student unity. Together with the goals and dreams of a vibrant and diverse student body dedicated to promoting a campus climate marked by social justice, academic freedom, and progressive change, the newly elected representatives are getting ready to take office.

The election results highlight the persistent principles of social justice, democracy, and pluralism that form the foundation of JNU’s identity and confirm the university’s standing as a leader in progressive activity and dissent in Indian higher education. Now that they have been elected to lead the charge for change, the elected officials need to keep their word and work hard to navigate the intricate world of student politics.

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