Glenn Maxwell opens up about his final conversation with Shane Warne


    Australian cricketing great Shane Warne’s passing away earlier this month sent shockwaves across the globe as fans, as well as former cricketers, paid their respects. Glenn Maxwell was close to Shane Warne and he revealed the final conversation that he had with Shane Warne before his demise.

    Shane Warne will always be remembered as one of the greatest leg-spinners of all time. Warne’s untimely demise left the cricketing world shocked as tributes and condolences poured for him as soon as the news broke. The former Australian cricketer passed away in Thailand earlier this month. Glenn Maxwell like many others condoled Warne’s death and also revealed the final conversation that he had over texts with him. 

    A special documentary was made on Shane Warne which was televised in Australia and Glenn Maxwell was also a part of it. As quoted by mirror, Glenn Maxwell talked about the last conversation that he had with Shane Warne and said, “I actually went back, had a look at my last text chain with him, and it’s something that’s going to live with me forever” 

    He just randomly checked in, so it said, ‘Well played last night. How you doing? Are you OK?’

    “And I didn’t think too much of it because I was sort of just playing it cool, ‘Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Thanks, mate. Hope you’re going alright.’ But he kept on going at me, Sort of chipping away, ‘Nah, nah, are you OK? What’s up?’”

    Glenn Maxwell added, “He knew that something was up and it took like the third or fourth time to ask me, ‘Are you OK?’ that I actually sort of told him what was going on and he just wrote a little paragraph to say that he was there for me, ‘Let me know if you ever need to chat or a phone call.’

    “For him to sort of reach out to me at that time, and keep probing away to make sure that I was okay, I thought was really powerful and something that I really cherish about our friendship post-cricket. He was always there,” said Glenn Maxwell.