Predict the roulette wheel – Increase your chances of winning


Roulette is a game which depends mostly on luck rather than skills. However, You may have been wondering why some players have an edge and they win more than others. Well, that’s because their prediction game is strong. Roulette prediction in right pockets at the right time is very necessary in roulette. This may seem impossible but probability plays a big role here. Some people rely on the dealer’s signature. Most dealers have a routine of spinning the ball by releasing it a certain way at a certain set speed most of the time. The dealer picks up the ball from where it last hit and releases it on the track. The dealer will pick up the ball from any number but can you predict where it ultimately lands? Certainly not on a given number but a certain distance from where the last number was recorded. Learn how to win a roulette game by right prediction in INDIBET.

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Roulette prediction

The other method pro players generally use is they try to analyse the speed of the spinning wheel in relation to the speed of the ball. Predicting casino roulette numbers is not as simple as it sounds and may give you a headache. For this, You have to know approximately how many bounces the ball will take from pocket to pocket. You may want to predict the direction those bounces will probably be. After this, you must figure what numbers will be in the section where the ball lands and bet on those numbers. People general trust on their lucky roulette numbers. Let us tell you some of the best strategies to win online roulette and know roulette numbers. 

What is roulette winning formula?

Martingale is one of the most effective strategies being used for a long time. It is quite simple and is widely known as roulette number predictor. Note that this strategy can only be used for outside bets. Under this strategy, you get a 50% chance of winning. Think of it like this. First of all, decide what you want to bet. After this only two things can happen. Either you will win or you will lose. If you lose then double your bet next time and if you were right then you continue with this unit just change the bet

There is also a reverse martingale strategy. As the name suggests, this strategy is different from Martingale. Here you bet on the colour itself. If you lose, you do not bet on the same colour but bet on another colour. Suppose you bet on black and you lose. After this, now you will place the next bet on the red colour. This strategy helps in European roulette algorithm. Other than that, spin n win trick is also on of the most used technique.

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D’Alembert Roulette Strategy: 

This strategy is unlike other roulette strategies because it starts with a four-unit bet instead of a unit bet. Let’s say your betting unit is one dollar, then you have to bet four dollars in the first place. After this, if you win, you will have to drop one unit from the first bet you made. If you lose you will have to add one unit.

Paroli’s strategy: 

Let’s say you made a bet. Now you’re right and you win, then predict the reverse and double your bet. If you are wrong and lose, continue with the initial bet and always keep one unit as the best value.

Fibonacci Sequence: 

It consists of a series in sequence in which one number is the sum of the previous two numbers. For example 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 and 55. In this, you do not change the bet based on win or loss, but one unit on the first bet, one on the second bet, two on the third bet, and three on the fourth bet, as follows.

There are many other similar strategies which prove to be very effective such as 3Q Strategy, Parlay Strategy, Labouchère’s roulette system and many more. If you use them properly, you increase your chances of winning to a great extent.

We hope you have learned everything you need to know about Live Roulette by now. We will always tell you to be responsible and aware of all the rules before placing bets. On the INDIBET platform, you can bet on a variety of sports other than roulette. Here you can gamble only on sports like cricket, hockey, baseball, football etc. So without delay log in to your account now and start playing.

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