Star boxer Amit Panghal to feature in Thailand Open International Boxing Tournament


Amit Panghal, Manish Kaushik, and Ashish Kumar will compete in the Thailand Open International Boxing Tournament 2022 in Phuket beginning Friday for the very first time ever since Tokyo Olympics. According to New Indian Express, India has named 20 boxers for the competition: 12 men and 8 women.

The men’s tournament will be place in Thailand in seven weight classes: 52kg, 57kg, 63kg, 69kg, 75kg, 81kg, and 91kg. There will be six divisions in the women’s section: 48kg, 51kg, 57kg, 60kg, 69kg, and 75kg.

Amit Panghal (52kg) and Manish Kaushik (63kg), both silver medalists in the World Championships, will participate in their respective weight classes. However, Ashish Kumar, who won gold in the 75kg weight class in the Thailand Open last year, will compete in the 81kg division.

All the boxers had participated in the national camp in Patiala and will seek to get back into shape before the Asian Games in September, where Amit Panghal will defend his 52kg title.

Manisha Moun (57kg) and Jasmine (60kg) are among the women boxers slated to compete. Through national trials earlier this month, the teenage warriors have already secured their spots at the women’s world championships in May and the Asian Games.