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Best Golf Betting Sites

Best Golf Betting Sites

2022’s top golf betting sites

Golf is a sport for gentlemen and nobility. Its historical roots are obscure, dating back to the Middle Ages. Although the sport as we know it today, with standardized regulations and an 18-hole format, was undoubtedly invented in Scotland, the Scots and the Dutch claim to have invented it. The formal rules were first presented on the Old Course at St. Andrews, sometimes known as the “House of Golf,” in 1764. There has long been a strong link between gambling and golf.

James II of Scotland reportedly outlawed golf in 1457 because “many troops were devoting their time to the game of golf and laying juvenile wagers, instead of concentrating on thwarting prospective English attacks.”

Betting on golf tournaments and events developed in popularity alongside the growth of contemporary golf. Golf match wagering became a popular pastime, especially once the four major championships were instituted. Online golf betting is here to stay as internet-based bookies continue to grow. Potential bettors often wonder where to wager on golf because there are so many betting sites to choose from. To find out for yourself, check out our directory of golf betting sites and our guide.

Over the past few years, golf has become incredibly popular. Watching the top athletes in the world compete in prestigious competitions draws millions of viewers. These fans are increasingly looking for top golf betting sites to place bets on the performance of their favorite players.

Numerous of the very best betting websites currently in operation have been examined and reviewed by our team of professionals. To decide whether these online sportsbooks are worthwhile joining, we examine their advantages and disadvantages. The details provided below will outline how to locate the top golf betting sites for 2022 and highlight a number of suggestions to make sure you have the safest and most enjoyable gambling experience imaginable.

Golf majors wagering

The PGA Tour hosts numerous competitions every year that take place all over the world. The four “Majors” that are held each season draw the majority of viewers. Throughout the season, various more “regular” and “invitational” events are also held.

The top golf betting sites for the major PGA Tour competitions held each season are listed below:

  • The Masters Tournament is played at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia.
  • The PGA Championship is held at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • US Open: held at The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts.
  • The Open Championship is played on the St. Andrews Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland.

Each year, the PGA Tour hosts these four major competitions. The world’s top athletes are represented in each one. The best online golf betting sites we featured at the top of this article also provides fans the chance to wager on the 40+ additional PGA events held each season.

There are many excellent betting possibilities available for every golf event. Check out the betting sites that are available for the thrilling tournaments held above!

What Makes a Good Golf Betting Site

Finding an online sportsbook that offers golf odds is simple. There are a ton of these websites that can be found with a fast Google search, all of them claim to offer the best odds and finest deals. Of course, not all of these websites are of the same caliber.

All of the top golf betting sites in 2022 offer their users a few essential elements and benefits. Here are five characteristics of any golf betting service you could be interested in joining:

Integrity and Belief

This is the top item on our list and has ALWAYS been the top item. There is no space for error in this situation, and we will never compromise on this (and neither should you). Many customers have worries and apprehensions about placing bets online as opposed to at a physical sportsbook. Given how new internet sports betting is, this is very understandable.

The majority of websites are as secure as going to your neighborhood casino or sportsbook to place a wager because they have their procedures and operations down pat. The important thing is to make sure you are betting at one of these sites.

To reach our decision, we consider the company’s background, the reputation of the sector, complaints made in the past, payment processors, licensing and regulation, corporate personnel, and anything else we can find. They are off limits to us if anything even suggests that there might be a problem.

Optional bets

There are a ton of different prop bets that are occasionally offered, which makes golf a great sport. These wagers can be entertaining ones like the number of holes-in-one in a tournament or ones that demand expertise to predict, like the location of the cut line. The point is that even though you have many alternatives, not all of them will be presented on every website. Some websites will just let you choose the winners, while other websites will let you place longer bets.

Limits on wagering and transactions (High Rollers Only)

If you frequently wager large sums of money or make your living from gambling, you may want to confirm that the website you’re using has the appropriate limits. 99 percent of you who are reading this won’t be impacted by it, even some of you who work in the betting industry. The constraints that are in place on the sites that we’ve suggested are already high and ought to be sufficient.

