Double Chance Betting Strategy


Double Result Betting strategy with two chances

The name says it all: a double chance wager doubles your chances of winning. In the text below, you’ll find a description, an example, and your chances of winning.

What is the meaning of double chance betting?

Simply put, this betting method allows you to wager on two different game outcomes. The only stipulation, of course, is that the sport you’re wagering on has three possible outcomes (e.g. Win, Draw, Loss). In contrast to a standard wager, in which you only bet on one of these three outcomes, a double chance bet allows you to bet on both, lowering your risk. The disadvantage is that the odds are lower than on traditional bets.

What does the term “double chance” signify in the betting world?

So, what exactly is a second chance? To put it as simply as possible, you are betting on two different outcomes of the same game with this betting approach.

The sole requirement for this form of wager is that the sport you’re wagering on has three possible outcomes: victory, draw, or loss. You bet on one of these outcomes when you make a typical match outcome bet.

A double result bet, on the other hand, involves betting on two outcomes, lowering your risk of losing. You can, for example, wager on the home team to win or tie. While this is clearly a benefit, it also has the drawback of lowering your odds because you have a larger possibility of winning.

Double-chance soccer bets are exemplified by the following examples: 

Let’s take a look at a football game as an example. In football, you can wager on the game’s required three outcomes. A team can defeat its opponent by winning (1), losing (2), or drawing (X). So, if you think the underdog (Away-Team) can tie or perhaps beat the favorite, you might wager on a Draw (X) or an Away-Team-Win (2). Consider the following scenario: Liverpool FC is playing Aston Villa in the Premier League. The “Reds” are a clear favorite at the bookies, but do you believe Aston Villa can take at least one point from the game?

In general, there are three different types of double chance betting:

Case 1: Team A wins + a draw – 1X; Case 2: Team B wins + a draw – 2X

Case 3: Team A wins + Team B wins – 12

Is it possible to profit from a two-for-one strategy?

Yes, it is in general. The odds, on the other hand, are frequently lower than on traditional sports bets. As a result, you should utilize this betting strategy for games with a high chance of losing. The odds are normally a little greater in those games, and despite the decrease, they are still profitable because of the double chance. Because double chance bets carry a lower risk, they’re ideal for increasing the odds on your accumulator bets. You can, for example, combine your double chance picks with handicap betting.

What sports are best for double-chance wagers?

These bets are only possible for sports with three outcomes, as previously stated. As a result, you can’t wager on sports like tennis or volleyball, which have only one victor and no ties.

In football betting, what does “double chance” mean?

In football, double chance betting allows you to establish two separate win conditions for a wager, but it comes at the cost of lower payments for winning bets.

A football team will either win, lose, or draw in a game. Assume you’re betting on a game and you believe the underdog has a decent chance of delivering an upset, but you’re wary.

Imagine that Liverpool is playing Aston Villa in the English Premier League, and the Merseysiders are heavy favorites to win despite playing at Villa Park.

Villa defeated Liverpool 7-2 in the 2020-21 Premier League season, as anyone who followed the league closely will recall. They were also minutes away from securing a good point at Anfield.

Villa appears to perform well against Liverpool, yet the bookmakers usually make Liverpool the huge favorite. If you’re not convinced that Villa will win, you can place a double chance bet on Villa to win or draw versus Liverpool.

When it comes to football betting, there are a plethora of excellent sports betting sites available to football gamblers.

Benefits of a Double Chance Bet

With this form of wager, you increase your chances of winning. It is also less dangerous than more complex markets. The benefits of Double Chance Betting are listed below:

Increased chances of winning

This is straightforward. A Double Chance Bet combines two separate possibilities into a single bet, unlike a typical 3-way wager, which requires you to choose only one. It’s also worth noting that it’s a popular wager type given by a large number of bookies.

Betting with a low risk

a second chance In comparison to other bet types, betting strategy is generally low-risk. Depending on your interpretation of the game, you can back favorite/draw or home/away. The option to support a ‘two-outcome’ possibility adds assurance to the gamble by removing much of the volatility. You’re fine as long as the team you backed doesn’t lose.

If the match is between equals, it’s a good bet.

It’s difficult to choose an outright favorite in a closely contested competition. It indicates, for example, that while the hosts have had an impregnable defense, the opposing camp’s strikers have been spot on. Double Chance Betting can be a useful approach in this situation, especially if the clubs are playing their final league match and want to finish on a high note. You can back the ‘Home win/Away win’ selection if you don’t want to bet on a tie. You may also bet on a ‘home win/draw’ (1X) outcome if you think the hosts will grab the three points because to the frightening crowd support.

