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How to get Teen Patti Gold free chips

How to get Teen Patti Gold free chips

Do you want some Teen Patti Gold free chips? Below in this article, we will tell you all the important details that you should know. So read everything carefully. 

The 3 Patti game is growing in popularity in online casino games right now. Nearly everyone is playing it; in fact, they are all completely obsessed with winning the chips and money. People are searching for how to get Teen Patti gold free chips and there are many issues they are facing with it. People are searching for 3 Patti unlimited chips free download, Teen Patti gold free chips code, and whatnot to get the 3 Patti chips free.

Today, in this article, we will tell you how to get 3 Patti free chips. You will have to read the article till the end to understand the entire process clearly so that you do not face any problems in the future. So without wasting any more time, continue reading below.

How to get Teen Patti gold free chips

You may obtain free coins for this game in numerous methods, all of which are legal. Therefore, you don’t need to engage in any unlawful hacking.

The first method to get free 3 Patti chips 

The chip icon is located at the bottom right corner of the screen when you join the game using your Facebook account or any other means. You may buy the coins from that section. You may access the free coins option from the same location; simply do it. Furthermore, you will get several assignments from this location, which you may do to gain free game cash.

Don’t worry, some activities are really straightforward. For example, you may earn a set number of coins by downloading a specific type of software from the list. Although some of them are compensated, you may still make a significant amount of money from them. You may get an idea of the jobs offered by looking at the image.

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The second method to get Teen Patti gold free chips code 

You are all aware that every user who logs into the game receives a daily currency bonus. Therefore, if you run out of coins, stop playing the game for about a week, but continue logging in every day to receive bonuses. Remember that you won’t receive any rewards if you don’t check in to the game. As a result, if you restart your game after a week, you can collect a respectable number of coins.

These were some simple and easy methods for 3 Patti unlimited chips free download. You were not required to do any external activities in the above methods. However, if are still looking for a 3 Patti chips code or a 3 Patti gold free chips code, then read below to know more. 

First, learn about some basics.

How to top up 3 Patti gold free chips code packs?

  1. Decide on the value of the Chips Pack.
  2. Your Teen Patti Gold Player ID must be entered.
  3. Choose your payment option at checkout.
  4. Your purchases will soon be applied to your account after payment has been received.

How to discover the Teen Patti Gold Player ID?

  1. First, log into the Teen Patti Gold App using your account information.
  2. On the screen, top right, tap the settings icon.
  3. In the settings screen’s bottom-left corner, you will find the Player ID.

Conditions for the Teen Patti Gold Free Chips

  1. Your phone should be a smartphone. In order to receive infinite chips, you must utilize a rooted smartphone.
  2. The Small Data Pack is necessary.

How to get Teen Patti Gold free chips

  1. Download the Teen Patti apk first, then select the Refer & Earn area.
  2. Copying your referral code is required.
  3. Next, download the Parallel Space app from the Play Store. 
  4. Next, create the 3 Patti app on your mobile device.
  5. You must first register a guest account before you may play as a guest. 
  6. Next, go to the inviting area and click “Have a Friends Code.”
  7. You must paste your cheat or referral code here.
  8. All done! Teen Patti Gold free chips will be added to your account.

Note: Some users might face problems with this method. If you face any problem then you can just follow the starting two methods that we have mentioned in the beginning.

Get 3 Patti gold free chips 10 000

Not just 10,000, but you can get 5 lakh chips for free. 

  1. First, download the Teen Patti APK, then install and open the application.
  2. Make a Facebook account to create a login for.
  3. Following that, you must input your Referral Code 8686138.
  4. Everything is completed! You’ll be successful in receiving 5 lakh gold chips.

Note: The code might not work but you can still try because the amount of free chips is great.


The methods we have mentioned might be risky and they can cause you lots of difficulties. Therefore, we recommend that you do not fall for risky methods in the greed of more Teen Patti Gold free chips. However, you can always try the methods that are legal and are given by the game. For example, you can go with the login rewards, daily bonus, etc. These methods are just fine and do not have any risk at all. 

In games like these, it is best to stay away from third-party apps and just look for the right opportunities to get some Teen Patti Gold Free Chips. There are many youtube videos that will tell you how to hack the game and 3 Patti unlimited chips free download apks. But these are not genuine. There are lots of problems and it can throw you into legal problems. Therefore, we are telling you, again and again, to try to be as simple as possible. If there are any legal and genuine methods that will help you to get Teen Patti Gold Free Chips, then we will quickly update you with it. 

To know about it, you can bookmark this page or visit our site regularly to see if there are any new 3 Patti gold free chips code, or any other free method that will help you to get free chips.