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Handball Betting

How is Handball played? 

When it comes to betting on handball, you shouldn’t have too much trouble understanding it, especially if you are already familiar with the betting markets. The duration of a handball match is two 15-minute halves with a brief halftime break, with each team having six players. The games frequently have high scoring, which can result in action-packed games and contribute to the growing popularity of the sport.

The handball game has existed for a very long time, with roots going back to Ancient Greece. The sport is now very well-liked across much of Europe, especially in nations like Germany and France. The majority of people enjoy handball because of its rapid tempo and the excitement generated by each of the seven players on each side.

The sport is becoming increasingly well-liked, and many people want to gamble on it. In order to help people learn about the best online handball sportsbooks, we’ve produced this article. Additionally, we’ve crammed this page with a ton of other material to assist you in learning about sports betting if that’s something you’re interested in doing.

Best sites for handball wagering

A codified set of handball rules was initially established more than a century ago by Olympic medallists in both fencing and shooting Holger Nielsen. Handball is a combination of three closely related yet distinct sports: Danish handhold, Czech Hazen, and German torball. Although the official day of creation of the sport as we know it is October 29, 1917, when the rules of contemporary handball were presented in Berlin, Nielsen’s game was comparable to that played today. With almost a century of history, the sport has millions of followers, particularly in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, and Spain, therefore there is an increased need for reputable handball betting sites.

What Characterizes a Reputable Handball Betting Site?

We wanted you to know why we chose the top handball betting sites we did after you had a chance to review our choices above for the best online sportsbooks. We’ll go over what, in our opinion, makes for good sports betting sites with handball odds in the paragraphs below. Keep the following in mind if you go with a different company than the ones we suggest if you want to have a positive online betting experience:

A Wide Range of Handball Betting Options Online

Operations had to prove they could provide customers with a wide range of handball-related wagers in order to qualify as one of our recommended handball online sportsbooks. First, we made sure that there was a wide range of wager types available on the handball action. Second, we looked into how wide their lineup of games and competitions was. Finally, we settled on handball betting sites that have a wide selection of international handballs.

Industry-leading odds for handball

The fact that they truly provide handball odds is another aspect that contributes to these being the top betting sites with the finest handball odds. In light of this, our staff compared all of the operations to find out which one offered the best value for handball events. You can be sure you’re getting the best value for your online real money handball bets by selecting one of our top-recommended handball betting sites from the list at the top of this page.

Options for Live Betting on Handball

We consider this to be yet another important factor in our quest for the top online sportsbooks that offer handball odds for in-play betting. We believe that it is essential to be able to gamble on handball games as they are being played, in addition to being able to do so prior to them taking place. As a result, you can take advantage of live betting while the game is taking place by following all of the recommendations at the beginning of this guide.

Potential Bonus in Handball

The ability for people to wager on handball online and receive bonuses, in addition to the other factors mentioned above, was crucial in our search. Each of the handball online betting companies we’ve recommended above provides market-beating bonuses. In return, betting on the sport online might earn you free bets and money.

Other Crucial Elements

Finally, numerous additional variables were taken into consideration as our staff looked for the top handball betting sites for real money. The length of each operation’s business history, the caliber of their customer service, the scope of their banking options, and many other factors were among these additional factors. Overall, we eliminated the offending organization from our list of the best handball odds online sportsbooks if we discovered any areas of weakness.

Common Handball Betting Types

Next, we wanted to give you some information on several common handball wagering categories. Whether you’re a seasoned handball bettor or brand-new to sport, the possibilities listed below are ones you might want to think about attempting. This list doesn’t cover everything available to you on handball betting sites, but it does cover a sizable portion of it.

Handball Moneyline Bets: If you’re looking for one of the simplest wagers to place on this sport, think about a moneyline wager. Simply select which of the two sides you believe will prevail in this handball match. That’s all there is to it!

