How to earn real money by playing online roulette


Have you ever wondered how to play roulette? The online roulette game rules are the same as for normal game roulette in a casino game. It has a casino roulette table with roulette wheel. The wheel has 37 pockets. These have numbers from 0 to 37. Players place bets before the game starts. After that, the game starts and the wheel starts playing. A ball rolls on the wheel. As soon as the wheel stops, the ball also stops in a pocket. This decides the victory and defeat of the player. Learn how to play roulette, online gambling for real money and how to earn real money through a roulette game online in real money online casinos.

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Online roulette real money

If you want to play roulette with real money, You need to make an account on INDIBET. It is very easy and convenient online casinos for real money at the same time. After making an account just log in with your credentials, Go to the roulette section, find a table according to your suitability and make a deposit with your real money. You can just win up to 10x the amount if you win. 

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Types of Roulette Table Layouts

A roulette table may look the same to a new player. However, there are several types of roulette table layouts such as American, European, and French roulette besides triple zero roulette wheel layout.

(i) European Roulette: 

European Roulette is the most familiar form of roulette in both brick-and-mortar and online casinos. A European roulette table features 36 numbers with 12 columns and a single zero. This equates to a total of 37 numbers instead of 36 taking into account the green zero at the top. So, the additional zero reduces those odds to 36/1.

(ii) American Roulette: 

If European games roulette is hard enough, American Roulette tables are one up more difficult. The reason? An American Roulette table is bigger than its European counterpart and has an additional zero. This means that unlike the European Roulette table, an American Roulette table has two zeros, reducing your odds from 35/1 to 37/1. Aside from the numerical disadvantage, an American Roulette has a different order of the numbers along the wheel.

(iii) French Roulette: 

Unlike the two other forms of roulette, French Roulette provides players a slight advantage. Here too, there is only one green zero segment but if the zero comes into the equation, that means you might not lose your 50/50 bet and ‘La Partage’ comes into play. With La Partage, if the zero comes in, you will get back half of your losing 50/50 bet chips.

(iv) Triple Zero Roulette: 

This is one of the most challenging types of roulette tables. As the name suggests, a Triple Zero Roulette has not one or two, but a third green zero segment on the table.

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Types of bets in live online Roulette

To place a bet and win in an Indian roulette online, You must know the types of roulette betting. There are different types of bets in online real money casino.

  • Straight bet: You simply bet on one number.
  • Split bet: In this, you bet on two numbers. The chip is placed on the line between two numbers
  • Street bet: In this, you bet on three numbers. The chip is placed on the line at foot of the column of three numbers
  • Square bet: In a Square bet, You bet on four numbers. The chip is placed in the centre of the square of four numbers
  • Six Line bet: Here, You bet on six numbers. The chip is placed in corner of two columns at the foot of the columns.

Other bets to win a roulette game

  • Colours bet: In this, You bet on 16 numbers. Chip are placed on the red or black icons in front of the board
  • Dozens bet: As clear by the name, You bet on 12 numbers. The chip is placed in sectors labelled ‘1st 12’ ‘2nd 12’ or ‘3rd 12’
  • Highs/Lows Bet: In this, You bet on either 1-18 or 19-36. The chip is placed on sectors labelled 1-18 or 19-36.
  • Odd/Even bet: In this, you place your bet on odd or even numbers i.e. 18 numbers. This means bets are on odd/even numbers.
  • Columns bet: This is quite easy. You bet on a column consisting of 12 numbers. In the column bet, the chip is placed on column squares to the far right of the board.

To play online, Indibet offers different types of roulette and bets. You can pick one according to your suitability and can place a bet in real money online casino. Now you are ready to do real money online gambling.

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