Poker rules – A beginners guide to play online poker


    Poker is simply the magic of cards. A single card could turn the bet. If you have ever gone to a casino and wanted your luck to be changed by poker then you are in the right spot. The magic cards of poker can now change your luck. Want to know how? For this, you have to read this article till the end. 

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    What is poker?

    Poker is a popular and thrilling game that can go a long way in helping you earn a decent amount of money over time. Many people want to earn money through this game but, there are very few who have the patience that they show towards the game. Those people dedicate time to learning the finer details which helps them emerge victoriously. Playing online poker with a good understanding can give you a huge opportunity to earn. There are many reasons why it is said that playing poker online is both better and more convenient.

    Poker is a card game in which people bet . In this, hands have to be made in different ways and the one who has better hands wins. Poker is a game that has been played for a long time. But now the world is developing and technology is spreading. With this, everything is now becoming available online. Poker has also come online in this list. This game is also being liked a lot by the speculators and wagers. They are taking a lot of benefits from this game and are filling their pockets by earning money. Not only this, but it also provides a lot of entertainment. This is the reason why people are getting very attracted to it.

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    How to start playing poker on INDIBET?

    Playing poker online is much easier. You will find many options to play poker on Indibet. To play poker you just need to follow simple steps

    1. Sign up/Login: Go to Indibet’s website. After that, click on the signup option there. You will see some boxes where you have to fill in some basic information. After this, your account will be created. If your account is already created, then you can log in to your account by entering your credentials.

    2. Make Deposit: After this, you have to deposit. Here you will put your real money. If you are going to play for the first time then you get a bonus from Indibet so that you can play. If you have played before then there will be many offers waiting for you. Let us tell you that the process of investing and withdrawing money on Indibet is the easiest.

    3. Choose a game: Your real money is now at stake. Now you have to choose from the poker options that have been given on Indibet. For example 13 poker online, 1v1 poker online, 2 player poker online, 2020 World Series of Poker online, 24 pokers, 247 free pokers, 247 games poker, 247 pokers, 777 pokers online, ace2three poker and more. All you have to do is start playing by clicking on one of these.

    4. Choose a table: There are many tables available in a game. You can choose any of them at your convenience. Choose one and enter.

    5. Start playing: Now, you have to place bets. Make hands and place bets accordingly. If you do not know the basic rules of poker then don’t worry. We will explain the rules and steps to play poker in this article.

    6. Win payouts: When you win a game, You will get paid according to the payout table. If you win solely, you will get all the pot amount. If there is a tie, the money will be shared among the winners.

    7. Withdraw money: Once you are done playing and want to leave the game, you can withdraw money at the same time. The withdrawal process on INDIBET is very easy and convenient. 

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    What are the types of hands in poker?

    In order to secure a win in a poker game, you have to make hands from the cards you got. You have an option to make different types of hands. Some of them are described below:

    1. Royal Flush: This is the highest hand. You need 5 cards to make a hand in poker. In royal flush, these cards are Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten. All of them should belong to the same suit as well. 
    2. Straight Flush: In these, You should have 5 cards in a sequence and they should be of the same suit. For example, Spade 8, Spade 7, Spade 6, Spade 5 and Spade 4.
    3. Four of a kind: You should have four cards of the same rank to make this hand. In this, the 5th card does not matter. For example, You have four queens. Now even if you have 5 or 6 or anything else in the 5th card, your hand will be considered as a four of a kind.
    4. Full house: For this, You need to have three cards of the same kind and a pair. For example, If you have three 9’s and two 7’s then your hand will be considered a full house.
    5. Flush: In this, All five cards should be of the same suit but not in sequence. It doesn’t matter which cards they are. For example, You have 2 clubs, 6 of clubs, 9 of clubs, 5 of clubs and jack of clubs.
    6. Straight: In this, All the cards in the hand should be in sequence but their suits are different. For example, 2 of clubs, 3 of hearts, 4 of spades, 5 of clubs and 6 of spades. 
    7. Three of a kind: This hand requires three cards of the same rank. The other two cards do not matter here. For example 6 of hearts, 6 of spades and 6 of clubs.
    8. Two pairs: In this, You need to have two pairs. The fifth card could be any. For example, 6 of spades and 6 of clubs will be one pair and 8 of clubs and 8 of hearts will be another pair.
    9. Pair: In this, you just need to have a single pair. The other three cards’ rank does not hold much requirement unless other players also have a pair. For example, You have two 10’s of different suits.
    10. High card: In case, you are not able to make any hand, The highest card will play. For example, you have king, ten, eight, six and 2. All of them are from different suits. Then the king is the highest card.

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    How to play poker?

