Home Entertainment Check out the sneak peek for Suriya’s upcoming movie “Kanguva”! It’s packed with lots of action and drama. Don’t miss it!

Check out the sneak peek for Suriya’s upcoming movie “Kanguva”! It’s packed with lots of action and drama. Don’t miss it!

Check out the sneak peek for Suriya’s upcoming movie “Kanguva”! It’s packed with lots of action and drama. Don’t miss it!

Check out the thrilling teaser for “Kanguva,” directed by Siva! Starring Disha Patani and Bobby Deol, this action-packed thriller is not to be missed!

The long-awaited teaser for “Kanguva” has arrived! Suriya shared the one-minute sizzle teaser on his social media, stirring up excitement among fans. Directed by Siva, the teaser offers a thrilling glimpse into the action-packed and intense world of the film, receiving an enthusiastic response from viewers.

About Kanguva teaser:

The teaser for the period action drama “Kanguva” started with the caption, “Get ready for the Kanguva World,” offering a glimpse into a realm filled with violence and conflict. Suriya appears intense, portraying a fierce and determined warrior leading his army into battle. With his long hair and rugged appearance, he embodies the essence of his character. The teaser also introduces Bobby Deol’s character as the menacing antagonist. Suriya shared the teaser, expressing excitement with the caption, “A sneak peek of #Kanguva, everyone…!”


Fans were thrilled by the teaser’s impact. One fan exclaimed, “Goosebumps galore!” Another praised Surya’s impeccable story choices and acting prowess, hailing him as one of India’s top actors. The anticipation was palpable, with a comment declaring “Kanguva” as the most awaited movie of 2024. Although the release date remains unannounced, excitement for the film continues to grow.

More details:
Last year, on his 48th birthday, fans were treated to the initial look of actor Suriya in “Kanguva,” showcasing a powerful scene where his character dispatches an adversary with a flaming arrow. Similarly, the team revealed the first glimpse of actor Bobby Deol on his birthday in January this year. His portrayal featured distinctive eye colors and a striking ribcage motif over his attire.

Described as a “mighty valiant saga,” “Kanguva” is supported by UV Creations and Studio Green. The film boasts music by Devi Sri Prasad and cinematography by Vetri Palanisany. Promising a raw and rustic appeal, the makers pledge to deliver a fresh visual journey for viewers. Emphasizing human emotions, compelling performances, and unprecedented action sequences on a grand scale, “Kanguva” aims to captivate audiences. Scheduled for release in 3D across 10 languages, it aspires to offer a unique cinematic experience.

Suriya penned a note on Kanguva:

Suriya concluded filming for “Kanguva” and commemorated the moment on Instagram. Sharing a still from the movie, he expressed gratitude for the positive atmosphere on set. Reflecting on the completion of one journey and the start of new ones, he thanked director Siva and the entire team for the memorable experience. Suriya hinted at the film’s significance, describing it as “huge and special,” eagerly anticipating its unveiling on screen. His post exuded a sense of camaraderie and longing for the moments shared during production.


About Kanguva:
Last year, the film’s title was unveiled through a captivating video. Set against the backdrop of a dark night, the title teaser showcased an eagle, a dog, and a masked warrior on horseback, accompanied by a formidable army. Scheduled for release in 10 languages, “Kanguva” promises a diverse cinematic experience.

During the filming of a fight sequence for “Kanguva,” an unexpected mishap occurred when a rope camera lost control and fell on Suriya. Despite sustaining minor injuries, the actor, fortunately, remained safe. The incident, which took place at EVP Film City around midnight, led to the temporary halt of filming, as reported by news agency ANI sources.