However, there are choices if you ever decide to place a larger wager. Most websites will let you increase the advertised restrictions if you get in touch with them. Don’t leave just because the advertised limitations are lower than you wish; they are always accommodating of larger players. However, as mentioned earlier, most sites already have very high limitations, so it is unlikely that anyone reading this will be impacted.

The user interface and website

We are all aware that one of a golf course’s most crucial components is the course layout. The holes must be simple to locate, and the progression from hole number one to hole number two and so on through hole number eighteen should be logical and not require the use of a fold-out map or GPS.

Online sports betting sites are the same way. You need to be at a website where all of the betting options are clearly put out, where it is simple to see the odds, and where betting is easy to do. Placing a wager shouldn’t feel like a burden. A lousy user interface wouldn’t just ruin your experience; it may also encourage you to make errors and unintentionally pick the wrong golfer or side in a prop bet.

Bonus Schemes

Some websites will provide bonus programs, deposit bonuses, and VIP programs in an effort to get you to place a wager with them. While these are fantastic (everyone enjoys getting free items and money), they shouldn’t ever play a significant role in choosing where to place a wager. Finding a decent betting residence is made much easier by considering the aforementioned elements. A fantastic bonus program is useless if you can’t trust the website.

We advise you to look into bonus programs so you can benefit from them, but only after you have signed up for a website based on the other factors mentioned above. If you can’t decide between two websites, bonuses can help break the tie. Otherwise, simply see a bonus as an additional bonus or the icing on the cake.

Golf Bets of Various Sorts

The most popular type of sports betting is moneyline wagering. In essence, this is a wager on who will win a competition. It may also depend on which player succeeds in winning their duet when taking part in other competitions.

Let’s imagine Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy are contending for the victory in a forthcoming tournament. Johnson is the odds-on underdog by +108. McIlroy has -129 odds to win when playing. Just pick the player you believe will win, and enter the sum of money you are ready to risk. In general, the chances are not as good here. However, they are frequently simpler to choose accurately than other golf wagers.

Spread odds in golf

Point spreads are a common concept among sports bettors. These are the chances that a team or player will surpass a particular point total during a game. For important golf competitions, point spread odds are frequently offered.

Jordan Spieth and Viktor Hovland might face off against one another in a different tournament. The odds are +108 for Hovland to finish 1.5 strokes behind Spieth. Jordan Spieth is currently -129 to lose by more than 1.5 strokes.

Similar to moneyline odds, these often do not offer very high returns. Point spreads can still be profitable for golf experts, especially when used in a parlay.

Prop bets on golf

Options for placing golf prop bets range widely. These odds have nothing to do with how a particular tournament will turn out. Instead, they let gamblers place bets on practically every other facet of competition.

Which player will make the cut is an entertaining example of a Masters prop bet. You can also wager on whether or not a player will go a round without making a bogey. Even odds on which player will manage to sink a hole-in-one during upcoming competitions are available at some of the leading golf betting sites. The 2022 Masters Tournament’s first-round leader is already the subject of several wagers from fans.


Every year, the level of competition in professional golf increases. That is fantastic news for sports enthusiasts, who now have more opportunities than ever to wager on competitions. Our specialists have carefully examined the top golf betting websites now available and strongly advise our readers to check out each one.

Remember to compare these websites. You might find that some of them offer the design and betting alternatives you’re looking for rather soon. Check out the odds for upcoming tournaments that will be held this year as well.

Best Golf Betting Sites FAQs
  1. What golf betting sites are the best in 2022?

Golf betting odds are currently available at a large number of well-known online sportsbooks in the US. Bovada and BetOnline are frequently recommended by our experts. Both websites have a reputation for being incredibly secure and offering a huge selection of golf odds.

  1. How can you select the best golf betting sites?

For our specialists to deem an online sportsbook exceptional, it must provide its customers with a wide range of benefits. That includes secure payment methods and a contemporary style. We also think that the top golf betting sites will offer a wide range of odds on every significant international golf event.

  1. Do websites that offer online golf betting accept bitcoin payments?

Many of the top golf-specific online sportsbooks today let players deposit and withdraw money using different cryptocurrencies. That includes Ethereum and Bitcoin. These crypto payments often have low fees and swift processing periods.