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Meaning of Both Teams to Score Betting

Meaning of Both Teams to Score Betting

How does a bet on both teams to score work?

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The definition is straightforward: Both teams must score at least one goal to win a BTTS betting, making every result from 1-1 and above a winning bet. Of course, you can bet on the polar opposite (the “no goal” option), which needs neither both nor one of the teams to score during the play. If you are prepared to spend some time examining particular statistics and following the appropriate approach, these bets can be quite fun and profitable.

Punters enjoy a modest edge over regular 3-way betting, similar to other special football bets (over/under, etc.).

A goal can drastically shift the course of a football match, as managers replace players and turn to a more attacking tactic in order to score a much-needed equalizer. When only one of the two teams has managed to score, the “Both Teams To Score” bet allows punters to take advantage of such circumstances in order to get profitable odds.

The BTTS system is simple to use, as the name implies, and provides bettors with numerous complexities to deliver a unique experience.

To begin with, what exactly is the meaning of BTTS? It’s an abbreviation of the term ‘Both Teams To Score,’ which allows bettors to wager on whether both teams in a match will score or not.

For this market, you usually have two options: BTTS: Yes or BTTS: No.

You’ll win your bet if both teams score and you chose BTTS: Yes. You can claim your winnings regardless of who wins, how many goals were scored, or whether the game finished in a draw. However, if only one side scores, the bet is lost.

The BTTS bet follows the same logic: no, but in the opposite direction. If you choose this option and both sides fail to score, you will win the bet. However, if both of them score even one goal, you will lose.

This is one of the most popular and interesting betting options in football. BTTS not only provides significant value, but it also allows punters to combine it with other markets like Match Result or Over/Under wagers.

What are the rules?

Although different online bookmakers have their own restrictions for placing bets on this market, certain principles apply globally. Both teams must score in the specified match to win the bet (it doesn’t matter if they score multiple times). Extra time and penalties are not included in this wager (90 minutes plus injury time). You can wager on singles and upwards, but keep in mind that any matches that are postponed or abandoned will simply be withdrawn from your accumulator bet, while the remaining picks will remain.

Typical BTTS versions

BTTS: This is the most basic, straightforward, and widely used form. The bettor simply chooses between “Yes” and “No” regarding whether both teams will score in a given match.

BTTS in the first half: This bet is paid on the scoreline at halftime. It covers the whole first half’s 45 minutes, as well as any injury-time minutes added by the referee. What makes this BTTS bet more appealing is the fact that a half-hour wager pays out significantly more than a full 90-minute bet.

While this BTTS is identical to the last one, it is based on the scoreboard in the second half. Indeed, the goals scored in the first half are meaningless. Two teams, for example, are tied 1-1 at halftime, but the final score is 2-1. As a result, only one team scored in the second half, making BTTS: ‘No’ the best option because neither side scored.

BTTS in Both Halves: The Both Halves is probably one of the most adventurous yet rewarding versions. Both sides must either score or not score in BOTH the first and second halves, depending on whether the punter has chosen a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ bet.

Combining BTTS and the Over/Under market might be a profitable experience. It considers whether both teams scored (BTTS) and the total number of goals scored (Over/Under) in the match.

BTTS and Win: Another appealing and difficult version. The punter must forecast whether both teams will score (BTTS) as well as the outcome of the match (Win). 

How do you choose a decent wager?

The BTTS market is simple to understand and can yield significant profits if used correctly. You must devise a long-term strategy, ideally one that includes prior research into the form of both teams. The following are some items to consider:

  • Results from the previous five or more games.
  • The total amount of goals scored in recent matches.
  • A perfect track record.
  • Head-to-head competition.
  • Is anyone hurt? If a team’s best scorer is injured, for example, their chances of scoring are reduced.
  • New players or a managerial change are examples of squad changes.

It’s worth emphasizing, though, that there are no surefire means of predicting whether both teams will score. All we can do is advise you to develop a strong strategy or, as a last resort, subscribe to a professional football tipster who will provide you with a selection of tips.

Step-by-Step instructions for placing a BTTS wager

In more ways than one, BTTS bets are simple. They are not only simple to comprehend, but they are also simple to place. If you’re familiar with how sports betting works, placing a BTTS bet should be as simple as placing any other bet.

  • For both teams to score, find a high-quality prediction source.
  • Compare the BTTS betting odds available on the site. You should aim for the best BTTS odds available. You’ll need a sportsbook with minimal margins and reasonable betting odds for this.
  • Make a list of the teams that score the most and least goals.
  • If you want to wager on BTTS, go with high-scoring teams. If you want to bet on BTTS, though, choose low-scoring teams.
  • After that, you can either back one side with a single wager or build an ACCA combo bet by combining several BTTS selections.
  • Put down your wager and submit it.

Both teams score in most sports.

BTTS is accessible for soccer games, as you can see from the majority of the instances above. This wager is not available in sports like basketball, football, or baseball.

Some hockey games may have BTTS bets available. They will, however, state that the two NHL teams must score 2, 3, or more goals in that case. This makes logical because goals are significantly more common in hockey.

This indicates that if you want to make the maximum money in the sports betting market, you should bet on soccer. Because there are so many MLS games on at any given time, you’ll have plenty of BTTS wagers to choose from.

Both Teams to Score Meaning FAQs

  1. How can you be certain that both teams will score?

Take a look at the goal statistics. Teams that score goals in the majority of their games are a strong choice. BTTS predictions and recommendations can also point you toward teams that score a lot of goals.

  1. In which league are both teams expected to score?

In Major League Soccer games, you can wager on both teams scoring. You may also put BTTS bets on most soccer (or football as it is known in other countries) matches across the world.

  1. Is there extra time if both teams score?

It usually does not. Always double-check your predictions site for both sides to score before placing a wager.