Everything you need to know about Blackjack Tournament

Blackjack Tournament

In this article, we will tell you about the blackjack tournament strategy along with the blackjack tournament rules.

Instead of competing against the casino dealer, you compete against other players in a blackjack tournament. As the round ends, the player with the most chips wins and moves to the next table to play against other winners. Both the player and the opponent start out with the same amount of money. It is a round-robin tournament, which means a final table of six (or seven) players compete to find the winner.

While the winner usually receives the majority of the prize money, others usually receive less. However, finishing in the money is the goal of every tournament player, so you want to make it to the final table. You will need more chips than your opponents at the end of the round. 

You can also play a free blackjack tournament. However, you might not be able to win easily, and if you want to win then you will need some blackjack tournament tips. If you are here to know about the blackjack tournament, then read below as you will learn many new things about it. 

Blackjack Tournaments

The goal of a blackjack tournament is to compete against other players rather than the house. Every player has the same starting chip stack and plays the same number of hands. It is possible for more than one player to advance to the next round depending on how many chips the winner has left at the end of the round.

The number of players in a blackjack tournament can be large. Eventually, the final table at the casino will consist of six or seven players as a result of playing multiple rounds of hands. To determine the tournament champion, they compete in a final round. The winner gets the largest share of the prizes, while the other finalists get a smaller share.

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Types of blackjack tournament

Multi-table tournament 

Every round of a multi-table tournament begins with equal amounts of chips for all players. Each round is divided into several rounds with predetermined numbers of hands. The players who receive the first cards in the deal make the first betting choice. After each hand, the starting player’s role is passed to the left. There is a specified range bet per hand, and all players can see the cards dealt with them.

In many tournaments, the runner-up at each table advances as well. Instead of keeping their chips from round to round, each player starts each new round with an equal number of chips. The number of tables available decreases as players depart. In most tournaments, the winner is the player with the largest chip stack at the end of the final round. Tournament payout schedules specify how the prize pool is divided between the winners and runners-up.

Single table tournament

There is only one round in a single-table tournament. The player who has the most chips at the end of the game wins the entire prize pool.

Live money Blackjack Tournament

The playing chips used in most tournaments have no value. If players choose to go all-in and wager the maximum bet in live-money tournaments, they risk their own money. Players must buy the chips to play, which can be exchanged for cash at the end of the tournament.

Mini Tournaments

In most land-based casinos, these tournaments are held weekly and in online casinos, they are often held every day. They are usually inexpensive to enter (usually $25 or less) and are finished in less than 24 hours. The prize pool in mini-tournaments is $2,000 or less than that.

Major Tournaments

The Major tournaments have higher entry fees, usually, last longer than one day, and have a large prize pool that is around six figures. Major tournaments are generally held over a weekend, and contestants are usually given free or discounted rooms, as well as a banquet and a free gift.

blackjack tournament

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Sit and Go

These are ongoing tournaments that begin once a group of six players has been gathered. On Internet sites that offer blackjack tournaments, sit ‘n’ go tournaments have become popular.


Surrender is also a type of Blackjack tournament in which you give up and the bank returns half of your stake. It is a crucial strategy in tournaments, especially late in the game when you want to keep your chip lead over a player who took the turn before you.

Blackjack Tournament Positions

Each hand rotates the position of the person who bets first. A button is placed on the table, similar to a poker game. The button is given to the first player who bets. The dealer shifts the button to the left after each round of play.

Furthermore, the player who places the first bet on the first hand is chosen at random – either by dice or high carding. After determining who will bet first, you should quickly calculate your betting position for the final hand. It is often said that the final hand in blackjack tournaments is the most crucial. Therefore, when it is your turn to bet first on this final hand, you should bet more strongly on the earlier part of the tournament to gain an advantage.

The player who bets first on the last hand has a disadvantage over his opponents since he doesn’t know how much their bets will be. Also remember that if a player busts during play, the position of the button on the last hand changes.

