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Finland Betting Sites

Best online bookmakers in Finland

From a sporting perspective, Finland distinguishes itself from the competition without a doubt. While tennis and football have the attention of the rest of Europe, the so-called “king of sports” has little appeal to Finns. They concentrate on pesapallo and ice hockey, which are actually Finland’s national sports. Finland has really won every Pesapallo World Cup since the competition’s inception in 1992. For many Finns, participating in sports is a way of life, therefore any activity involving sports, including sports betting, is unavoidably popular. That is why Finland is the ideal location if you enjoy using betting websites. Over 30% of all Finnish adults wager on sports on a weekly basis, which is not surprising given the country’s robust economy and permissive attitude toward gambling in general. Additionally, a sizable portion of the profits made by the state-owned betting enterprises is donated to charity and social welfare organizations. Betting at the top betting sites Finland has to offer is, therefore, more than just a hobby; it also serves some sort of civic purpose.

Pinnacle’s ranking of the top 8 Finland betting sites: 

  • NetBet
  • LeoVegas
  • Betfair 
  • Unibet
  • BoyleSports 
  • Marathonbet 
  • Paddy Power

Is gambling permitted in Finland?

Indeed, gambling is entirely legal in Finland. Since the end of World War II, the gambling business has been strictly regulated, and Veikkaus, a government-controlled betting agency, currently enjoys a monopoly over all types of gambling, including online gambling, within its boundaries.

In 2017, Veikkaus, Fintoto, and RAY (Finland’s Slot Machine Association), three previously existing betting agencies in Finland, merged to form this organization. Each year, it brings in more than a billion euros, and the money is utilized to assist the Finnish people by funding initiatives in the sectors of science, youth work, social welfare, health, sports, and culture.

The EU has frequently pressed Finland to end this monopoly because it is too onerous for international online bookies, but to date, it has been ineffective. Authorities in Finland contend that removing the monopoly will harm a number of organizations that depend on the funding they receive from Veikkaus.

The good news is that gamers can sign up with and use offshore bookies without restriction. Finland does not grant licenses to private operators because it has not implemented a gambling license system. As a result, numerous offshore sportsbooks, including bet365, Betfair, and LeoVegas, are free to accept Finnish players and cannot be restricted by the Finnish government. They cannot, however, be advertised within the nation.

Finnish gambling: What You Should Know

  • In Finland, you must be at least 18 years old to place a wager.
  • It is not forbidden for players to use offshore bookmakers.
  • There are no taxes owed by gamblers on their gains.
  • Finland’s official currency is the Euro (€).
  • Decimal odds are the most used format in Finland.

Selecting a Reputable Finnish Betting Site


Players shouldn’t ever question the integrity of the bookmaker they’re placing their bets with, but sadly, there have been numerous instances where they have been forced to. Even while the world of online gambling is continually improving, you should always exercise caution. Since the Finnish government does not grant gambling licenses and as a result has no oversight over bookies, this is even more true with offshore betting sites. Players won’t receive the same level of protection in the event of a disagreement as they would from, say, the UKGC in the United Kingdom.

Greeting Bonus

The practice of offering new clients a sizable welcome bonus when they join up has become standard among bookmakers. These should be a major factor in your decision to open an account with a bookmaker because they are a fantastic way to increase your bankroll (see matched betting). Never forget that you don’t have to register with just one bookmaker. You will be able to redeem more offers with the more registrations you make.


The welcome bonus shouldn’t be the end of the offers. Players can benefit from ongoing incentives from several bookmakers, including bet increases, weekly cash-backs, and free bets on particular sporting events. It should go without saying that these sites provide players additional value and can significantly improve your gambling experience.


Without competitive odds, a betting site is obviously useless. Don’t let flashy welcome incentives and promotions deter you from evaluating how favorable the odds are, as great as they may be. Over time, the difference between a site with good odds and one with bad odds will have a big impact on your financial situation.

Finest Payment Options for Finnish Players

Every nation has a preferred selection of payment alternatives, and in Finland, these possibilities include several global companies. Two of the most widely used online payment options are Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards, which give consumers a quick and easy way to add money to and withdraw money from their accounts. These are available on the majority of offshore betting sites and are particularly well-liked by Finnish bettors due to their global presence.

Alternatively, gamers can utilize e-wallets like NETELLER, PayPal, Skrill, or Trustly. Players can conduct transactions without obtaining a physical card by using these practical alternatives.

Many people prefer them because of the protection they give bettors, who are spared from having to give bookies any information about their credit or debit cards.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that when you make your initial withdrawal, many bookmakers will ask you to prove your identification. Commonly required documents include ID cards, passports, and utility bills.

Which Sports Are Popular In Finland For Betting?

The fact that Finland consistently produces renowned Formula 1 drivers, ice hockey players, and rare football player is evidence of the nation’s intense passion of sports. Pesäpallo, a quick-moving bat-and-ball game sometimes known as “Finnish baseball,” is the national sport of Finland.

The creation of some somewhat peculiar sports by the Finns, such as wife carrying, reindeer racing, cell phone throwing, and hobby horsing, is also well known. Even bookmakers have previously provided markets on some of these.

Finland Betting Sites FAQs
  1. Which betting sites in Finland are the best?

There are many reputable sportsbooks from which Finnish bettors can pick, but we believe Pinnacle, NetBet, and LeoVegas provide excellent customer service and big welcome bonuses to players in this market.

  1. Is gambling permitted in Finland?

Gambling is entirely legal in Finland. Only the government-controlled organization Veikkaus is permitted to conduct poker, casino games, lottery games, and sports betting in Finland. Although licenses aren’t given to offshore bookies, players are still allowed to sign up and use them, therefore gamblers are free to wager with a wide variety of global companies.

  1. In Finland, are winnings from gambling taxed?

No, gambling winners will not be subject to taxation.