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Denmark Betting

Denmark’s top betting sites

When one thinks of Denmark, several things immediately come to mind. From being the birthplace of the Viking civilization to being the first Europeans to discover North America, they have a long history. We can’t forget to mention the world-famous beers or the fact that LEGO was also created here in between. Danish athletes like Christian Eriksen, Kasper Schmeichel, Thomas Delaney, and Caroline Wozniacki have made the world a better place in sports. Of course, the Laudrup brothers and Peter Schmeichel must be mentioned when discussing Danish football legends. The high quality of living and sports-loving culture of the Danes made for an excellent atmosphere for sports betting.

Danske Spill, the municipal government that established the industry with a monopoly, has historically had control over betting websites in Denmark. However, the legislation was modified in 2010 to keep up with the changes because Danish gamblers were using other betting sites that were accessible in Denmark.

Taking bets in Denmark

In Denmark, betting is completely legal, and there are at least a dozen top-notch bookmakers to select from. As many international betting sites offer a.dk version, UK or foreign gamblers may be familiar with the brands. This is the one that includes a greeting for Danes. These websites’ Danish versions accept wagers in Danish kr and pay out winnings in accordance with Spillemyndigheden rules. Denmark is among the greatest nations for safe and legal gambling because most of them also give a great bonus.

Denmark’s most popular sports for betting

In terms of revenue, sports betting is the second-largest form of gambling in Denmark. In 2019, it was predicted to be worth kr 2.5 billion, above even casino games. The most popular sports in Denmark include basketball, handball, cycling, ice hockey, and football.


It is not surprising that football is the most popular sport in Denmark, as it is in the majority of European nations. Even the Danish national team, who qualified for the 2020 competition, won the 1992 Euros. Not bad for a nation of only 5 million people, they reached the World Cup’s round of 16 in 2018. The Champions League, Premier League, La Liga, and Italy’s Serie A are all well-known football leagues, but the Danish Superliga is the most well-known.


In most nations, handball is a sport that is little-known, but not in Denmark! There are an astounding 146,000 licensed handball players in the nation, and the game is just somewhat less popular than football. The Danish men’s and women’s national handball teams have both achieved great things on the international scene, earning their nation over 104 medals. The Danish Men’s Handball League is broadcast on TV2 in Denmark.

Ice Hockey

Denmark is not an exception to the popularity of ice hockey in the Nordic nations. Although many Danes follow NHL because many of the country’s finest players are also selected for the league, Metal Ligaen is the leading ice hockey league in Denmark. 


Cycling is not just a well-liked sport but also a preferred mode of transportation in Denmark, much like it is in the Netherlands and Belgium. Many other European nations would be envious of the superb dedicated bike lanes seen in the majority of towns. Thorvald Ellegaard, Michael Rasmussen, and Bjarne Lykkegard Riis are a few of the greatest cyclists in the nation’s history.


 Basketball is another sport that is underappreciated in many European nations, yet it is growing in popularity in Denmark. Basketball courts may be found in most Danish neighborhoods, and both the NBA and the Danish Basketligaen draw large audiences.

Danish Bonuses for Betting

One of the top nations for betting bonuses is Denmark. In Denmark, a welcome bonus is often in the range of 500 or 1000 kroner and takes the form of a free bet (i.e., free money to place a bet) or risk-free bet (meaning you bet with your own money, but any loss will be refunded).

There will only be one 1.50 or 1.80 wager requirement for the welcome bonus. The best part is that there are no turnover limitations for profits from free bets in Denmark, so you can withdraw any gains or use them to increase your bankroll.

Payment Options Frequently Accepted at Danish Betting Sites

Similar to those found in the UK or other European betting sites, Danish betting sites accept a variety of payment methods.

These include prepaid cards like Paysafecard, as well as debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, or DK (Dankort), quick bank transfer services like Trustly, and e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, or Apple Pay. Deposit and withdrawal fees are typically nonexistent.

In accordance with national legislation, Danish betting sites do not take cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Dankort (DK)

Danish-only Dankort is a form of payment. It functions similarly to a Visa or Mastercard and is a form of debit card. Due to the fact that individuals can always use it for free and that businesses just have to pay a tiny fixed annual cost to use the service, it is well-liked by both consumers and businesses. The Dankort (DK) emblem may be seen on the majority of betting websites, and if you have a Danish bank account, it’s likely to be on your debit card as well.

Danish Gambling Regulations

Gambling is only one of many progressive industries in which Denmark leads the pack. Through Danske Spil, the Danish government held a monopoly on gambling until 2012. Local and foreign betting companies now have the opportunity to seek a license to legally offer betting, poker, and casino games in Denmark as a result of the market’s liberalization.

Licensed betting sites in Denmark

A license from Spillemyndigheden is required for any betting site that wants to provide odds or casino games in Denmark. The majority of brands were already well-known in Denmark, but after the monopoly ended, the Danish government was free to impose its own gaming rules and laws. A.dk website is one requirement for a license.


The Danish equivalent of the UK Gambling Commission is known as Spillemyndigheden. The institution regulates all types of gaming in Denmark. They monitor betting, lotteries, casinos, slot machines, gambling arcades, poker tournaments, bingo nights, and any other legal forms of gambling. They also grant licenses and determine whether websites are lawful. They make sure that the market is fair and that protection is provided for minors and problem gamblers.

Danish Age Limit for Betting

In Denmark, 18 years of age is required to participate in any form of betting or gambling, including bingo, odds, physical casinos, lotteries, online casinos, and gaming arcades.

Denmark has tax-free betting regulations.

Danish gamblers are exempt from paying taxes on any of their winnings’ profits. There is only one requirement for this: they must play at venues that have Spillemyndigheden licenses. On the other hand, the state will classify any earnings from gambling at unregistered sites as personal income and may tax them at a maximum rate of 62 percent! Even if there is a slim risk that you will be actually found out, we nonetheless advise sticking with the Spillemyndigheden-approved sites that you may locate on this page.

Gambling is taxed in Denmark, but only on the net profit of betting companies, who are required to pay 28% tax on their revenue.

2020 Bonus Conditions Modifications

2020 saw Denmark announce tougher gaming regulations. The majority involved new customer bonuses at casinos and betting websites. They prohibited gambling marketing and the bonus’s maximum possible size. However, since the government simultaneously reduced the wagering requirements, the adjustment was actually excellent news for Danish gamblers. An average Danish free bet just requires one wager, making it significantly simpler to cash out any profits.

Links to Responsible Gaming for Danish Players:

It is advisable to bet responsibly wherever you live, regardless of the country. Several methods are available in Denmark to assist problem gamblers.

For gamblers, Stopspillet offers assistance. They can be reached at +45 70 22 28 25.

Danish players can self-exclude temporarily or permanently from ROFUS.nu’s

Denmark Betting FAQs

  1. Is Denmark a legal sports betting market?

Yes. In Denmark, there are dozens of authorized, legitimate sites.

  1. Do I have to pay taxes in Denmark on my bets?

No! If you play at licensed Denmark betting sites, your gambling or casino winnings are completely tax-free.

  1. What categories of gambling promotions exist in Denmark?

The majority of Danish betting sites provide a free bet or risk-free bet of 500 or 1000 kroner. Typically, only one wager at odds of 1.50 or 1.80 is required.