Introduction about Kabaddi Betting

A true representation of India, the sport of kabaddi is known to have originated from the Vedic period of ancient India and is also one of the country’s most popular sports. Despite its popularity, though, it has only been a few years that kabaddi has begun to taste commercial success thanks to leagues such as the Pro Kabaddi League. Just as is the case with cricket and football, the Pro Kabaddi League has begun to build a following and has brought numerous people together in the world of kabaddi betting.


About Kabaddi Betting

Kabaddi betting has picked up largely due to the increase in popularity with the Pro Kabaddi League and it’s large viewership. In fact, only the Indian Premier League has a higher viewership in the country. Punters have now begin placing their bets on their favourites kabaddi teams and players, breathing new life into the sport and the world of betting. The contact sport with its renewed Pro Kabaddi League is a great way to begin your journey in betting. Pro Kabaddi betting has never been more exciting!


Players in Kabaddi Team

For those who don’t know much about the sport, kabaddi is a contact sport that involves two teams with seven players on each side. The ‘Raider’ is an offensive player whose objective is to run toward the opposition’s court and attempt to tag out as many defenders as possible. All this done in a single breath, the Raider must return to their own half of the court, all without being tackled and brought down by the defensive team.

The more defenders are tagged, the higher the points for the Raider’s team. Also, the defending team will earn point for tackling the Raider. While Punjabi kabaddi is played outdoors in circular field, the Pro Kabaddi League with it’s more refined structure, is played indoors.


Pro Kabaddi Betting Tips

Some of the biggest and most popular kabaddi tournaments for you to place your bets on include the Pro Kabaddi League from India, Super Kabaddi League which is played in Pakistan, Women’s Kabaddi Challenge (also from India), the Asian Kabaddi Championship, the Kabaddi Masters (United Arab Emirates), and of course, the prestigious Kabaddi World Cup.

Now that we’ve mentioned the different international kabaddi leagues played around the world, it’s time to talk about Pro Kabaddi betting tips and fixtures which is obviously why you’re here, right?

So, coming to Pro Kabaddi tips and how to bet on kabaddi, let’s discuss some of the obvious options one needs to look into before deciding to spend any money. Remember, there isn’t any definite rule of thumb that can be followed in order to win even by rigorously following kabaddi betting tips and kabaddi betting odds, but following some of these tips and odds will certainly help you better understand how to go about placing your bets while also giving you a winning chance.

(i) Choose the most reliable Pro Kabaddi League betting sites. A well-known kabaddi betting website is more likely to offer you a wider variety of markets and enhance your betting experience, ensuring seamless bets and transactions.

(ii) Always be prepared with proper research. The most important suggestion one can follow is to do thorough research on kabaddi itself besides understanding the recent history of the Pro Kabaddi League and other international leagues as well. Create a backdated logbook wherein you input information of each team and player’s recent form. Understanding how the team and its players have been performing recently is crucial for you to make the right choices.

Another point to note is where the match is going to be played. Different venues are also known to influence each team’s overall performance.

(iii) Avoid placing only a single bet. Taking into consideration that you plan to place your bet prior to commencement of the game, try to take advantage of the betting options available to you. You could choose to bet on spreads, individual bets, outright bets or go for the good old match betting.

(iv) Be wary of how much you spend. It is easy to get carried away when placing bets especially when the odds look good. However, set a limit to the amount you are willing to bet and try not to let it exceed more than you can afford.

(v) Understand the odds beforehand. Carry out a detailed study of the odds on offer by different bookmakers prior to the match. This will provide a clearer picture of what the game ahead looks like and it will also help you in making the right decisions.

(vi) Quit while you can. Sometimes, winning can create a strong urge for us to keep on going with the belief that we are invincible! But don’t let your success deceive you. After all, this is gambling!


Pro Kabaddi Betting Fixtures

The Pro Kabaddi League features a total of 12 teams with the best kabaddi players in each side. Keep note of the fixtures of each game during the season ahead of time and the kabaddi live score. This should help you determine which teams could possibly win or lose in the upcoming games.


Types of Kabaddi Betting Odds

There are generally three main types of kabaddi betting odds – decimal odds, fractional odds and American odds – all of which have different methods of calculation. Again, look out for kabaddi live scores to help you determine which odds could work in your favour. If required, you could also make use of a free betting calculator to help you calculate your odds and possible winnings.


Decimal odds

Decimal odds are more popularly used in Europe when betting and is also the simplest form of betting odd to understand. An example of a decimal odd would be, you bet INR 1000 on a decimal odd of let’s say, 3. If you win the bet, you would then earn INR 3000 which includes the money you have spent plus an additional INR 2000.


Fractional odds

Fractional odds make use of fractions as the name suggests, and is popular in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Again, let’s assume you’re betting INR 1000 on odds of 4/1 and you win, your profit ends up becoming INR 4000. The original wager of INR 1000 is returned back to you along with the INR 4000. Fractional odds can be highly profitable but also carries an element of rist along with it.


American odds

American odds are also known as Moneyline odds and are commonly used in the United States and Canada. American odds follow a positive (+) or negative (-) sign usage for each bet. For example, you place bet on a team at -1200, your wager would be INR 1200 to win INR 1000. Assuming you win your bet, you will then be eligible to earn a profit of INR 1000 while your wager of INR 1200 will also be returned.