Important blackjack tournament strategy and rules

  • Keeping track of other players’ chip counts. If you don’t know your opponents’ bankrolls, you won’t know how much to bet.
  • Knowing whether it’s better to aim for the high or the low.
  • Knowing when to correlate (bet the same amount as your opponent), raise your bet, bet the opposite of your opponent, or basically bet the minimum.
  • To be able to predict the possible outcomes of a player’s wager mentally.
  • Knowing how to lock out an opponent so that you advance regardless of the outcome of the hand.
  • Understanding the significance of the betting position.
  • Understanding when and where to turn away from the standard game strategy.

Play for the Swing

When you play for the swing in a tournament, you hope the leader loses his hand and you win yours. Here’s an example of a scenario that occurred during one of the rounds. The leader had a $3000 bankroll going into the final hand, had a 17, and stood with a $500 max bet. The chaser (who required a swing to win) had a $2400 bankroll, bet the maximum of $500, and stood with an 18. Wrong. The chaser should’ve gone for broke.

There is no way you can win the round if you are on 18 and the leader is on 17. Consider it for a moment. You can’t win if the dealer’s hand is 17 through 21. You can’t win if the dealer busts, either. If you hit your 18 and drew an ace, deuce, or trey, and the dealer has a 17, you’ll win the hand, but you won’t have any more money if the leader pushes. This is a very important blackjack tournament strategy.


More tips

You will definitely need the blackjack tournament tips if you want to win. If you’re trailing a leading player, it’s better to make one or two large bets instead of a series of small or medium bets to catch up. Prior to actually placing your catch-up bet, hang tight until the button has passed you. As a result, your opponent will be unable to respond to your large bet.

It’s crucial to pay attention to the maximum betting limits. In the final rounds of the game, you should try to keep your distance from the player with the most chips to no more than one maximum betting distance. If you don’t bet enough, you won’t be able to catch up. You should still have enough chips to double down or split pairs if necessary.

If you’re the chip leader, it’s ideal to match the bet of your nearest competitor to keep them from surpassing you. Meaning: if at all possible, bet so little that if you lose, your opponent will not be able to overtake you if he wins.

One popular and effective strategy for catching up to the leader is to bet the opposite of what they are betting. You bet a lot if they bet a little, and vice versa. However, if you’re more than a max bet behind the chip leader and the tournament has already been half over, you must always put big bets to close the gap.

In blackjack tournaments, it’s not uncommon for the majority, if not all, of the players to go all-in on the final hand. Hold back a single chip if this happens to you and you intend to do the same. You may be able to advance if the dealer beats everyone at the table because you held back a chip while your opponents bet everything. 

These were some of the most important blackjack tournament tips that you should know.

Understand Half and Full Measure

If you have to make a large bet in one of the final, crucial hands, only bet half of your chips. If necessary, you can split a pair. You can’t bet a smaller amount when splitting pairs, unlike when doubling down. Therefore, bet half your game balance and save all the half for splitting pairs or doubling down.

You may need to bet more than you did on the previous hand to catch up to the chip leader. If this is the case, you must double down regardless of your hand. Doubling down on a 17, 18, 19, or 20 may seem counterintuitive. In a blackjack tournament, on the other hand, there are times when this is the only way to give yourself a chance to win the round.

List of Online and Casino blackjack tournaments.

There are many types of blackjack competition played across the world. Here is the list of tournaments that you should know.

  • World blackjack tournament
  • Freeroll blackjack tournaments
  • Golden nugget blackjack tournament
  • Venetian blackjack tournament
  • Viejas blackjack tournament
  • Caesars blackjack tournament
  • Blackjack world championship
  • Hard rock blackjack tournament
  • MGM blackjack tournament
  • Orleans blackjack tournament
  • Mohegan sun blackjack tournament
  • Blackjack freeroll tournaments
  • Borgata blackjack tournament
  • Professional blackjack tournament
  • Foxwoods blackjack tournament
  • Firekeepers blackjack tournament

There are many more tournaments and to win them you should be aware of the blackjack tournament strategy and all the blackjack tournament rules.

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