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Anytime Goal Scorer Betting (Bet vs Gamble)

Anytime Goal Scorer Betting (Bet vs Gamble)

What’s the meaning of the Anytime Goal Scorer Betting Term? 

Goalscorer is a football betting market in which you bet on one of the players scoring at any point during the game. Most bettors are familiar with the popular First Goalscorer market, but an increasing number of online bookmakers are also offering the Anytime Scorer betting market on certain matches. There are various benefits to betting on the Anytime Goalscorer. The most important is that you can win at any time during the game. If a goal is scored inside the first few minutes of a contest, the bet is resolved and you either won or lost, which reduces the match’s entertainment value marginally.

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It’s worth mentioning that if a player’s odds appear to be excessively high, make sure they’re truly beginning because they’re unlikely to score if they merely get a five-minute run-out near the conclusion of the game. It’s also worth noting how the rules for ‘Anytime Goalscorer’ differ from those for ‘First Goalscorer,’ in that once the first goal is scored, all bets are off, so if you bet on a sub to score the first goal, your bet would be void and your stake would be returned, because your player wasn’t even on the pitch when the first goal was scored.

Strikers are usually the players with the best chances of scoring at any time. However, picking a goalscoring midfielder to get on the scoresheet, or a player who you know takes all of the team’s set pieces and penalties, can often be a good bet, as their odds are much better. If you place a multiple bet on anytime goalscorers, you can obtain fantastic odds. A treble, for example, may have odds of approximately 20/1, so it’s absolutely worth a shot!

It also provides you a chance to win even if your player doesn’t start the game but comes on as a substitute, though this can backfire (as we’ll explain later).

In comparison to the First Goalscorer bet, the Anytime Goalscorer bet has lesser odds – see table below.

Take a look at the anytime goalscorer and first goalscorer markets at bet365 for the English Premier League match between Manchester City and Leicester City.

PlayerAnytime GoalscorerFirst Goalscorer
Sergio Aguero1.613.80
Raheem Sterling1.834.33
Gabriel Jesus1.834.50
Leroy Sane2.255.50
Riyad Mahrez2.406.00
Jamie Vardy3.108.00
Bernardo Silva3.409.00
David Silva3.509.50

Rules of Anytime Goalscorer

Individual player markets in team sports can be dangerous if you bet before the team sheet is released. When it comes to the Anytime Goalscorer market, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Own goals are not taken into account. If you bet on a player and he scores an own goal, your wager will still win if he scores one at the opposite end.
  • The bets that are void: The wager is worthless and your stake is recovered if the player you choose never steps onto the field. 
  • Substitutes. This market carries the risk of having your player start on the bench. The bet becomes active if he comes on as a substitute at any stage. This implies he may come on after 86 minutes and only have 4 minutes to score the goal required to win the bet.

Tips for Anytime Goalscorer Betting

Match stats are essential for getting the most out of this betting market, but you must know where to look. For example, before the match between Manchester City and Leicester City, we had:

  • Sergio Aguero has scored 20 league goals this season.
  • Jamie Vardy has scored 18 league goals this season.
  • Raheem Sterling has scored 17 league goals this season.

However, for this market, this metric is rather misleading because some of these goals would have been scored in the same game. Here are some more precise figures:

  • This season, Jamie Vardy has scored in 15 different league games.
  • Sergio Aguero has 14 goals in 14 league appearances this season.
  • This season, Raheem Sterling has scored in 12 different league games.

Continue by looking at the number of starts and substitute appearances, the opposition’s defensive record, and each player’s personal total versus that club. This will show you where you can get the best betting value. 


Every punter secretly desires a minimal initial commitment with great profits, especially if it eliminates the need for multiple/accumulator betting. Anytime Goalscorer betting is ideal for punters who want to chase huge odds without risking a lot of money. Combining (or Dutching) Anytime Goalscorer bets, on the other hand, can still be a good long-term investment strategy, as Dutching correctly only requires one of your selections to win. 

How to Pick a Good Goalscorer Bet Anytime?

Look for guys who have been particularly productive in recent games. If a player has scored in two or three consecutive matches, they are a good bet since they are confident and appear likely to score again. It’s also a good idea to check out the top scorer charts for individual leagues to see who’s on top – or in contention for the golden boot – and who’s been the most prolific player throughout the season. Finally, it’s always worth checking to see if a well-known player is facing a weak defensive squad. If Sergio Aguero is facing Norwich or West Ham United, for example, he is likely to score owing to the opponents’ poor defence, thus include him in your anytime goal scorer prediction could be a wise move. 


While the definition of Anytime Goalscorer is to back a certain player to score within 90 minutes, there are various more options. One of the most popular versions on these bets is First Goal Scorer Betting, in which your odds are increased but your wager is only considered a winner if they score first in the chosen match. If we notice a double or triple that we like, we’ll put First Goalscorer Tips on this page, but we normally go with an Anytime Goalscorer prediction because they’re more likely to land. This is frequently employed when the odds on the goalscorer or match result are low, resulting in a better overall price. Goalscorer bets are a decent option, but they aren’t for everyone. The Premier League Sky Super 6 could be the game for you if you want to try betting without risking any money. Check out our tips for it.


For all of your Anytime Goalscorer predictions, we recommend SkyBet. SkyBet is a very competitive bookmaker with some of the greatest Anytime Goalscorer odds. They also provide earlier Premier League anytime goalscorer odds than many of their competitors, making it easier to place wagers before a hectic weekend of play. You can wager in real-time, cash out whenever you choose and place multiple bets on a range of sports. They also provide a wide selection of markets, some of which are not even priced by regular bookmakers.

Anytime Goal Scorer Betting FAQs

  1. In betting, what is the meaning of anytime scorer?

Goalscorer, what is Anytime? Anytime goalscorer is a popular betting market that has sparked a lot of interest. It’s when you wager that any player in the game you’re wagering on will score a goal. It makes no difference when the player scores the goal; all that matters is that the player you bet on scored the goal.

  1. Is extra time included in anytime goalscorer?

You’re wagering on one of the named players scoring First, Anytime, a Brace, Hat Trick, Header, or from Outside the Box. Unless otherwise noted, all bets are for 90 minutes. Extra time and penalties will be disregarded.

  1. What if your anytime goalscorer is unavailable?

Your wager will be void if your goalscorer does not start and another player scores. Your bet will still be valid if your goalscorer starts and no other player scores. You will lose your stake if your goalscorer starts and another player scores.