Popular Kabaddi Tournaments

The popularity of each kabaddi tournament is usually specific to a certain part of the world. However, now that there are a number of commercially successful kabaddi leagues being introduced in different countries across the globe, the international kabaddi fanbase is beginning to expand, and how.

If you’re an avid follower of the sport, you probably already know the most popular leagues and tournaments. But for those who have built a more recent interest in kabaddi, the biggest and most successful leagues and tournaments include the Kabaddi World Cup, Pro Kabaddi League, Asian Games, Junior World Kabaddi Championship, Indo International Premier Kabaddi League, Super Kabaddi League, Asian Kabaddi Championship, and the Kabaddi Masters.

Aside from the mentioned leagues and tournaments, there are also several other domestic competitions that attract a lot of local interest.

For most enthusiasts, the Kabaddi World Cup is one of the most exciting events to follow as there are numerous betting opportunities available when the mega event commences. Sign up with trustworthy betting sites to find exciting markets.


In-play & Live Betting On Kabaddi

Some of you new to betting might be wondering what in-play of live betting on kabaddi means. Agains, this form of betting is self-explanatory. You place your bets in-play (when the match is in progress) or in a live format. This form of betting can be both thrilling and rewarding at the same time. Also, due to its quick nature of play, it is known to attract a larger number of punters.

As a punter, you will have access to the usual markets besides several other ones. The convenience of live betting is that you get to make your decisions while witnessing live action, allowing you to make your guesses more accurately.

You have the choice of betting on a variety of kabaddi markets. Some of the popular markets include:

(i) Outrights, wherein you will need topredict the winner of the league or tournament

(ii) Spreads, a betting system that is popular for tight kabaddi matches

(iii) Match betting, where youplace a bet on the team that is considered the favourites to win the match

(iv) Individual bets can be followed for livekabaddi betting as it allows you to wager on the top raider or tackler during the course of the match.


Strategy for Winning Kabaddi Bets

While there are many strategies one can follow for successfully winning kabaddi bets, the type of strategies used would also depend on numerous factors such as the teams playing on a given day, venue, recent form, possible injuries and so on.

But just like you would prepare yourself physically and mentally if you were a kabaddi player yourself, betting on any kabaddi game requires you to plan things out.

Just as we had said earlier, it is very important to create a spreadsheet with details of each team, player and their results over the recent weeks. There could be games where the tournament favourites were beaten by weaker opponents in recent games. Keeping a record of of all these results will help you make the right choice when especially with match betting or individual bets.

Further, try to understand the odds for each match or tournament. Bookies will offer different kabaddi odds at times but it is up to you based on your knowledge and research to determine who could be the big winner on the day.

Don’t simply go by hearsay. Rather, go by your calculations and conscience before placing your bets.


Kabaddi Betting App

With betting gaining popularity in India, more developers and bookies are coming up with apps and websites. As is the case with any other mobile app, gathering enough information about the bookie app before installing it helps in providing a seamless experience. Look for apps that have enough reviews and higher ratings. An app with a 4 star rating or more and with a larger number of reviews is obviously a better choice than an app that with a 2-3 star rating and just 3-4 reviews.

INDIBET is one of the most reliable apps when it comes to sports betting. Having been around for several years and catering to hundreds of thousands of punters, INDIBET is the preferred choice among the masses.


What is the best bet to make in kabaddi?

It would be unfair for some punters if we were to give our biased opinion on what we consider to be the best bet. However, the simplest bet that offers the best returns is to predict the outright winner. Betting on outrights is a fairly straightforward process that doesn’t require too much thinking aside from gathering enough data on the recent performances of the competing teams.

India, being one of the strongest kabaddi teams in the world, is generally the preferred team to bet on during international events such as the Kabaddi World Cup or the Asian Kabaddi Championship. With the Pro Kabaddi League, your kabaddi betting odds would probably be higher betting on a team like Patna Pirates, seeing as they have already won 3 titles since the launch of the league in 2014.


Is it legal to bet on kabaddi online in India?

Once again, betting online on kabaddi is not legally recognised but neither is it considered illegal in India.


Can I make real money betting on kabaddi online?

Just like how Dream 11 and other popular bookies in the country offer you the chance to earn money through cricket and football betting every season, your opportunities to make real money betting on kabaddi online is limitless.

It is important, however, to verify the authenticity of a betting site before putting your money in. While there aren’t too many unverified sites out there, there’s always that slight possibility that you could sign up with a dubious bookie that may not even exist.


Kabaddi Betting FAQs

Q. How to bet on kabaddi in India?

Ans. As is the case with other sports such as cricket or football, all you need to do is download a betting app or simply visit a betting website, get yourself registered and start choosing your markets.

Q. Is it illegal to bet on kabaddi in India?

Ans. Again, this is grey area in India and as of now, the government has not imposed any laws against online betting on kabaddi. So no, one cannot really say it is illegal to bet on kabaddi in India.

Q. Does a punter win real money betting on kabaddi?

Ans. Very much so. Hundreds of thousands or people can be found online at any given point of time in the day, betting across different markets and earning some serious money.

Q. Are the winnings immediately transferred to my bank account?

Ans. That would vary from site to site. Some bookies ensure immediate payouts for any winnings one might have earned while others could take between 1-3 business days to have the money transferred to your bank account.