If you’re betting on the underdog, this is a good bet

Football, if it were a person, would be the personification of turbulence. Few games are as frantic and nerve-wracking as football, and a wise bettor will never dismiss the underdogs in a game. For example, a powerful outfit might be visiting a seemingly lesser side, and you might assume that the visitors will have it easy. Factors such as jet lag, strange terrain, and strong home support, on the other hand, overwhelm the seemingly stronger side. The hosts may be able to pull off an upset in the end. This is where Double Chance Betting comes in handy because underdogs’ odds are likely to be much greater than favorites’ odds.

Consider Watford’s away match against Liverpool. The ‘dual outcome’ coverage of this type of bet can be soothing in this situation, especially if you aren’t confident in Watford’s ability to defeat the Reds, who have been in incredible form and are playing at their fortress. When you place a Double Chance Bet on the visitors, you increase your chances because you don’t have to worry about Watford winning the game. Even if they get a point through a realistic draw, your bet pays off.

Double Chance Betting’s Drawbacks

When compared to a Correct Score bet, for example, the odds will be lower because you can back two alternative outcomes with a single wager. This isn’t, however, a rule of thumb. The greater probability of a winning wager balances the reduced odds on offer, allowing punters to benefit handsomely. In addition, the Double Chance Betting approach may not be the greatest choice if you are backing the overwhelming favorites in a game. This is because the chances of a lopsided match are much smaller. However, if you’re betting on the underdog or a match between equals, it’s a great bet.

Tips for Double Chance Betting

Research is essential; else, even the most successful techniques can backfire. However, the following are some of the most practical Double Chance Betting ideas that might help you improve your odds in the market:

Check both teams’ records

This bet type is designed for circumstances where both teams have recently had an inconsistent performance. If you are unsure about the outcome and believe the match will be close with a tiny probability of a draw, you can support the Home win/Away win (12) selection.

Who are the front-runners?

This is straightforward: look into the teams’ recent form, head-to-head matches, and table standings. Once you’ve determined who is the more powerful team, you can choose between a home win/draw or a draw/away win wager. Keep in mind that the hosts normally have an advantage over the visitors due to familiarity with the field, fan support, and extended practice sessions. On the other hand, you can bet on the underdogs because they have better odds. In this situation, the (12) option can pay off, especially if you think a draw is a remote probability.

Pick games that are difficult to predict

As previously said, the odds in this market are likely to be low. It suggests that your payout is likely to be little. While any profit is excellent profit if you want to earn big, try betting on a game of equals. This is due to the fact that these matches typically have better odds than those with heavy favorites.

Is There a Better Bet Than a Double Chance Bet?

If this market does not appeal to you, consider the following options:

No Chance of a Draw

This market provides additional protection from losing. This is because if the match ends in a draw, you will receive your entire stake back, meaning you will not win or lose the bet. Simply put, Draw No Bet eliminates the draw option from a three-way bet. You only bet on a win at home or away, which protects you in the event of a tie.

Handicap in Asia

This wager puts the stronger team at a disadvantage at the start of the game, for example, by half or one-and-a-half goals. The underdogs will get a ‘virtual’ head start in the game, and you will have more protection for your wager if you are betting on the weaker team. Asian Handicap is similar to Draw No Bet in that it eliminates the chance of a tie.

Double Chance Betting Strategy FAQs

  1. What is a Double Chance Bet, and how does it work?

This low-risk wager combines two possible outcomes of a match into a single wager. With a single bet, you can back two different outcomes (Home win and Draw, Away win and Draw, or Home win and Away win). As a result, your odds of winning rise. The odds on this bet, however, are frequently lower than those on other traditional markets.

  1. What are the outcomes that could occur?

It’s possible to get the following results: 1X: You have the option of betting on the home team and a draw (you lose your bet if the visitors win) X2: You can wager on a tie and the visiting team (you lose your bet if the hosts win) 12: Both the Home and Away teams can be backed (you lose your bet if the scores are level)

  1. What are the advantages of placing a wager in this market?

To begin with, you have added security to your wager because you can back two different results (out of three). It’s a fantastic approach for betting on the weaker team since you’ll get better odds and the underdogs won’t have to win or pull off an upset against a seemingly stronger opponent (you win your bet even if the match finishes level).