Handball Over/Under Bets: Placing over/under bets on the game of handball online is another option to wager on it. In this case, the handball betting site will state the total number of points they anticipate both teams will score when the game is finished. Your task is to determine whether you believe the actual final aggregate score from both teams will be over or under that sum.

Spread bets for handball: You can wager on the spread on handball games, just like many other sports. The online sportsbook will set the spread in favor of one team by a specific number of points for each clash. You must choose which team will cover the spread before placing this type of handball wager.

Futures wagers on handball provide a further option for betting on the sport: You’ll wind yourself betting on far-off things in this situation. Before the first game of the season has even begun, you might predict that one of the league’s teams will win the title.

Proposition wagers on handball: If you’re an experienced sports bettor, you’re undoubtedly already familiar with the concept of proposition wagers. These bets, often known as prop bets, let you take in a variety of action. For instance, you may wager on how many goals or saves a specific player will make in a handball match. Prop bets are a great opportunity to branch out from the typical wager options.

Popular Handball Leagues to Bet On 

If you’re new to handball betting, you might be unsure of where to begin in terms of leagues. We have included a high-level summary of some of the biggest and most well-known handball leagues below for your convenience:

  • Background of a handball event featuring the EHF Champions League, Liga ASOBAL, Handball Bundesliga, and Superliga logos.

Each year, the Champions League of the European Handball Federation helps determine which team in Europe plays the greatest handball. Teams from various counties participate (as well as teams from the other leagues listed below) to determine which team will win the champions league competition. This is one of the top handball matches to place real money wagers on.

  • Fans of handball in Spain are almost certainly Liga ASOBAL supporters. Liga ASOBAL, which was established in 1990, is the most well-known and talented handball league in the nation.
  • Germany has a second well-known handball league that you might think about betting on. The top handball league in the nation is Handball Bundesliga. The Handball Bundesliga is frequently regarded as one of the top leagues in the entire world, along with the league below it.
  • The Superliga is a Polish handball league that is also very well-liked. This handball league is also one of the best-known and most successful leagues in the entire continent of Europe and the entire world.

Tips for Handball Betting Strategies

We also wanted to give you some handball betting strategy advice so you can enhance your game before we start to wrap up the page. If you want to improve your chances of making money when you bet on handball, make sure to review these and start putting them into practice: 

Gain More Information: It’s better to arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can before you start betting. Before placing bets on the sport, you might want to do some study on the items listed below: 

  • Which of the two teams has scored more goals in games over the course of history?
  • Recent Performance: Has any team in the game performed better recently than the others?
  • History of the contest: Which of them has won most frequently in the past?
  • How resilient are each team’s players overall in terms of player injuries?

Be careful of the draw: It’s quite rare for a handball match to result in a draw, so be wary of it. Because of this, you ought to exercise caution when placing bets on draws.

Avoid Falling for the Hype: Occasionally, certain teams or players may be exaggerated by the media and the supporters. In turn, the odds pertaining to specific players or teams may become exaggerated. You might be able to make money by looking for possibilities like this if you can cut through the hoopla and stick with what the facts indicates.

Utilize a budget management strategy: When betting on handball, be sure to use a bankroll management strategy to make your wagering dollars last over the long term.

Handball Betting FAQs

  1. Can I Use These Handball Betting Sites to Place Bets on Games Around the World?

Yes. These businesses were chosen as the top handball betting sites in part because of their extensive coverage of international matches. As long as you decide to place your bets on one of our recommended sites from the top of this guide, you will be able to wager on events from all over the world.

  1. Where is handball the most common sport?

Across general, handball is a fairly well-liked sport in most of Europe. It is most common in France, Germany, and Denmark, among other nations.

  1. Can You Bet on Handball Online?

Online handball betting can be very secure as long as you work with a reliable site. Sadly, there are some terrible apples in the world. However, if you choose one of the handball online sportsbooks we’ve recommended, we’re confident you’ll be safe and working with one of the most secure online sportsbooks in the business.