Best roulette bets – Increase your chances to win a roulette game


Live roulette is one of our main games. This game is an old classic game and many players have been playing it for a long time. At Indibet, We have upgraded that old classic game and brought it to you with updated graphics and interface. In online casino roulette, players can enjoy a wide range of equipment and have a world-class experience in the presence of the largest number of VIP tables. Here in games roulette can bet and win up to 100x like all Evolution lives casino games. The online live game experience would give you as much real feel as sitting talking and playing face to face. In this article, we are going to discuss the types of roulette bets and learn how to play roulette and how to win a roulette casino game online.

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Roulette bets

To place a bet and win, You must know the types of roulette betting. There are different types of bets in online live roulette.

  • Straight bet: You simply bet on one number.
  • Split bet: In this, you bet on two numbers. The chip is placed on the line between two numbers
  • Street bet: In this, you bet on three numbers. The chip is placed on the line at foot of the column of three numbers
  • Square bet: In a Square bet, You bet on four numbers. The chip is placed in the centre of the square of four numbers
  • Six Line bet: Here, You bet on six numbers. The chip is placed in corner of two columns at the foot of the columns.

Other bets to win a roulette game

  • Colours bet: In this, You bet on 16 numbers. Chip are placed on the red or black icons in front of the board
  • Dozens bet: As clear by the name, You bet on 12 numbers. The chip is placed in sectors labelled ‘1st 12’ ‘2nd 12’ or ‘3rd 12’
  • Highs/Lows Bet: In this, You bet on either 1-18 or 19-36. The chip is placed on sectors labelled 1-18 or 19-36.
  • Odd/Even bet: In this, you place your bet on odd or even numbers i.e. 18 numbers. This means bets are on odd/even numbers.
  • Columns bet: This is quite easy. You bet on a column consisting of 12 numbers.

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Best roulette bets

To play the best bets in a roulette game, you can choose from the many strategies that generally players use to win. We are telling you about some of the best strategies to win a roulette bet.

D’Alembert Roulette Strategy: 

This strategy is unlike other roulette strategies because it starts with a four-unit bet instead of a unit bet. Let’s say your betting unit is one dollar, then you have to bet four dollars in the first place. After this, if you win, you will have to drop one unit from the first bet you made. If you lose you will have to add one unit.

Paroli’s strategy: 

Let’s say you made a bet. Now you’re right and you win, then predict the reverse and double your bet. If you are wrong and lose, continue with the initial bet. Always keep one unit as the best value.

Fibonacci Sequence: 

It consists of a series in sequence in which one number is the sum of the previous two numbers. For example 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 and 55. In this, you do not change the bet based on win or loss, but one unit on the first bet, one on the second bet, two on the third bet, and three on the fourth bet, as follows.

There are many other similar strategies which prove to be very effective such as 3Q Strategy, Parlay Strategy, Labouchère’s roulette system and many more. If you use them properly, you increase your chances of winning to a great extent.

We hope you have learned everything you need to know about Live Roulette by now. We will always tell you to be responsible and aware of all the rules before placing bets. On the Indibet platform, you can bet on a variety of sports other than roulette. Here you can gamble only on sports like cricket, hockey, baseball, football etc. So without delay log in to your account now and start playing.

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