    Playing poker is fairly easy and simpler than you think. We will break the playing rules down into steps for your understanding.

    • The game begins when each player is dealt two cards and these are face down. These are also known as pocket cards or hole cards. This first deal is called the opening deal.
    • Now players start betting on it. Each player has the opportunity to either call, raise or fold the big blind.
    • The dealer then deals with a card. The dealer then deals three cards face up. These first three cards are called flops. Let us tell you that all the community cards are collectively called the board.
    • After this, the second round of betting begins. In this, the player can check or place a bet. After placing a bet, each player may raise, call or fold again.
    • After the second round, the dealer burns a card again. And adds another card to the face-up cards already placed. This is the fourth community card. It is also known as a turn card.
    • After this, the third round of betting begins. It is the same as in the second round. But there is a difference in this. Usually in this round, the bet limit is doubled from before.
    • After the third round once again the dealer burns another card. After this two more cards are added to the community face-up card. This is the fourth and fifth card. The fifth card is the last community card and is known as the river card.
    • After this, the Fourth round of dealing begins. It is similar to the second and third rounds. After this round, the showdown begins.
    • After four rounds, players show their hands. They would also use their hole card and community card. In this, the bettor or last riser shows the first card. Whoever has the highest hand wins. If the game is a tie, the pot is divided among the winners.

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    What are the rules of a poker game?

    Wherever poker is played, the rules change according to the place. But when the game of poker is played, it has some regular rules. It is considered very important to follow these rules. Let us tell you about some such general rules.

    • When you’re playing poker online, you’ll need to do a full buy-in of that game in order to enter it. This is at least 10 times the maximum bet in that game. Where there is no bet limit, it is 40 times the minimum bet. There is a small purchase allowance in every session.
    • The cards must be shuffled and cut before the game begins. Cards must be refilled at least four times in the game. The deck is also secured from the bottom for which cut cards are used. Joker is also used for this.
    • If you fold without facing a bet or raise, your hand is considered dead. Except this, if you do not have the proper numbers to form poker in your hand or there are other rules other than this under which your hand is declared dead.
    • Whatever action happens in the game, whether it is betting or otherwise, it always starts with the first person to the left of the button.
    • Blinds are fixed in cash games. They cannot be raised. But in tournaments, blinds increase.
    • Players must adjust their bets according to the size of the pot. A small bet is considered to be equal to half a pot or less, a medium bet is defined as between half and three quarters, and a large bet is defined as above three quarters.
    • If you call the wrong hand deliberately and intentionally in poker, It is unethical and may result in forfeiture of the pot.

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    How to win in a poker game?

    Now that you are familiar with the basic rules of a poker game, Let’s take a look at some of the tips and tricks to win a poker game online. 

    • Whichever side you are betting on should be legal. Indibet is a platform which is proven to be legal and secure. It is a legit platform where your bet money is safe.
    • Try to avoid hoaxing as much as possible. Although some of the so-called poker experts will suggest you hoax, only a real experienced poker player knows that it becomes a habit eventually and without realizing it, you end up losing a lot of money.
    • Bet on poker with real money. It will not only retain your focus but also you will be more likely to play with concentration and commitment. 
    • You should focus on your opponent as well. If you look at your opponent with the right loudness then you will know his plan. Look at his weakness as well. Some have a habit of checking flop cards or checking hands. In such a situation, you can attack them by catching these habits.
    • Trust your instincts. Even if you have good hands during the game, Sometimes your instincts tell you to fold. It helps as well because if your opponent has a good hand and you don’t fold even after instinct, you will regret it later. If not, you can always place another bet in a poker game.
    • Try to be as consistent as possible. Poker needs some practice and basic understanding. Being consistent is the key to success because it gives you the experience and knowledge which is necessary to win the game.
    • Try to place smaller bets at first because if you bet a hefty amount at once and lose that you have to suffer a huge loss. On the contrary, If you place a small bet, you won’t lose a big amount even after 2-3 losses. 

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    Poker FAQ

    • Is it legal to play poker in India?

    Yes, It is legal to play poker in India. You just need to find a legit platform. INDIBET is completely legal, Legit and secure so you can bet on any sport worry-free.

    • How do I figure out how much to bet in a poker game?

    Players must adjust their bets according to the size of the pot. A small bet is considered to be equal to half a pot or less, a medium bet is defined as between half and three quarters, and a large bet is defined as above three quarters.

    • How long do online poker games last?

    Online Poker games can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 12 hours. But generally, the time duration of a standard online poker game lasts between 20 minutes to 3 hours.

    • What happens if you call the wrong hand in poker?

    If you call the wrong hand deliberately and intentionally in poker, It is unethical and may result in forfeiture of the pot.