Play Bingo on INDIBET – Get free welcome bonus


    Bingo is a game that is quite simple but full of fun and adventure. This game will not only help you to pass your time well but it can also make you rich. Yes, it is so easy that you can play it online from anywhere. You do not need to do any separate planning for this and spend your mind. But, the earning opportunity is quite good in Bingo.

    If you have never played Bingo before, then this is the perfect opportunity. You can earn a lot of money by playing bingo on Indibet. Also, you will have a lot of fun. It is very easy to play any casino game on Indibet. Its special thing is that in this you get the easiest interface, clear quality, best odds, easy withdrawal facility, 24×7 customer support, and much more. Plus, whenever you log into Indibet and play bingo for the first time, you’ll get a huge reward. A special welcome bonus awaits you at Indibet. Read this complete article to know more about it.

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    What is Bingo?

    Bingo is very similar to a lottery. Just one difference, the prize money is relatively lower with Bingo. Although this game is a lot more fun than a lottery. This game largely depends only on luck, playing it is very interesting. The game is believed to have originated in the 1500s. But to date, this game has succeeded in maintaining the same popularity. When this game was introduced, it was known as “Beano”. 

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    Bingo Welcome bonus

    INDIBEt offers a welcome bonus for various games including Bingo. When playing online, a Bingo bonus offers players the chance to earn free money although only after registering with the concerned online casino. By using your Bingo welcome bonus, you will be able to increase your bankroll which translates in simple terms, to you having a larger amount of money to gamble with. To avail of the bonus, you will be required to make a minimum deposit amount after which a set bonus amount will be credited to your account associated with Indibet. 

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    How to claim a Bingo Welcome bonus?

    Indibet offers a welcome amount which you can use to play and earn more money. This helps in reducing the burden of depositing a hefty amount of money for the first time. It is human nature that investing money for the first time seems risky. Although Indibet is a completely secure platform, you can use the welcome bonus to your advantage. To claim the welcome bonus in bingo, You just need to follow some simple steps.

    1. Sign up/Login:

     Visit Indibet’s site. After that click on the signup option there. You will see some boxes where you have to fill in some basic information. After this, your account will be created. If your account is already created, then you can log in to your account by entering your credentials.

    2. Go to the Bingo section:

     When you sign up on INDIBET, a free bonus will be credited to your account automatically. You can check it by clicking on your account option. Visit the casino section. You will find many options for various casino games to choose from. Click on Bingo.

    3. Visit the deposit page:

     Once you enter the Bingo section, You will be able to choose a table according to your suitability and deposit money to play in that table. Click on make deposit.

    4. Use the welcome bonus

    You will see an option to use the bonus amount available in your account. If you want to play a bigger bet then add your real money with the bonus amount. Enjoy the play.

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    How to play bingo?

    Bingo is purely a game of chance and there’s no definite way of knowing whether you will win or lose. However, it is the thrill and excitement of knowing that despite the odds being constantly stacked against you, you still have that 1/75 or 1/90 chance of winning. The basic rule of the game of bingo is that you have to choose a number that determines your winnings and losses. It is very much like a lottery. If your number comes out, you win. However, unlike lotteries, in this, you do not choose just one number, but according to the rules, you bet on different numbers. On Indibet you can learn all the information and rules related to this game.

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    Bingo FAQs

    How to use the Bingo welcome bonus?

    To use the welcome bonus, sign up on INDIBET. The bonus will be reflected in your account as soon as you sign in . Use it while depositing on the Bingo table.

    Can I earn real money playing Bingo with a welcome bonus?

    Yes, The market for online Bingo in India has grown leaps and bounds and numerous customers have walked away with a lot of money. You can earn real money and withdraw it on INDIBET.

    Is it legal to play and use online welcome bonuses in Bingo?

    Yes, Indibet is a completely legal and secure website. It offers the best withdrawal facility as well. There are no prohibitions on playing online Bingo in India.