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It’s possible that when you think about Germany, the first things that come to mind are excellent cars, rivers of beer, and the Bundesliga. Even while all of these things are true, this proud nation of just about 83 million people has accomplished a great deal more. Germany is third in Europe in terms of gaming revenue and has the best trade deficit in the continent. Germans can be proud of Baden-Baden, one of the top 10 casinos in the world and the country’s first legal gambling establishment since 1765.

With such a high level of interest in gambling and the strongest economy in Europe, it makes sense that football betting has become a common daily activity for many players in Germany. Sports betting is done by more than 60% of people at least once a week. Furthermore, we’re leveraging our industry specialists to give you the top betting sites because there are many of them that target the German market.

It can be difficult to find the ideal gaming site for German gamblers. There are numerous online bookies who provide betting services to German nationals, from Paddy Power to Betway to Interwetten to Unibet, making it difficult to choose the one you like most.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you sort things out and start placing bets online at the best location for you. The types of games and sports that can be bet on, as well as the legal environment around sports betting in Germany, are all described on this page. Additionally, we’ll walk you through the process of opening an account with an online sportsbook and assist you in utilizing promotions like deposit bonuses.

Is it legal to bet on sports in Germany?

One of the nations with the total legalization of online sports betting is Germany. But it wasn’t always like that.

The Interstate Treaty on Gambling was approved in October 2011. Twenty sportsbooks were able to apply for internet betting licenses under the law. Unfortunately, a number of significant providers were turned down for permits due to the restriction on licensing and the cap of 20 licenses.

The law was contested by a number of sportsbooks, and in 2016, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that the German government could neither punish or forbid foreign sports betting companies from providing services to German citizens even if they had a license.

German Online Betting Environment

One of the select few nations where sports wagering is acceptable in both live and online casinos is Germany. Germany’s most popular sport to wager on is unquestionably football. You can always find odds and lines to bet on, whether people are betting on the German national team, their favorite teams in the Bundesliga, or the English Premier League.

It should come as no surprise that Germans gamble primarily on football. Not to mention, the German national team has won the FIFA World Cup and Confederations Cup. However, German bettors have access to a variety of sports in addition to football. You can bet on a range of foreign sports, including cricket, basketball, Aussie rules football, hockey, and others.

Spread Wager

With a spread bet, you may predict by how much a team will win or lose. Say Wolfsburg and Real Madrid are playing; the spread might be +2.5 for Wolfsburg and -2.5 for Madrid. If you were to wager on Madrid, they would have to win by three goals or more in order to cover the spread. A wager on Wolfsburg would require the side to either win by more than two goals or not lose by more than one.


When you wager on the moneyline, you may predict the outcome in advance. To place a moneyline wager on Borussia Dortmund vs. FC Schalke, you would have to decide who will win the game. If you pick Borussia, they would have to triumph in the match. If you pick Schalke, your wager wouldn’t win unless they won. You can also wager on whether the match will result in a tie. If the game ends in a tie, some sportsbooks will refund your bet and do not give odds for a draw.


These bets, also referred to as OVER/UNDER bets, ask you to forecast whether the total goals in a game will be OVER or UNDER the oddsmaker’s predetermined figure. The total, for instance, can be set at 2.5 for a Champions League match between Hoffenheim and Man City. You would need to wager on whether there will be more goals than 2.5 (three or more) or fewer goals than 2.5. (two or less).


Prop bets contain predictions about specific players and teams, such as who will win the PFA Players’ Player of the Year award or which teams will advance to the upcoming World Cup. The outcome of a particular game isn’t always affected by props because there are so many different kinds.


With parlays, you can aggregate two or more bets onto a single ticket. For instance, you can wager on both the moneyline and the spread for a game between Bayern Munich and Eintracht Frankfurt.

To make live bets and futures on things like how many victories Germany will have in round-robin play in the following FIFA World Cup or which NFL club will win the Super Bowl, check for live streaming odds.

Speaking of odds, you can choose between decimal, fractional, or American odds at the sportsbooks we suggest.

