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Top Canadian Betting Sites

Top Canadian Betting Sites

Best Canadian sports betting sites

Canada has a reputation as the nation with the best manners in the Internet Age, but this beautiful country is known for many other things as well. Their national hockey team is just outstanding, having won numerous World Championships, and the Toronto Raptors recently made history by becoming the first Canadian club to win an NBA championship. However, we’re trying our best to concentrate on the sports betting sites Canada has to offer. Of course, when talking about Canada, you can’t leave the country’s breathtaking landscapes out of the conversation. Canada is a prosperous country in every way, and their love of sports and their capacity to make money at it go hand in hand. An estimated 20% of Canadian individuals use online betting sites at least once every week, which contributes to a CA$20 billion global gaming market. As a result, Canada is among the greatest countries to search for top betting sites. We are geographically superior to the US, but we are also superior in terms of the variety of online betting alternatives. We have a ton of options to wager on regional sports, worldwide sports, and pretty much everything else we could possibly want action on thanks to the greatest Canadian betting sites!

Best Sportsbooks Online for Canadian Speculators

  • Bodog was unanimously chosen as the top betting site for Canada in 2022.
  • Betway has more experience working with Canadian punters than any other online sportsbook.
  • 10bet offers exclusive promotions for both soccer and horse racing wagering.
  • Spin Sports – Modern, the slick website for placing bets
  • Sports Interaction is a fantastic live betting option in Canada.

Before being added to our list of suggested sportsbooks, our experts have tested these online betting services, which are authorized and governed in Canada.

Reviews of Canadian online betting sites

The rest of this page will focus on the general characteristics you should look for in a Canadian sports betting site and the Canadian online gambling market. We won’t, however, linger too long on the specifics of what these Canadian online sportsbooks provide their customers.

If any of them have caught your attention, click on the links in the table below to read evaluations of Canadian betting sites:


  • 100 percent up to $1,000 at Betway, 2006 9.7/10
  • Bodog 200% up to $200 in 1994 9.3/10
  • 100% bonus up to £50 at 10bet in 2003 8.2/10
  • Spin Sports 100% up to $200 in 2001 8.7
  • Sports Interaction, up to and including $125, 1997, 8.5/10

Why Place Online Sports Bets in Canada?

There are now just 16 bookies operating in Canada. And with 3.855 million square miles of land, there aren’t many sports betting possibilities. It’s excellent if you’re fortunate enough to live close to a physical betting shop. However, if you’re like the majority of us, placing your real money bets can be difficult logistically.

Additionally, there are restrictions on what you can bet at many physical sportsbooks in Canada. Some sportsbooks only allow wagers on parlays, not on individual games. If having a hot tip on a single game makes you annoyed, we don’t know what does.

Why then are the greatest betting sites in Canada the ideal solution for your real money wagers?


  • Bonuses in the millions merely by signing up and placing a wager
  • the capability of placing single-game wagers
  • No need to leave your home to place a wager, which is convenient when the outside temperature is -20 °C.
  • options to make shopping lines much simpler
Why are they the best betting sites in Canada?

Versatile throughout All Provinces

We believe it is the responsibility of a top Canadian betting site to provide you with service, regardless of where you reside—in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, the Yukon, or any other Canadian province. In other cases, an online betting application will exclusively serve a specific province (s). However, you won’t typically find any of our recommendations for sites that let you place real money sports bets online from anyplace in Canada.

Sports with the Most Action

Nobody wants to sign up for a Canadian betting app that doesn’t provide lots of action across all of their preferred sports. And the same is true whether the sport is played in the United States, Europe, or anywhere else in the world! All of the top Canadian betting sites listed here provide significant action on the largest and most competitive international sports.

However, our staff focuses particularly on the sports that are most popular in Canada. What sports are those? glad you inquired! Here are the findings (as of 2019) from a data analysis and survey carried out by Vividata. When asked which sports they liked, respondents could select as many as they wished in their yes responses.

RankSports League% Who are Fans
2Winter Olympics79%
5Tennis Grand Slam Tours23%

Accessibility on Mobile

When it comes to placing real money sports bets online in Canada, ease has already received a lot of attention. For this reason, when it comes to racking and stacking choices, we place mobile compatibility at the top. It’s fantastic to be able to place bets on your desktop computer while at home. But unless you can place real money bets in Canada from a pub, your office, the road, the game, or wherever you are, it’s not really the experience you deserve.

