Home Political Karnataka Government Bans Harmful Food Color in Gobi Manchurian

Karnataka Government Bans Harmful Food Color in Gobi Manchurian

Karnataka Government Bans Harmful Food Color in Gobi Manchurian

The Karnataka government has taken a big step to protect people’s health by banning a harmful food color called Rhodamine-B. This food color is often used in dishes like gobi manchurian and cotton candy, making them look more attractive. However, using Rhodamine-B can be dangerous to health.

Dinesh Gundu Rao, the health minister of Karnataka, explained

that Rhodamine-B is harmful and can cause health problems if people eat it. The

government has found that many restaurants use this harmful food color in gobi

manchurian, which is a popular dish. To stop this, the government has banned the use of Rhodamine-B in food.

The government is serious about enforcing this ban. If any

restaurant is found using Rhodamine-B, they will face strict action. This

action could include imprisonment for up to seven years, a hefty fine of up to

₹10 lakh, or both. The government wants to make sure that people are safe when they eat food outside.

Dinesh Gundu Rao also mentioned that the government will check

other foods to see if harmful colors are being used in them too. The safety of

food in Karnataka is very important to the government. They want people to know

what they are eating and to be sure that it is safe. Restaurant owners also

have a responsibility to keep their places clean and safe for customers. If they don’t follow the rules, they will face consequences.

This move by the Karnataka government follows a similar decision

made by the Tamil Nadu government in February. They also banned the sale and

consumption of cotton candy because it contained harmful Rhodamine-B and textile dye.

But what exactly is Rhodamine-B? It’s a chemical that is used to

color things like fabric and paper. When added to liquid, it turns light red or

pink, making it attractive for use in food. However, Rhodamine-B is not safe

for consumption. It has been found to be a carcinogenic agent, which means it can potentially cause cancer in people who eat it regularly.

The government’s decision to ban Rhodamine-B is a step towards ensuring the safety of food in Karnataka. By taking this action, they are protecting people from harmful substances that could harm their health in the long run. It’s important for everyone to be aware of what goes into the food they eat, and to make sure that it is safe and healthy.

In conclusion, the ban on Rhodamine-B by the Karnataka

government is a positive move towards ensuring food safety in the state. By

eliminating harmful food colors like Rhodamine-B, the government is taking a

proactive step to protect people’s health and well-being. It sends a clear

message that the government is committed to ensuring that people can enjoy their food without worrying about harmful chemicals.