How to Register at an Online Sports Book

The websites on the above list have earned a great reputation and are trustworthy, so we highly suggest them. Additionally, many online bookmakers make it simple to register and set up your betting profile. Your name, email address, and deposit option are all that are required.

In terms of funding your account, you have alternatives at your disposal. German bettors frequently use credit cards or PayPal, and many sportsbooks allow MasterCard, Visa, and e-wallets. Additionally generally accessible are Skrill and Neteller. Further, eKonto, Sofort, ClickandBuy, Visa Electron, Maestro/Girocard, and Click2Pay will be supported by German-facing betting websites.

Many sportsbooks, especially those with UK Gambling Commission licenses, demand that you deposit money and withdraw it using the same account.

Specifications and Benefits

The online bookmakers we suggest offer incentives to retain their patrons. After a PUSH, some bookmakers will return your stake and the full wager, while other books will hold your stake but return the remainder of the wager. A deposit bonus is another distinctive aspect to keep an eye out for. Your initial investment will be matched up to a specified amount as a welcome bonus. Some online bookmakers will ensure you get a free wager rather than a bonus; either way, you’re getting an amazing deal.

Take advantage of your free bet or bonus offer as soon as you build your sports betting profile after signing up at the sportsbook.

Betting options on mobile

Since we essentially live on our phones, all forms of gambling websites are compelled to provide mobile betting choices. The top betting websites are those with responsive websites. These are websites that you may access on your phone using the web browser.

Mobile-friendly websites function largely the same for users of Android and iPhone devices. You will be able to do everything you would normally do on your laptop or desktop, including funding your account, applying for a free bet or bonus offer, placing bets, looking up the odds for your favorite sports, and more. Some sportsbooks even offer a mobile app that you may utilize.

Casino games online

A casino games option is available on some betting sites that accept German customers. Choose from a choice of casino games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and slot machines. Poker players that play online have access to poker rooms and video poker in addition to slots and table games. We, therefore, suggest visiting sites with their own casino if you ever need a break from betting on football, tennis, basketball, and horse racing.

Are German bettors’ winnings subject to taxation?

German sports gamblers have been charged a 5% tax on all wagers since 2012. In other words, a tax deduction of €5 will be made for every €100 wagered. This can pile up quickly on top of the vig, which is the sportsbook’s percentage of every wager. However, a few sportsbooks that accept German customers will pay the tax on any unsuccessful wagers. Some people will take 5% off of all winning wagers. Others will pay the entire tax or at least a portion of it, saving you from having to pay the full 5%.

Although every sportsbook is unique, the majority of respected operators do not charge the fee so that German bettors can wager without being concerned about bankroll reductions.

Even if our parents would want it, we are not accountants. For more details on the tax laws governing online sports betting, please consult your tax advisor.

Locating Your Ideal Sports Betting Site

We at Odds Shark don’t mandate that you only place bets with the bookmakers we recommend for German-speaking customers, but we do so for a good reason: their reputation. If you use a betting site that we do not suggest, you risk losing more than just your bets—you risk losing all of your money. You’re in excellent hands if you stick with sportsbooks like the ones on our list.

German Betting Companies FAQs
  1. Is there gambling in Germany?

In Germany, betting shops are often run by smaller enterprises that purchase a franchise license from larger organizations, in contrast to Britain, where the majority of high-street betting venues are run by large gambling companies like William Hill or Ladbrokes.

  1. Is Betfair available in Germany? 

Unfortunately, starting on June 30, 2021, Betfair Germany will be shut down. Although the announcement comes shortly before the new licensing application procedures for online gambling are scheduled to commence on July 1st, no explanation has been provided for the decision to prohibit registrations from Germany.

  1. Is gambling accepted in Germany?

As of right present, only the roughly twenty operators having licenses to operate in Schleswig-Holstein can legally offer online gambling services throughout Germany. In Germany, there are no other legitimate gaming websites, and there is no way to get a license to sell games.