Bonuses for Canadian online gamblers

Who doesn’t enjoy getting free money? If you don’t, feel free to skip this part. You ought to get compensated for your business if you wager on sports in Canada. The best sportsbooks in Canada provide amazing benefits to attract and keep customers. Here are some of our favorites that you may use right away!

The Best Places to Bet on Canada’s Favorite Sports

The majority of Canadian internet bookmakers make an effort to provide odds for as many different sports and events as they can. Having said that, some websites stand out more than others for particular sports.

Links to guidelines for some of Canada’s most popular sports are provided below. Each will provide further information on how to wager on that particular sport and what elements should be taken into account when choosing an online sportsbook to begin placing real money wagers:

  • NHL
  • NFL Football
  • MLB Baseball
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • NBA Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Formula 1
  • UFC
  • Boxing
  • Horse Racing

What Canadian Speculators Should Know

  • Despite being sometimes referred to as a “legal grey area,” Canadians have access to a very different online betting environment than US citizens. Canadians are exempt from the harsh UIGEA, which forbids operators from accepting bets from US citizens.
  • Provincial governments are responsible for enacting gaming laws in Canada. In an effort to recoup some of the hundreds of millions of cash that move offshore each year, some regions have responded by launching their own online gaming platforms.
  • In actuality, Canada has contributed significantly to the growth of internet gambling. Canada is where pioneering companies like Cryptologic got their start. PokerStars’ founder, Isai Scheinberg, is also a citizen of Canada.
  • With the authority to provide licenses and host online gambling sites on its servers, the Kahnawake First Nation is in charge of the gambling commission. They have been working in the field since 1996.
  • Canadians are able to partake in pretty much any type of online betting or gambling they like, including sports betting, poker, casino games, and casino games.

In 2022, the Canadian gambling market

While showcasing the top real money betting sites in Canada is the main objective of this page, we also aim to offer some fascinating information about the country’s overall gambling sector.

Canadians bet $14 billion on sportsbooks online each year (Source: Canada Gaming Association). In terms of nations with the highest gambling losses per adult in 2017, Canada came in at number 10. Yes, it is far preferable not to be at the top of this list. Here are the top nations on that list according to the average adult loss: 

Hong Kong$768
New Zealand$454

By a wide margin, Ontario sold the most lottery tickets in 2020. The distribution of the various provinces is shown below: 

Ontario$4.1 billion
Quebec$1.7 billion
British Columbia$1.2 billion
Alberta$917 million
Newfoundland and Labrador$387 million


Various forms of online gambling in Canada

When it comes to placing bets online in Canada, sports betting isn’t your only choice. Here is a quick overview of your options: 

Canadian casino websites online

Canadians enjoy playing the odds. You could have few options for in-person gambling given that there are fewer than 100 casinos in the entire nation. Thank goodness you have the support of Canadian online gaming companies. The best online Canadian casinos provide a variety of thrilling real money gambling games, including slots, table games, video poker, bingo, keno, and many others.

Canada’s online poker scene

Jonathan Duhamel…Daniel Negreanu…

Shawn Buchanan…Mike Leah

There are a lot of poker grinders from Canada on the list. Will you be the following person to establish yourself in the felt? The top Canadian online poker rooms are the ideal starting point if you want to give it a try. Online poker rooms in Canada are the best for players of all skill levels to hone their skills and develop a bankroll because they don’t need players to perform in front of others and have lower starting bets.

Canadian gambling sites all-in-one

What happens if you wish to have access to multiple real money betting options? Do you always have to register with several Canadian sports betting sites? Nope! You may occasionally come across all-in-one betting sites that combine two, three, or even all of these options.

Top Canadian Betting Sites FAQs

  1. Is it acceptable to bet on sports online in Canada?

Yes, it is acceptable to wager on sports in Canada. The main problem is that many locations won’t let you wager on individual games. In Canada, you are compelled to place parlay bets over numerous games at brick-and-mortar bookmakers. Two bills that aim to amend this are now being heard in committee. However, many of the top Canadian sportsbooks online will allow you to wager on individual games.

  1. In my province or territory, can I place online sports wagers?

Yes! All ten of Canada’s provinces and three of its territories are serviced by the majority of the top real money sportsbooks that we have suggested.

  1. Which Canadian betting app is the best?

The Betway app is currently the best for mobile sports betting in Canada. However, a few other companies are right behind them. The entire online gaming sector is making significant progress toward providing user-friendly betting apps.