Best way to bet at cheltenham


CHELTENHAM Festival Betting Tips

As long as you know what you’re doing, the Cheltenham Festival is one of the most lucrative horse racing events you can bet on. As a result, many people, both skilled and new, will wager on the event in the hopes of winning large.

Horse racing at Cheltenham

People can, however, gamble on the Cheltenham Festival in a variety of ways. We’ve looked at each of the numerous ways you can put your horse racing wagers when the festival rolls around.

Cheltenham Betting Online

If you are unable to attend the festival in person, online betting is one of the most effective methods to participate. During the festival, online bookies like Sky Bet, Bet365, Paddy Power, and Betfair will all be offering improved prices and bonuses.

One of the most appealing aspects of betting online during the Cheltenham Festival is the ability to compare prices from several bookmakers. You’d do this to make sure you’re receiving the greatest deal possible on your wager. If you want to compare prices for any race during the festival, go to our odds page, pick a race, and watch the odds change in real-time.

Users who wager online can place additional bets such as trebles or lucky 15 bets. This is a significant advantage of online betting since it allows you to obtain more value from your wagers. Check out our daily win treble, fortunate 15 recommendations, or Request a bets sites if you’re interested in seeing other multiples bets. Alternatively, if you want to make your own online, check our horse odds pages to observe how the price of each horse fluctuates in the run-up to and during the festival.

Sports betting on the course

If you’re attending the festival, betting on course is arguably the greatest option to gamble during the event, and it’s something that hundreds of people do every year. There is no shortage of betting options with roughly 200 bookmakers on the course at any given time during the Festival. This allows you to compare pricing from one bookmaker to the next, but they should be fairly consistent throughout the course.

One thing to bear in mind while betting on-course is that you can only wager on single selections because the bookmaker will usually just price up the race in question. This means you won’t be able to use the on-course bookmakers to place an accumulator or lucky 15 bet.

Regardless, betting on course at the Cheltenham Festival is still a fun way to wager since there’s something extremely rewarding about placing a cash bet, having your ticket printed, and then returning after the race to collect your winnings if your favorite horse has won.

One thing to keep in mind is that you will only be able to place cash bets with the major on-course bookmakers. Due to the fact that card payments are not accepted in most cases, it is essential to withdraw cash prior to attending the festival. On-site cash machines will be available, however, there will be a cost for each withdrawal.

At CHELTENHAM, betting on the tote

Another on-course alternative to gambling at the Cheltenham Festival is to participate in tote betting. You won’t get odds like the other racecourse bookmakers with tote betting; instead, you’ll be entered into a pool. If a horse wins, the pool is divided among the victors, much like a lottery.

You can bet on the tote with cash or card at Cheltenham as long as your investment is at least £2. As an added bonus, the majority of the cash generated from lost bets will be reinvested in the Cheltenham racecourse, ensuring that by betting on the tote, you are also helping the course.

Betting Anti-Poste

Ante-post betting is a popular option to wager at the Cheltenham Festival because of the great value you can get on horses if you back them in the weeks leading up to the race. This is because, as we come closer to the festival, horses will often be backed into a lower price, resulting in lower returns. You won’t have to worry about the odds drifting any farther because you’ll be covered by the best odds guaranteed, which means you’ll get the best price even if the horse runs at odds greater than you supported it at. It’s crucial to double-check that the bookmaker you used offers this service. When betting ante-post for the Cheltenham Festival, there is always the possibility that your favorite horse will withdraw from the race before the end of the festival. Because the horse never really started the race, your wager will be invalid. In this situation, the bookmaker will return your stake, which means you will receive a complete refund of the money you bet on the horse.

The primary disadvantage of betting ante-post is that you may wager on a horse you like for the festival too early. The horse could then lose a few races leading up to the festival, causing the price to fluctuate dramatically. This is a problem with multiple bets because the overall returns are likely to be lower. 

Exchanges for betting

Betting exchanges, despite becoming increasingly difficult to participate in, can be a useful way to put your Cheltenham Festival bets. When you wager on the exchange markets, such as the Betfair exchange, you will be able to compete with other punters.

The opportunity to place bets on horses is one of the benefits of using a betting exchange. This means that if you bet against a horse not to win and it doesn’t, you’ll get your money back. This is impossible to perform with traditional sportsbooks. Users who place their Cheltenham Bets through an exchange will also benefit from better odds. The odds of selections often appear to be much better when the bookmaker’s profit margin is not included in the price. Although commission will be deducted from your bet, different exchanges will offer different amounts, so you’ll normally do better than with a traditional bookmaker.

In a store betting

One of the best methods of betting is still the original method of betting in the betting shops themselves. You can place a wager on your favorite horse at any high street betting shop during Cheltenham. You can place single or different forms of multiple bets on the horses by doing so. A betting shop offers no actual advantage because you’ll obtain equal odds as you would online and you’ll have to return to the shop to collect your profits. Nonetheless, it remains a popular choice among Cheltenham racegoers.


When betting on the Cheltenham Festival, it’s usually a good idea to compare multiple bookmakers when placing an online wager. Looking at our Cheltenham Odds page is one way to make sure you’re getting the best price for your bets. Every day, odds for each event can be found here. Each of the biggest bookies in the UK can be found here, with live odds available until the event begins. You may compare the odds and, after you’ve found the one you like the look of, you can click through and add it to your bet slip.

Best way to bet at Cheltenham FAQs

  1. What exactly is Cheltenham famous for? 

Cheltenham is known for its racecourse and is the home of jump racing, hosting the Cheltenham Festival and Gold Cup in March, which draws a large crowd to the town. Festivals featuring music, science, jazz, literature, food, and drink are held throughout the year, earning it the nickname “The Festival Town.”

  1. What are the odds for the Gold Cup at Cheltenham?

A Plus Tard is the 10/3 joint-favorite alongside Galvin for Friday’s Festival headliner, according to the latest Cheltenham Gold Cup odds and betting news. A Plus Tard and Galvin are 10/3 joint favorites to win the Gold Cup on Friday at the Cheltenham Festival.

  1. What is the best way to win money at Cheltenham?

The win-only bet is, as the name implies, a wager on the horse to win the race. This implies that in order to get any money back on your wager, your horse must finish first in the specified race at the Cheltenham Festival.