Home Roulette Triple zero roulette wheel: A great way to increase your payouts

Triple zero roulette wheel: A great way to increase your payouts

Triple zero roulette wheel: A great way to increase your payouts

A roulette wheel has a spinning disk and a ball. The divisions around the wheel are numbered from 1 to 36 in a random pattern and it is coloured red and black alternatively. Apart from this there is a green division which is zero. In American roulette, there are two green divisions and the second one is known as 00.

The ball rolls on this wheel. Before this the player bets on which number the ball will stop. This bets are in different ways. During this, chips are on a mat. These chips is an indication of the bets. The whole game revolves around this wheel. Learn how to play roulette and how to win roulette game on INDIBET.

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Zero on roulette wheel

Every roulette wheel has a pocket zero which is in green colour. In American roulette there are 2 zero’s. Any player can place a bet on zero. Although the probability of the ball landing on an individual number selected by a player is very low, the odds of betting on zero are very high and it lures the players to place a bet.

The zero pocket on the roulette wheel is special because if the ball lands on it, everyone else loses their money. That means if other players placed their bet on anything, be it red/black, odd/even or row/column, all the bets will be forfeit. The odds of green zero on roulette wheels are generally 35/1. i.e. if you put $5 and you win then your payout will be $175. This zero gives the house a slight advantage as they take all the money placed on the bets.

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Triple zero roulette wheel

Triple zero roulette wheels are now coming in trend from the past one and half years. It is a special wheel which has three green zero pockets. Apart from this, all the rules of a triple zero roulette are similar to regular roulette. Because of an extra pocket, it gives more opportunities to players to bet. However, It gives casinos a more edge than any other roulette. If the ball lands on any of the green zero pockets of the triple zero roulette wheel layout, your triple zero roulette payouts will be 35/1.

As every coin has two sides, the triple zero roulette layout has its own disadvantages as well. Just like wins are big, the losses are also big and there is a chance that you might run out of your bankroll faster. It’s becoming a trend now and many casinos are opting to provide three zero wheels experience to players. Although triple 0 roulette wheel has some downsides, it is definitely worth giving it a shot.

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